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The Kentucky Kernel, April 2, 1954

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Best Copy Available Kentucky Kernel H iLi UNI VKHSITY OF KENTUCKY. VOLUME XI. V I EXINCI ON, KLNTl'CKV. Siring Group, Band SGA Asked To Appeal clC 111 IV 11U1C llClj Llli 1M 1.3 Overall For Greeks To Give Musicales Zelzer To Be Featured On Sunday Program; JL' ill 04 Concert Band To Play w ill Two pt'rlormiiit: groups from tho L'niv present musicales (.luring tin's next week. Music Depart incut Dr. Hugo Zelzer, pianist, will be Ma well Street Presbyterian Church featured with the University String in Lexington. pro- Among his other activities Phi Ensemble in an pram at 4 p.m. Sunday in Memorial Mu Alpha, professional music fra- ternity. He holds a life membership Hall. The University Concert Band, in this organization and has done under the direction of Frank J. administrative work with the group. Mr. Prindl is a member of the Prindl. will present a concert at 8 p.m. Thursday in Memorial ColiMusic Educators National Confer- seum. ence. the Kentucky Band and Or- Dr. Zelzer, the solo piano artist chestra Directors Association, and proAppearing on the the National College and University gram is a visiting professor in the Band Director's Association. Program Is Varied Music Department from the University of Vienna, Austria. Dr. The program to be presented by Zelzer is teaching music history at the concert band is varied and con the University this year on a grant sists of "Overture and Allegro" by Couperin and "Song and Celebrafrom the State Department. First Appearance On Musicale tion" by Hart. This will be followed Although he has appeared before by "Tamboo" by Cavez and "Sym- audiences here in Lexington and phony for Brass and Percussion" by Kentucky, this Ls Dr. Zelzer s Reed. appearance on the Sunday Next will come "To a Wild Rose" by McDowell and a inarch, "Colossus Afternoon Musicales. Dr. Zelzer will be assisted in play- - of Columbia" by Alexander. The ing Schubert's famous quintet. "The program will end with music ior Trout" bv Dr. Kenneth Wright. Concert Band" by Boda. The University Choristers will violinist: Marvin Rabin, on the viola; Gordon Kenney, cellist, and present the next Musicale 4 p.m. April 25 in Memorial Hall. Frank Prindl on the double bass. Frank J. Prindl, director of the Concert Band, is an assistant professor of music at the University. He has held this position since Sep- l-- . Library Contest Debate Team Wins National TKA Meet To End April 25 James Dundon and English deThe UK debate team took first in the national Tau Kappa bated the affirmative and George Alpha Forensic Contest held last Shadoan, sophomore, and William week in Kalamazoo, Michigan. The Douglass, senior, took the negative. University won out over 38 separate The Dundon and English team was schools from 25 different states. the only freshman team debating in UK was first with a record of the tournament from all over the followed by the University of Rich- - country. mond, Va., with a 10-- 2 record, and The Tau Kappa Alpha Fraternity is a National Forensic Honor the University of Utah with st Although the University has taken ciety and is- a member of the previous high honors in this com- - sociation of College Honor Societies. petition, it is the first time in his- - Tau Kappa Alpha Ls the only speech tory that the team has won first honor society that is a member of piace. in laDU tne national tourna- - this organization. Dr. Blyton is na- ment was held on this campus. tional vice president. Charles English, freshman in Arts and Sciences, was rated second among the 92 students taking part in the tournament. Jacob Mayer, Arts and Sciences senior, entered the extemporaneous speaking section and was judged second in this section. Students temper, 1947. spoke on news of current, national, Plans calling for the establishment Professor Prindl received his Bacha University grad and international importance. William Swift, of a physical rehabilitation center elor of Education degree from Mil- - uate student in physics, is a recent The u ., ..... J:...UK contestants were under at UK are expected to be presented wauKee ieacners ouuege " ." .t iniH'v" f . vr- fpllnwshin - un-- - Uie anecuon oi Dr. ouiora eivion, to the Board of Trustees at the xrir Kit wt 6dUCatinaI f" it April meeting. M u.ic deg're from the ST? says ' PrSramnot onlv a great Announcement of the proposed of Arizona. Tuscon scholarship, granted as personal triumph for the boys, but The GE action has been made public by a Played In Orchestra f th Gerard Swone and it la gtLob iuuu. i im nulla lui .!, . ..ui 111c iv planning group, which . ... .. u....,, IT Chares A. coinn ienowsr.ips, "ilSChool.VT J since manv .r,:Pl,. think ,.the; Milwaukee Young . v. . r thA 1QS, - nrj,dmil. v Played with the vear. 1!,. iiuuu u rv uufh i& uia v uaMteL mdes representatives from sev- uiwv eral benefiting agencies. Dr. Don amounts 10 S2'100" The fellowships are grantea on ; ball and dab with its ,u ,v Cash Seaton, head of the Depart- ""- "UKro r"'-UK President Dr. Herman Dono- Whilc at the University of Ariz- - the basis of hoiarship. scientific van made the statement. "I am de ment of Physical Education, is a ne neiu uic iab'uuu u. potential, and personal cnaracter. Hhted to learn that, our riehathw member of the committee. sistant band director ana instructor gwift. a Lexingtonian, plans to team nas won first Dlace xhis of Instrumental music. During this use the fellowship at the University achievement is one nf the finest IT .l time, he also played with tne next yCar. He received his A.B. honors coming to the University Symphony. gree from UK in 1952 and is pres- - during the years I've been presi- - 1 I'' 1 Mr. Prindl has also held the emly working on his doctorate. wll dent. I got as great a thrill out of 11 IHMII position of band director and in- - . this victory as I would have a bowl -j . structor, and, later, assistant pro. Iota chapter of Phi Upsilon game in football." 1SI t fes.sor of instrumental music and 1 rCSKIClll 1 O The debate was conducted on the Omicron, home economics honorary. theory at Millikin University at topic for the year, "Resolved: That will initiate 14 new members Sun- Dcctur .in. the United States Should Adopt a day morning in the Home Economics I Before coming to Lexington, Mr. Free Trade Policy." This was fol- Building, Lee Ann Leet, Phi U rePrindl was band director and in- - I lowed by a discussion on "How Can porter, has announced. ATftntll New structor in brass instruments at members include Martina Present Practices of Congressional President Dwight D. Eisenhower Investigations Be Improved?" Campbell, Isabel Rankin, Zoe Tate, Murray State College, Murray, Ky. will speak at Transylvania College A session was also held in which Bettye Sue Allen, Patricia Moore, Has Worked With Choirs 23, the White House has students wrote bills for Congress. Stella Flowers, Frances Ann Weis. also worked with on April Mr. Prindl has announced. debated them, and then adopted Betty Latimer, Sarah Tabb, Barbara church choirs. He has served as He will appear on the first day's them. The bills adopted by the stu- - Watts, Martha K. Mason, Daisy choir director of St. Peter and program of a three-da- y convocation Paul's Church in Tuscon and the which w ill be the prelude to a year- dent congress were sent on to the Pearl Stephens, Inez Toohey, and Mary K. Boyd. national Congress. long celebration of Transylvania's A breakfast will be served fol- 175th anniversary. lowing initiation. U. S. Senator John Sherman Cooper will introduce the President, and Dr. Frank A. Rose, president of Transylvania College, will preside. After speaking at a New York "Career Week.- - sponsored by the dinner bv the American Newspaper Home Economics Club, will be held Publisher's Association earlv on ADril 23. Eisenhower will leave from Wednesday through Saturday. Exhibits on the various careers ofA meeting to select guides for movement of Washington by plane. The Also scheduled to speak at the fered to home economics graduates Freshman Orientation Week in languages in eleteaching foreign will be shown. September will be held at 4 p.m. mentary schools will receive em- program are Henri Bonnet. French April 10 will be high school day. ambassador to the United States; Wednesday in Room 103 of phasis at the seventh UK Foreign Dr. Colgate W. Darden. president of Senior high school women from all White Hall, the I'niversity PerLanguage Conference. April University of Virginia: Dr. over the state will be entertained bv sonnel Office has announced. Dr. Jonah W. D. Skiles. head of the the the club- An informal coffee hour of Ancient Languages Charles Allen Thomas, president of will begin the day. Department The students will jind Literatures and director of the the Monsanto Chemical Company: hear talks by home economics grad-uatDr. Raymond McLain, former presiconference, has announced. who have entered the differ- of Transylvania, now executive Discussions on the subject will be dent incorporated into three of the vari- director of the Commission on High- ent home economic professions. er Education of the National CounA style show by the Four Seasons ous panels, and at 9 a.m. Saturday, devoted to cil of Churches of Christ, and A. B. Shop will be given Saturday after April 24. a panel will be "Teaching of Languages in the Ele- Chandler, former governor of Ken- noon in the Home An annual scholarship by the Economics Build- tucky, U. mentary School." This panel will be C'0mmlsSK,ller-Science- S. senator, and baseball Kentucky Broadcasters' Association ing. conducted in Room 203 of the Social i KBA to the outstanding UK senBuilding. ior majoring in radio arts has been Topics Included Other designated the Charles Warren Me- In addition to other topics, this morial Scholarship. panel will include talks and discusNaming of the annual award came sions on "The Teaching of Spanish during the KBA convention in in the Second Grade," "German m Louisville last week. The scholarthe Tourth Grade." and "Experiship honors the former station manments in Teaching French to Chilager of WCMI. Ashland, and past dren from the Elementary School." broadcasting president of "On the campus" will be the The entrees in the sorority di- organization. the state Dr. W. L. Cair, visiting professor of ancient languages and literature.-a- t theme for this year's annual Sigma vision are: Sue Winters, ADPi: Ann In commenting upon the name UK. attended a conference in Chi best dressed contest to be held Wenninger, AGD; Glenda King, designation, Mrs. Canulle H. Halat 7:30 p.m Tuesday in Memorial AXD; Tina Mouser. XO: Ann Fu- Washington in January to study the yard, acting head of the Departproblem of teaching children for- Hall. Jack Rinchart. chairman of trill, DDD; Yvonne Eaton, DZ; Bes ment of Radio Arts, said, "It is a the contest sponsors, announced. Clements. KAT; Martina Campbell. fitting eign languages. In a paper which The contest will be divided into KD; Chickie Schrieder. KKG Ruth always tribute a to a man who had discusses the results of that conbeen close and helpful two parts, a style show, supported Moore, ZTA; and Marcia Josselson. ference. Dr. Carr has written: friend of the UK Radio Departby the clothing stores ol Lexington, PSS. lan"The learning of a second ment. Mr. Warren not only aired all The winners of last year's contest guage can give children the experi- and the best dressed contest, selectshows but hired many ing the man and woman candidate were Martha Wagner, DDD, and ence of living imaginatively and of our graduates." tealistically in the thoughts of an- ol sorority and fraternities as the Doug McCullough, PDT. The Radio Arts faculty members, who were Jean Ford. XO, and attended the Louisville KBA conother people. Through learning to year's most well dressed students. The style show this year, follow- Tom Fillion, ATO. and speak another understand vention, noted the great emphasis tongue they gain a sense of achieve- ing the theme of "On the Campus," This will be the eighth annual by many state radio and TV execument and satisfaction in their ac- will consist ol three different parts. contest sponsored by the Sigma tives on the extreme shortage of These parts will feature informal, Chis. Its purpose in 194G was to trained nev;,i,,,l complishment." l, and formal costumes show that students at UK were not Karlv Beginning I'rged A partial solution to the lack of Dr. H. L. Donovan, president of lor UK students attending various at all backwards in their dress, prospective employees may be in poise, and social awareness. the University, has said that edu- functions in Lexington. prospect at UK. Radio Arts has The contestants lor the best cators are now recognizing that Trophies will be awarded to the more entering freshmen in its "language education, like all educadressed contest are Bruce Pearce, winners of the contest and they will courses this year than ever before, tion, must be a process that ex- AGR Roger Crump. ATO; Lyon also receive gift certificates to Mrs. Halyard said, tends from one's earliest years of Hutcherson. DTD: Jimmy Combest, clothing stores in town. A brochure will be distributed to FH; .lack Norris. K A Rodger Juschildhood throughout his hie." The costumes to be worn in the high school students by the A similar panel was held at the tice, l.XA: Bill Curlin. PUT: Tom are not to exceed $100 in tucky broadcasters depicting the Foreign Language Conference last Blown. TKT: Bill Jones, PSK; Hugh cost and are to be appropriate for various activities and advantages year, and Dr. Skiles .said thai his Roe. PKA; Bill Browning. SAE; Jim avail;,bj!, at thc' UK ladi" de,art- receives many Prof lit, SN: Neil Asher. SHE: Dave an informal party or dance on the ment. The pamphlet will be pre- department still campns or in INinetnn. Rmehart parcd by Jl.i- pi.jH-ists lor copies oi Ju Stewart. TKE, and Marty Solomon. 1n,ss .M iitcd at that time. ZBT. aid. member. Physics Student 11-- 1, 3. - . fitr- .., - XT ,fi,. I ; PI,! T, Inili II..llt.k l,. i.! Transv Campus j TliJ; 1" HE Club Plans 'Career Week' Freshman Guides To lie Seleeted Pan Hell Elects Kave Goldberg 'New President ever-growi- 22-2- 4. - es Radio Scholarship To Honor Warren s ) Best Dressed Contest To Be Held Tuesday ; run-ners-- semi-forma- : : Ken-conte- st ..,,. ,.,. i j Kaye Goldberg, president of Phi Sigma Sigma, was elected president of Panhellenic, intersorority organization. Monday, Jackie Cottom. past president of Panhellenic has an-- j nounced. Other officers of the 1954-5- 5 Pan- hellenic w ill be Mary Wilkins, presi-- I dent of Kappa Delta, Betty Jo Martin, Chi Omega rush chairman, secretary, and Georgia Lee Cox. rush chairman of Kappa Alpha Theta, treasurer. New officers will be installed at said. . 1 afternoon, and tomorrow night. Ann O'Roark. 0r..-t- i M.'.l. .r supported the IFC nevformances is 8 pm, and the matinee oid bv telliaa is at 2:30 p.m. Admission Ls 50 cents, that fratermtv ar.u: l..:u with all seats reserved. pulled down because of f i.lui many professors to 'urn m s;v,, j ' l)vH(l j on time. lj1)Sll(Ul Incomplete Crades r.Lnned This meant an 111.11. S'.Ulllil S 1U lit ..i.'l. tanc..-when pruisiZiii'i that fiaferr..". computed, did la ' t: incomplete g:,n:i. ri" . .n tin. ....irl ..,. To Hold natKpiet Nu chapter of Delta Pi Epsilon. graduate fraternity in business education, will hold its annual spring enoimh to pull 'he aaata'.. a banquet April 9, Dr. Vernon Mussel-ma- they had lxe:i I'lii.ei! faculty advisor, announced to: . President Carter C.! day. mat me ap,H.u nseu ': it i. The dinner meeting, at 6 p.m. in not sptcitie enouvh. He :.ul t Room 205 of the Student Union, is the request, as mad- - by H, the first for the new president, Mrs. could mean an fi.r - Dolores Cheek. Fnink niekev will sneak on reu-- the way tr.i'.cn.-.-.::d; ..Recent Cun.icuium Trends and are computed. chanees in the PubUc school." Bueil .sug'.esteu '::a! t::e t ai . ; . m&ht be asktd ' in such a way as to ivrpp ,rr j 1 the all fraternity aver.i .e e , ;f JCffistrUr men s average, m t," tr .Mfhnu, fur lie gins Today i Kentucky's chief administrative and finance officer in the Depart- ment of Education will become UK's new registrar today. Qi irrttttf n & rfaistriir Tlr s Dr Robm L Tuthi 37 a mrmber of the gtate p, sUff since lm (',. ;.7 fiji;'.iV trahniU'i u '; j I'll ..e J in- education t a m i'.'O iU I .'ia - i,i rn- ii de- - i.s ;;ii;t )rnli l 11,11 ..'. if. '' , j ' -- ' fraternities. Their t iirl e. i'r...-.- Uiein ah :1aand ac;:uv n; (MlKir-'.- ni-.- of other pledge- - t' the standing. v. 'he SGA voted tn make ti . - a 1: r:!-- : ! " ! , cents to t)e a Buell also ai'a .. I; i: whose ! :.!- -. titsi-- l was . . Wilt II he asla-.i heck the bli eaar. Buell said in. s':a ii. H:- Wnlli I ila'.e la Wioir; lii.iuiuis : 5 .;.' ' i 47 A that graduate a nurse h..ii lilt tir w J. m thai :!: s;., had to be t as. . to !h- I'.'.; 1!: a. s mi r oi poilo. A:a:'!:plan. ad vj Li lis. s e. 1 i l.llnn an.l Carl IWI'KS Siiiilur kappa IVIta ainl I'i kappa Alplia. tin- wiiiui-itropliit s lor All ( ainpus Sjngl al (lit- dance I'nolay i'at and Jim lollow in; llu' ioiiti-si Mph.l Vita Woodward liold (la- ninai .i liplo'cand Delta 'lan IVIta. mhh; .- t ni-l- it. - l.-- I . i - io gaa-.- r .o.i ' t L- n;::. .'. :. b-- I yon. ! lieli ai.a . . !' : : me1. , il- -i - ;., 'a . a- e, aire "V..U AI.I.C WIl'l'S S1C i '' ." lold up to the -- liKlc. sh- biotl after t.H.;liall ala lit u i, ' aa . a char-.e- teriat X-r- J? : t:i.-.- treatisiet.t her it; ii'i.!-- .- dei.t s can't :f t lie s.,:il !prin.: eiia .. ,.. vn i i '. i;.,ef i. a;. a vice presaa-ntber.s wall Lt- iln.-lor u wln-iv.- i (.lis 1; ... .... , Joiiu V H:" the election ca iiiin.i'.si . . :;. .,p:: I'tirnn" Infirr.iart I'orainiit.-i- ' A committee to tenon for adnussi faniary'' and t:.icuring a full lai.e c.v-firmary stall loin The setting ::p .: t: resulted from (T.a:---- s eral occasion, si. : 'been refused euirv u." and that, on occh.-ii-stead of dixtors dl.isi.i ii .at Jim Buell the I'lln raarv li el'a: but was refusi a; ai'::.:" '..- Li'. tner-o- v ; UC? v' " ..; ..' I1 sin, rector of research and statistics. He l ui'iiish became head of the consolidated i Divisions of Administration and Fi- fiir. nance a year later. The new regis- Other SGA n ::.'ae:.- - a'a: t;a.Leg- trar was also consultant to the islative Research Commission for wr.. fir- p out the commission's school finance account plecues "The onh iJ ki i ' ..,;ii.i.- he "did .mt ! ! tn- I. ( n.'", .: .. l.'f ... " i. I - W. '. h ami i in m .J.:-- ; be held at 2 p.m. in Room "ll'I of Miller Hall. tit s mi-j- ' n. 2. ti 5 10. language reading examinations for graduate students have been scheduled as follows: French. April 13; tier-maApril II. and Spanish. April 15. All examinations will tei e i. fraternity. Trvouts Scheduled For Dream (iiiT The annual workshop for the ne sorority officers will be held befort the Panhellenic banquet on Aprii Foreign . n, in a row. Language Exam Schedule Listed ill-- Cur- - Hotel. Panhellenic will sponsor another foreign student next year, the coun- cil decided this week. They havt provided room and board for ont woman student from a foreign country for the past five years. Panhellenic will also sponsor summer semester room and board foi this year's foreign student, Clairt Renders of Belgium, in order foi her to complete her work on a masters degree. A rotating cup will be given b Panhellenic to the sorority with tin highest overall scholastic standin each semester. Jackie Cottom said This trophy will be awarder permanently to the house that h;e the highest standing four semester, i t study. A Kenton County native. Dr. Mills holds three degrees from the Uni- 4 ersity. his bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees. From 1933 to 1941 he taught at Tr outs for Elmer Rice's "Dream Covington, and was administrative Girl". Guignol Theatre's next pro- head of a branch of the Air Force duction, will be held at 2 p.m. Sun- Technical School at Lincoln. Neb. day in the Laboratory Theater of Tn 1044. he went to Oak Ridge, Tenn.. where he held a supervisory the Fine Arts Building. Thirty-fiv- e parts are available, fifteen of which position. Dr. Mills was research assistant are acting parts. Mr. Robert Chal-lene- r, for the UK Bureau of School Service director, announced. from 191!! to 19a0. and sered briefly The comedy will be presented May as assistant to the director of the University Extension. 3 through May 8. the annual Panhellenic Banquet Saturday, April 10, at the Lafavette I L Commerce Group To Hold liaiupiet non-prof- t 'Merchant' To End Tomorrow iijht ' try-out- hill-billi- es I il 1 Jim Buell. United SU'ue: on behalf of the Il.tertr; Ti J :t ; Council that Ihv passed by the f airu ..n A;: 1952. be appealed by SO V m Buell said IFC bas-'on the fact that 11 UK ir fti io rit il Plivpr nmrinptinn f,f did not make a d.:u "Mrfhjnl of V..niro" mesier ... . .v fa. l l!a me rite tonight, tomorrow-vot- according to IFC. t.s i . . will continue r.-- nt would provide a. nucleus fhio nhAnrincr smi;H llf'Vt Ve:ir facnlty-iinjioM'- I - i that they . Covi-rnmrii- d: r- - re-(j- ',. m Iml.istic ri quirt un nfs l.i ' ... arc nniair anu inipi at urai were mace ui'i nrj, a inn it'innies ol the Student Association Mnixlav ni;!it. CJliariics tt uit .. try-ou- This plan, which differs from the usual cheerleading selections held in the fall, will enable, the new cheerleaders to have practice sessions According to present plans, functions of the rehabilitation center this spring and be better organized at the beginning of the fall season, will be three-folHi To engage in training phy- she said. Elections will be held in the fall sical therapy students to select other members of the (2 Patient treatment 3 Research in outpatient re- squad. All students are eligible for the habilitation s, Miss Cornell said. They Room 42 of Memorial Coliseum is must be able to practice from 3 to the tentative location mentioned for 5 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday setting up the therapy equipment, a reciprocal arrangement between if elected. The names of apersons cheer- UK and center staff members would interested in trying out for leading position may be turned in provide the gymnasium and swim ming pool facilities for patients and to Miss Cornell no later than Amil a training laboratory for University 14. she said. therapy students. . Paralytic cases and crippled children would receive treatment at the it proposed center. Instruction in the use of artificial limbs would be another phase of The College Chamber of Com- training. Committee members pointed out merce will hold their annual ban- that this center would be the only quet at 6 p m. Thursday in the Stu- derit Union Ballroom. Ken Harris. one operating in Kentucky. Patients from the Kentucky Society vice president, has announced. of A magic show and for Crippled Children and United Mine Workers union are now sent new officers will highlight the pro- gram. Door prizes will also be given, out of state for treatment Tickets are $1.75 a plate and may be obtained from any member of the Chamber of Commerce. The dinner is open to non-comerce students and faculty. Harris - LanguagcMeet To Emphasize Child Teaching Six cheerleaders for the school term 1954-5- 5 will be selected this spring. Sally Cornell, Suky member and chairman of the election committee, has announced. ts Judges will elect the best at an elimination period, at 5 p.m.. April 20 in the Student Union Ballroom. The six new cheer- leaders w ill be chosen on a per- centage basis in the finals. Wednes- day, April 21. in Memorial Hall. The winners, w ho will be de- .. .......... nod u ft ywc v... rw ,s ri f V.itu .u tir ".P' "tint H. nf tho stnHents anrl ,1 ncr of the judges, will be rated on ability. voice, noise, and audience reaction. Each finalist will lead the audience in one or two cheers. Miss Cornell said that three men and three women students were be- - Rehabilitation Center Here ; ' As-fir- UK Trustees To Consider Wins FcUoivsmp .i., Deadline for entry in the Samuel M. Wilson Student Library Contest is April 25. it has been announced. Students interested in entering the contest may submit a list of books in their personal collections to the chairmen of the contest. Dr. Bennett H. Wall. History Department, C. Arnold Anderson, Sociology Department, and Librarian Emeritus Margaret I. King. Each student library will be judged on the basis of content primarily, and the winner will receive a cash prize of no less than $25. The winner will be expected to display his or her collection in the Margaret I. King Library. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible. place Group Also Hears Charges Leveled At UK Infirmary Cheerleaders To Be Chosen This Spring UMVLHSITY CONCERT HAND To Give Musicale Thursday j NL'MP.LK 21 LIU DAY, A PHIL 2, 1934