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SOCIETY NOTES 9 Coff-ma- n, ;iiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiii CALENDAR Friday, December 2 Zcta Tau Alpha tea dance from 3:30 to 6 o'clock at Patterson hall. Saturday, December 3 The Kentuckian dance from 9 to 12 o'clock in the men's gymnasium. Friday, December 9 A'Iia Delta Tluta tea dance from 3:30 to 6 o'clock at Patterson hall. Ransdell, Martha Rice, Margaret Robinson, Margaret Walton and Sarah NELL OSBORNE BEAUTY SHOPPE 2nd Fl&or J. D. Purcell's - When the Most Handsome reason in the world for you look-- i ing your beat is calling to take 'you to dine or dance call us first for your Beauty Work. Free tation given by a Graduate Beau, Phone 7225 It Won't Be Long Now TILL CHRISTMAS I MEALS NOW Delta Delta Delta Entertains The Delta Delta Delta, sorority entertained with a founder's day ban quet, Thanksgiving eve, at the Lafayette hotel. Sixty members of the sorority were present, including mem-hiof the Delta Rho chapter of the University of Kentucky, and the Beta Zeta chapter, ol rransyivania university. The colors of gold blue and silver were carried, out in the decorations, falf chrysanthemums and lovely adorned the tables, which were arranged to form a large delta. Miss toastmistress, Ann Carvill presided and toasts were given by representatives of the two chapters, and by an alumnus. The pledges brought the program to a close with a novel act Mrs. TURKEYS GEESE CHICKENS "OLD HAMS and GUINEAS FRESH EGGS Poultry Go. . CORNER LIME and WATER STREETS "WHOLESALE Abner White, Louis Weber, William Watkms, Walter Wetzel, and David Young. Pledges of the chagter were Messrs. Lawrence Alexander, Charles Donald Glass, Robert Gibson, William Greenwell, Leon Hoffman, Richar Hayes, Ermine Maddox, Jerry Ruddle, Thomas Riley, Harris Sulliand Ralph van, Oliver Thompson, Fish-bac- k, Woodall. Rent a Studebaker COACHES - TOURINGS - ROADSTERS Lowest Rate in Lexington And then some! OPEN DAY AND NIGHT . Studebaker-MAMMOTH U I don't care how much a fellow Drive It spends he can't hay hotter shoes than FLORSHEIMS. Sure I've paid more before I got wise to FLORSHEIMS. Just one pair taught me, they've got all the style, mileage and comfort a shoe can have and then some! PHONE 7070 GARAGE ROSE STREET CONFECTIONERY Corner Rose and College View Phone 4039 LUNCHEONETTE CANDIES TOBACCOS MAGAZINES BAYNHAM SHOE CO. Short Orders at All Times EAST MAIN NEW MANAGEMENT NEW SERVICE "Where Friends Meet" Triangle Dance iirnimiinniiiiimiiiipniiniiminiiiiHiiiinmimiiiiHinHi The Trianele fraternity entertained their pledges and friends with a house Hnnro last Wednesday night at their hnmp nn the Nicholasville pike. The house was artistically decorated witnj frens and the fraternity colors of old rose and gray. Art Payne and his orchestra from Louisville iurnisnea the music for the occasion. Two hundred guests were present. The active chapter who were hosts to the dance were: C. R. Baugh, I. C. Berry, E. M. Butler, M. T. Carpenter, C. E. Colvin, Jr., C. H. .Dees, D. . Edwards, Jr., J. H. Gray, J. H. Griffith, R. F. Hayes, Larkin Keller, A. W. Lawrence. D. L. 0'Roark;'C. A. Poole. G. P. Sewell. M. Smith. 0. J. Istoesser, H. A. Thprnberg, T. A. Wal ters, S. H. Wise. The Dledees: W. W. Anderson. W. L. Albert, R. D. Cook, R. G. Heitz, L. Hoeing, J. M. B. Henderson, W. Howard, J. C. Laughlin, H.'A. Noles, J. V. Smith, W. L. Spain, and W., B. L. E. GRD7FING, NEAR LIME Prop imnnmnimiMimuiiiiri Todd Co. from PRICES TO FRATERNITIES" Denton-Ross-Todd- Very 's &t4 ' .Large, Very Finely Specialized Assortments Young. Moore-Disho- n ( game, Stanley Black, Richard Boiling, Will Ed Covington, Lawrence Curry, William Durbeck, Whitney Evans, Arthur Eastwood, Richard Elliott, Edwards, Jack Fish, Arthur Hoover, Edwin Hampton, James Hester, Lee Ison, Joseph Morris, Hart Miller, Gapson Mauzy, Fred McLane, Glenn Roberts, TKomas Rose, Charles Rice, Jack Rash, Chester Silvers, Tyron Smith, James Shewmaker, William Selle, Grey Tucker, Robert Warren, SELECT GIFT HOSIERY and Place Your Order With Us Early for DUCKS During the afternoon initiation was Miss Lydia Roberts, who had a standing of 3, and Miss Isabel Craig who had a standing of 2.7, were the only two who were pledged. held. Harry" Gamage, Mrs. Morris' Schorago, Mrs. Katherine Lyons, Mrs. Following the dinner the .regular John Jewell, Mrs. E. A. Bureau, Miss Mortar Board meeting was held. Marguerite McLaughlin and Mrs"., About sixteen members were present. Birket Lee Pribble. In the dining room on the sun porch Thanksgiving Tea tea tables were arranged and decorPresident and Mrs. McVey enter- ated with white chrysanthemums and; tained with a delightful informal re- blue candles in silver and brass hold- ception at Maxwell place Thanksgiving afternoon for the homfceoming celebration of the University of KenHouse Dance tucky. Omega chapter of the Pi Kappa AlThe guests were received after the pha fraternity entertained their pledfootball game and numbered about ges and friends with a dance at their three hundred, among them were the house on Rose and Maxwell streets members of the Tennessee band, Ten- Saturday evening. The house was nessee rooters, and the University of beautifully decorated in blue and Kentucky coaches, alumni and stu- white streamers intermingled with the dents. fraternity colors of garnet and gold. The tea tables were presided over Fruit punch was served, throughout by Mrs. M. L. Pence, Miss Clara the. evening. Music was furnished by White, Mrs. Enoch Grehan and Mrs. Toy Sandifer's Rythm Kings. Raymond Kirk. Assisting in enterThe hosts were Messrs. David Alextaining were Miss Sarah Blinding, ander, Joseph Allen, Boner Blasin- - by her mother and her sister, Mrs. Paul P. Boyd and Miss Betty Boyd. The Denton-Ros-s : Start Planning Your CHRISTMAS H. Lewis, rs consul- tician. If Lay-mo- n, W. Maxon, G. Pope, F. Phipps F. Seaman, M. Smith, H Wells. Stone, B. Waddle, D. Whitehead, E. Those from the Beta cha'pter in- Rice and Gayle Mohney. Pledges: cluded Hallie Day Back, Minnie Lou Dick Richards, Roy Harvey, John Billie Boyer, Helen Brown- Archer, Ben Martin, Rex Allison, Bennett,. ing, Irene Brummette, Virginia Coch- Jack Woods, Sam Blackburn, Paul ran, Pauline Collims, Irene Cullis, Mrs. Goodloe, Ed Riley, William Kelley. Dean, Evelyn Delaney, Nell' Farmer, W. E. Rodgers, Jim Nixon, Smith Stella Flantz, Josephine Frazer, Jane Caywood, Howard Graham, Ed Green, Gooch, Marion Jarrett, Ruby Lowell, John Kellog and BobxHolt. Mary Joe McComick, Virginia Robinson, Edith Sisk, Laura Bell Smith, Elizabeth Wells, Vera Woodruff and Mortar Board Tea Dee Worthtngton. Mortar Board, honorary senior girl's sorority, entertained delightHouse Dance fully with a tea Thursday afternoon Epsilon fraterni- from 4 to 6 o'clock at Patterson hall. The Sigma Alpha ty entertained their pledges and The room was beautifully decorated friends with a delightful house dance with red roses and the lights were their home on South Limestone at candles in silver holdstreet and about one hundred and fifty shaded. Tall in various partF of guests were present. The house was ers were burning course was served. the room. An ice col- Founder Day Banquet Alpha and Beta chapters of Alpha Delta Theta celebrated founder's day Friday evening with a banquet at the Phoenix hotel. The table was attractively decorated with the sorority colors and flowers. Mrs. James William Craig of the Alpha chapter presided at toastmistress. Those present from the Alpha chapter were: Carmie Back, Florence Bell, Martha Bishop, Virginia Clark, Mat-tiMiller Clayton, June Everhart, daily decorated in the fraternity Evelyn McCord, Willetta Miller, Maud ors fo purple and gold. Music was e furnished by Frank's orchestra. Members of the active chapter who were hosts were: Bobby McMifray, Clifton Waddill, Woodford Wornall. June Lyons, James Collier, G. D. Paul McBrayer, E. C. Weathers, Harold Bird, C. Combs, F. Farley, H. Greaver, E Jones, S. Johnson, L. PACE THREE KERNEL THE KENTUCKY , New England. Supper Members of the Mortar' Board, senior women's sorority, were delightfully entertained at the home of' Miss Virginia Boyd on Waller avenue, with a New England supper. The house ,and tables were decor- ' Hosiery in Gift Boxes. v, is the most popular of all Christmas combines every desirable gift quality. thoughtful! ated with chrysanthemums and the hostess was assisted in entertaining I ; gifts because it It is beautiful, delightful; It is needed, practical, and always appreciated. It is everything, that a gift should be. " I ' ' These Famous Brands Kayser's Twin. Heel Hose Wayne ' Burlington Diamond Point Hose, KnitHose: Keyser Slipper Heel Hose Keyser Lance Heel Hose Trim Fit Hose -- Holliday Happiness"- Lys Hose These Smartest Shades "The Store of Devore Hpse Bark Taupe v Grain Nude Black - Rose-Tau- Patio Cedar Soudan Illusion Pearl Blush. pe Bronze Nude . Champagne - Dune 4 Gun Metal Evenglo Mocha Platimim Extends A Cordial Invitation to University Students $2.95. Fleur Do Lya for evening wear, white or flesh, with Fleur de Lys heel outlined in gold or silver metallic, pair, ?5. 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