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8 > Image 8 of A centennial history of the University of Louisville

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

fo re vv o r ol THE HISTORY of the University of Louisville represents extended, careful research on the part of a number of per- ` sons. Work was begun on it by Prof. William C. Mallalieu. He collected a large amount of material from original sources and compiled it in the form of a factual narrative of events connected with the first century of the universitys existence. Because of the limitations imposed upon Professor Mal- lalieu by reason of his other work in the university, his un- finished material was turned over to Urban R. Bell, State Project Supervisor of the Kentucky Writers Project of the Work Projects Administration for Kentucky. Mr. Bell, with his assistants, has made use of the information which Professor Mallalieu had collected and, with additional, extended research, added new material. The various parts of the copy prepared for this volume have been read by the persons most familiar with the respective units which are covered in this history. The greatest care has been taken to secure accuracy. But it is not to be supposed that no errors have crept in. This is the firs-t time that a consecutive narrative of the first hundred years of the university has been attempted. It is the first time that the information to make that narrative has been collected. The reliability of some of the sources is not always unques- tioned. The reader is therefore asked to forgive what mis- takes may occur and to send to the University of Louisville any information that may help correct these errors in future edi- tions. RAYMOND A. KENT, Prerident of t/ae Univerrity of Louirville.