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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 3, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL SOCIETY NOTES Kt:iiiinimn:t CALENDAR as, A. C. Wallace and Thomas Wil liams. Friday, December 3 The chaperones were Mr. and Mrs Alpha Xi Delta entertaining with a E. T. Proctor, Mr. and Mrs. H. C 3:30 Pride, Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, Miss tea dance at Patterson hall from Marguerite McLaughlin. until 6 o'clock. Saturday, December 4 Huyck-Kin- g Cadet Hop in the gymnasium from Mr. and Mrs. P. H. Huyck of Cin 3 until 6 o'clock. cinnati announce the marriage of Phi Delta Theta entertaining with a their daughter, Dorothea Patricia, to chapter house frbm 8:30 Mr. Kenneth King, of Louisville. dance at the until 12. Mr. and Mrs. King were married Delta Tau Delta fraternity enter Monday in "The Little Church Around taining at the chapter house with a the Corner"; in New York. dance from 8:30 to 12 o clock. Mrs. King was outstanding in stuPhi Kappa Tau entertaining with a dent and social activities in the unihouse dance in the evening from 8:30 versity last year and was a member until 12. of Alpha Gamma Delta sorority. Mr. King, son of Mr. and Mrs. Delta Chi Entertains An enjoyable event of Saturday Edward F. King, of Louisville, was night was the Delta Chi dance at the graduated from the university in the chapter house on East Maxwell street, class of '26. During his four years with the active chapter and pledges in the university he was prominent in athletics and social affairs. He as hosts for the occasion. was a member of Alpha Sigma Phi The house was attractively deco- fraternity. rated with ferns and palms, and pennants bearing the fraternity shield President and Mrs. F. L. McVey adorned the walls. Music was fur- entertained with a delightful tea in nished by, Smith's orchestra and fruit honor of the university at their home punch was served during the even- on Maxwell Place last Wednesday afing. ternoon from 4 to 6 o'clock. The active chapter includes H. C. Conn, R. M. Cundiff, Bowles, C. R. Banquet I. C. Disher, Joe Johnson, William The annual fall banquet of the t, James B. Kittrell, C. C. Kendall, Women's council of W. P. Crouch, Ray D. Hall, Don University of Kentucky was given Husk, Marcum Johnson, W. R. King, Saturday, at 7 o'clock in the ballroom M. L. Nollau, J. W. Pearson, E. S. of the Phoenix hotel. Quisenberry, Hewlett Whitmer, F. J. A delicious menu was served and Conn, Thomas Cross, J. D. Gilbert, the colors of blue and white were William H. Glanz, R. E. Laufer, Gar- carried out in the decorations of ner D. WJley. flowers and candles in crystal holdThe pledges are Alec Black, W- - Jay ers. The menu cards were white Brummette, Joe Cornett, Carlton booklets with blue letters. Fulton Gosney, Chauncey JohnLighted shields of ston, Paul Little, Clarence Rhodemey-e- r, who were represented the sororities adornjed the Lynn Rhodemeyer, Henry J. Scott, walls. Music was furnished by the Hereford Southwood, Russell Thom- - hotel orchestra. Miss Carolyn Bascom, president of the council, presided as toastmistress. The program included the following toasts: A Realist, by Miss Mary Belle Vaughn; A Romanticist, by Miss Jane Ann Carlson; A Cubist, by Miss Claire Bys; A Futurist, by Miss Nancy Jones. At the conclusion of the program a silver cup was presented to Beta Sigma Omicron for receiving the highest scholastic standing in Member fraternities of the Womcouncil and their en's representatives are: Delta Delta Delta, Misses Amelia King and FranLINES VIA ALL ces Maltby; Chi Omega, Misses Betty Rcgenstein and Margaret Elliott; AND TO ALL PARTS OF Kappa Kappa Gamma, Misses Carolyn THE WORLD Bascom and Katberine Best; Delta Zeta, Misses Jane Lewis and Mildred TOURS CRUISES Cowgill; Zeta Tau Alpha, Misses Edith Thomas and Bess Sanford; Alpha Xi Delta, Misses Frances MontTARIFF RATES gomery and Mary Lewis Marvin; Al(As at New York Offices) pha Gamma Delta, Misses Thelma Snyder and Lucretia McMullen; Beta M. Molloy Sigma Omicron, Misses Mary Wynn Hampton and Elizabeth Tingle; AlLOCAL AGENT pha Delta Theta, Misses Margaret 646 E. High St. Phone 35G1 Gooch and Dee Worthington; Kappa Wil-hoi- El-ro- d, 1925-192- 6. Steamship Tickets ic James CORRECT APPAREL FOR WOMEN AND MISSES 264 W. 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I oA.weriMa 1 jacquettes $150.00 Squirrel-bell- y in platinum and cocoa $250.00 Cocoa Squirrel fox in in Mon.-We- al Imo-gin- SUNDAY, DEC. 5 Irene Rich Huntly Gordon I last week and attended the Phi Sigma Kappa and Delta Chi dances. Misses Sara Dorsey Harris spent Thanksgiving at the homes of Miss Florence Smith of Ironton, Ohio. Miss Katharine Dishman returned home from Florida Sunday, after sev-rdays visit. Miss Marjorie Barker left for her home in Hopkinsville after an extended visit at the Chi Omega house. son Bms Edmnnd . met for luncheon Saturday in the jturnd to her home in Newport, Fri- private' dining room of the Lafayette day- : Miss Helen James, of Berea, spent hotel. week-en- d at the Alpha Gamma Miss Mary Bryant had as her vis- the itors at the Alpha Gamma Delta house Delta house and attended the Delta Miss Regina Bryant, Chi house dance. last week-en- d O. K. Lawson has returned to school her sister, 6f Bowling Green; and Miss Vivian Yates, of Hazard, a grad- this week having recovered from an operation performd at the Good Sauate from Breneau College. Miss Elizabeth Erschell who has maritan hospital several weeks ago. been the guest of Rankin Harris at Miss Anna Manly, of Louisville, the Alpha Gamma Delta house re- - was the guest of Miss Margaret Dick y, Logan with Lional Barrymore. Margaret De La Matte Delta, Misses Dorothy Sellards and ing the banquet, initiation of the new Dorothy Stebbins. members of the fraternity was held About 30 guests were present. The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority entertained with an enjoyable tea Phi Sigma Kappa Banquet dance Saturday jifternoon from 4 to Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity of the o ociock at ratterson nan. university entertained wijfh an in The lovely decorations were of stallation banquet, Friday evening at ferns and fall flowers. Music for 6:30 0 clock at the Phoenix hotel. the dance was furnished by the Ken The decorations for the banquet tuckian orchestra. were the fraternity colors, silver and .Members of the active chanter who magenta. The toastmaster was Mr. were hostesses are Misses Carolyn Charles Milliken, who is president of The speakers of the Bascom. Alice Hudson. Mnrv Ellen the fraternity. Dale, Mary Austin Waddell, Louise evening were Dean Paul P. Boyd, Dean Edward T. Weist, Dean Ander Jefferson, Sarah Curie, Mary Colvin, Eleanor Tapp, Josephine Skain, Su- son, and Dr. Funkhouser, all of whom san Brieers, Elizabeth Wood. Beatrice are faculty members of the university; Gant, Alice Wilkerson, Margaret Mr. Joseph H. Batt, a grand officer Ihompson, Nancy Wilson. Kathenne of the fraternity; Albert T. Burrows, Best, Evelyn Coleman, Elizabeth 'of Urbana, 111., who is president of bmith, Cynthiana Smith, Virginia Phi Sigma Kappa; Dr. Edgar T. Fell, Boyd, Elizabeth Lehman, Frances of Baltimore, Md.; Mr. R. Clay Porter, of Schnectady, N. Y., who is alumna Cregor and Harriett McCauley. The pledges who assisted were president. The banquet was followed by the Misses Dolly Cox arid Marv Nash Averill, of Frankfort; Elizabeth Fag-le- formal initiation at the chapter house of Burnside; Rob Evans and on East Maxwell street. About 60 Belle Nelson, of Hopkinsville; Betty guests were present, including memLee Rice, of Syracuse, N. Y.; e bers of the active chapter and the Smith, of Fort Thomas; Evelyn pledges, a representative from every Frewitt. of Mt. Sterling : Harriett fraternity on the campns, the faculty Gesner, of Waterbury, Conn.; Harriett members, alumni members, and the McDonald, Virginia Wilson and Mary visiting members of the fraternity. Houston Molloy. of Lexinirton. and Members Selected Elsie Townsend, of St. Marys, Ga. Over 100 persons have qualified for Romany membership, and the names Founder's Day Banquet The annual founder's dav banauet will be published early in December. Membership has been divided into of the Delta Delta Delta sororitv was given at the Phoenix hotel Wednes four classes; supernumeraries, minday evening at 6:30 o'clock with mem ors, apprentices, and governing members of the sorority from the Uni- bers. Members may join at any time, versity of Kentucky and Transylva as soon as they qualify for service in any phase of Ronany activity. nia College in attendance. There wilL be lectures, parties and A delicious menu was served and the decorations carried out the soror special performances given for all ity colors of blue, white and gold in Romany members, to which subscribthe flowers and ribbon streamers ers may purchase admission, but will which adorned the table. Blue, white not be open to the public. and gold candles were used for the 'Dean and Mrs. Paul P. Boyd enterlighting effects and the Delta Delta Delta shield illumined with electric tained with a buffet supper, in honor of the members of the Phi Sigma lights hung at one end of the room. Miss Virginia Sherwood of Transyl Kappa fraternity and their visiting vania acted as Toastmistress and the officers. toasts, "At Dawning" by Miss Bernice . Decorations were of English ivy Edwards, and "At Moonlight" by Miss and tapers. About 60 guests were Laverne Dickerson vtere given. prsent. Following the supper, the fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa Dance members entertained with a dance at Phi Sigma Kappa fraternity of the the Phoenix hotel. university .entertained with an In duction dance Saturday evening from Phi Alpha Delta Initiation 9 to 12 o'clock at the Phoenix hotel. Phi Alpha Delta, honorary law fraThe ballroom was elaborately deco ternity, entertained with a banquet rated in the fraternity colors of ma- at the Phoenix hotel, Monday evening genta and silver, and white carnations, at 8 o'clock in honor of the new the fraternity flowers. Music was pledges. furnished by Peck's Bad Boy Orches A delicious menu was tra. Dance programs in the fratern- M. W. Walker presided asserved and toastmasity colors were the attractive favors. ter. The active chapter: Messrs. Corley given by Judge Lyman Talks were Brown, Joseph Betts, Philip Glenn, Chalkley, J. Howard King, John Y. Sydney Goodwin, Robert Griffith, Brown, Professor L. Roberts, and Roy Fred Hendon, B. A. McGary, Charles Moreland. Milliken, Herschel Murray, James Intiation services followed the banRamsay, Stanley Royse, Fanery Ter- - quet and Dr. Gilbert Bailey and AusFord Terrill, Percy Turner,, tin Moore were received into the chap rill, Maurice Trusty, Evans McGraw. ' ter. Pledges of the new chapter are: Messrs. Charles Ingram, Alexander PERSONALS Inman, Virgil Johnson, Jouette McThe Catholic Club of the univer Dowell, Stanley Morgan, J. C. Mor sity met Sunday morning at 10:30 row, Preston Ordway, William Ram o'clock in the palmroom of the' Phoesay, Harold White, Glenn William- nix hotel. A very interesting speech son, Sydney Webb. was made and there were about fifty Alumni Messrs. A. L. Atchison, members present. R. M. Atchison, O. A. Beatty, J. W. Bryan, H. R. Forkner, B. D. Hall, FRATERNITY ROW R. H. Lickert, J. D. Moore, R. C. PortMiss Grace Archer, of Russell, Ky., er, Ernest Threlkld, J. D. Williams, was a week-en- d guest at the Alpha Charles Miliken. Xi Delta house. The faculty members: Dean Paul Miss Harriet Chatfield, of Cattles- P. Boyd, Prof. E. A. Bureau. burg, spent last week-en- d with Miss The chaperones were: Dr. and Mrs. Mary Agnes Gordon. Frank L. McVey, Dean and Mrs. Paul Mr. Bud Farmer, of Anderson, Ky., P. Boyd, Dean and Mrs. Edward will school next semester. Weist, Dean Sarah Blanding, Miss Mr. Elliot Flannery will leave Marguerite McLaughlin, Mr. and Mrs. school sometime in December to acJ. D. Betts, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Mc cept a position in Guadamea. Dowell. The active chapter and pledges 6f Sigma Chi fraternity were the guests Omicron Delta Kappa Banquet of Mrs. Hamilton in Ashland Park Omicron Delta Kappa, the leader for dinner last Sunday night. ship fraternity on the campus of the Mr. Virgil Watson spent the university entertained with a banquet at his home in Ashland. at the Phoenix hotel Tuesdav eve Mr. Walker Robertson will leave ning at 6:30 o'clock. next month for Washington, D. C, The principal speakers of the eve- -' where he expects to continue his ning were President Frank L. McVey studies in Law school. and Dr. W. D. Funkhouser. Follow The Chi Omega sorority alumnae PACE THREE H $10 Baynham Shoe Co. 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