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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 2, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE FOUR THE KENTUCKY KERNEL The Kentucky Kernel is the official newspaper of the students and alumni of the University of Kentucky. Published every Friday throught the college year by the student body of the university. Subscription One Dollar and Fifty Cents a Year Five Entered at Lexington Postofflce Cents the Copy. as second class mail matter. EDITOR Niel Plummer ASSOCIATE EDITORS Helen Shelton A. P. Robertson Byron Pumphrey Herbert Lukens EDITOR-IN-CHIE- MANAGING F John R. Bullock NEWS EDITOR Virginia King Conroy ASSISTANT Frank: Davidson W. H. Glanz : REPORTERS Lcida Keyes Elizabeth Carter Beecher Adams Ollie Bowen James .Porter Sara Elvove Roy Baldridge Margaret Treacy Janet Lalley J. Wilson Kathleen Fitch L. Combs Virginia McAlister Jessie Marie SunKatherine Best Kady Elvove Catherine Redm'd Jess M. Laughlin Dorothy Darnell Evalee Fcatherst'nCarolya Smith Elizab'h Strossm'nIIenrietta Howell Margaret Cundhf Emma W. Jeffries R. Thompson SPECIAL WRITERS Roberts, Exchanges LeRoy Smith, Feature P. P. Baker, Cartoonist Martha Connell, Literary SPORTS EDITOR Kenneth Greeory Lydia SOCIETY EDITOR Martha Minihan ASSISTANTS Ellen Minihan Elizabeth Shea BUSINESS MANAGER - JanlfflSnn hrPTSThi,re Du 4651 74 825gY ASSISTANTS ' John W. Duadon, Jr. Tom Cochran Gtmi W Kay Herman Sharp Bill Reep ; ( ON OTHER CAMPUSES (Oregon Daily Emerald) SomeVf the highly combustable Lindsey tinder has flared up at the University of California at Los Angeles. A vagrant spark, in the form of the Portland report of a "Revolt of Youth" lecture, published in the daily Bruin, caused the conflagration. Regent Edward Dickson has ordered the Bruin hermetically sealed in hope of suffocating the incipient blaze. As editor of the Los Angeles Express, Mr. Dickson should be qualified to pass judgment on the impropriety of news. .And as former editor of the Daily Californian, he should know the just scope of college papers. As a regent of the university he considers Judge Lindsey'a views on youth unfit for campus consumption. All this is easily explained, but Mr. Dickson's remedy is far more dangerous than the evil which he attempts to stamp out He tampers with democratic student administration and establishes with one gesture, He usurps authority from the Bruin a despotism. editor and takes advantage of regental privilege to enter by the back door and clamp a censoral muzzle on the Bruin. If successful, this act of the California regent undermines the entire undergraduate structure of Without discretionary rights, tho student editor a marionette dancing to the whimsical tags of any meddlesome passerby. If supervisional pressure is found necessary, It should be brought to bear througa the responsible editor, not through official university Criticism, advice, suggestions all these channels. could be freely bestowed with benefit to student publication from the sagacity of long professional experience. But the satisfaction of a peremptory command is not legitimately obtained by the overhead route. Any despotic control, no matter how benign, is inimical to the fairest and most truthful news treatment Such control robs the paper of all initiative. It is n compass. restricted to house-orga- LITERARY SECTION FOREMAN W. D. Grot ASSISTANTS A. L. Pigman Ted S trunk LIFE Life is life this; a great gray cloud That parts slowly to to reveal the blue. For out of every wint'ry sky Summer will come to you. Disappointments teach us well And steel to greater pain. But consolation comes at last. And we find joy again. WELL DONE, TEAM all but Notwithstanding that the Wildcats have-los- t three games the football season comes to a satisfactory Not only is the university satisfied in the manner which the Wildcats have worn the Blue and the White, but the supporters of the team in this city and throughquiet unison, "the boys have done out the state say jir well." Facing discouraging odds the team has steadily progressed, fought literally with the fury of the wildcat, And it Is not so hard to understand their namesake. why they fought like that. University spirit has not in several years been so ' fervent The student body were behind their team and - theybeliewd in it. Their belief made the team strong. and they They had, just simply had, to "get right." "get right" ( if the team is a winning one, the members get all of the glory;. if the team is a losing one, the coach gets all of the blame. But The "Kernel feels that this condition docs not exist at the university, but rather it is confident that faculty, alumni, and students appreciate ..the splendid work done and being done by Head Coach Harry Gamage and his assistants. It is not necessary to heap praises upon Kentuckys His work speaks for itself, and the satisfacmentor. tion he must derive from knowing he has done his job and done it well, mut be all of the praise that a man of Coach Gamage's calibre desires. But The Kernel does think also that it is better to throw roses at a man rather than on him, and so it is taking this opportunity to tell our coach how much the university appreciates his ability and his work in the .The task confronting the football season just past. Illinoian would have terrified a lesser man, but Coach Gamage shouldered it manfully and came out of the season with flying colors. The Kernel is confident that it is voicing the sentiment of the entire student body 1n assuring our coach that it is behind him solidly and will continue so to be, win or lose, while he stays at Kentucky. And may that stay be a long one! "LIKE UNTO THE QUEEN" comedy-- I BEN ALI THEATER "TUMBLING RIVER" Fox Films includes the new Tom Mix production, 'Tumbling River," among the most important of-- the remarkable list of pictures released for the season. This story of the romantic west from an original called "The Scourge of The Little C," by J. C. Grimstead, comes to the Ben All Theater Sunday. Dorothy Dwan, in the feminine lead, appears in her first western. Others in the cast are Wallace MacDonald, William Conklin, Stella Essex, and Elmo Billings. "NO CONTROL" Hail tho new "Comedy Consultant!" F. de L. R. Charles Grapewin, one of vaudeville's foremost entertainers, filled this new position during the production of "No Control" at the Metropolitan Studio. Grapewin has written and starred in many vaudeville sketches and has brought to the screen a new type of humor to supplant the usual "gags." "No Control," which comes to the Ben Ali Theater next Monday, is a screen version of Frank Condon's Saturday Evening Post story. Harrison Ford and Phyllis Haver are Vodvil will also complete the prox gram, When Xerxes wept THE great Persian ruler gazed from a hill-- Jtop upon his vast army of a million men. It was the largest army that had ever existed. And he turned away with tears in his eyes because in a hundred years all trace of it would be gone. That army was a symbol of power, destructive and transient. Today in one machinenow being built in the General Electric shops, there is combined the muscular energy of two million men. This great machine, a steam turbine, is also a symbol of power a new power that is con- This mammoth steam turbine with a total capacity of 208,000 kilowatts (280,-00- 0 horse power) will be installed in the new station of the State Line Generating Company near Chicago. What a striking contrast between this huge generating unit and the group of home devices it operates structive and permanent. Its unprecedented size, a record in construction of such machines, is a pledge to the people that the electrical industry is on the march, ever on the alert to supply plenty of electricity at a low cost to all. Mazda lamps, fans, vacuum cleaners, and many others. Yet General Electric makes both. GENERAL ELECTRIC OENER COMPANY, ELECTRIC A.L SCHENECTADY, Wonder What an Empty Cigarette Package Thinks About Sweet creature of death, I worship now at thy throne, For thou art the queen of my love. It seems that I could always kneel here in this sacred place -And feel the pulse, of thy young soul, And thrill at the joy of thy love. But tomorrow or the. next day I shall be gone, While another will speak sweet words of love to you And heal the wound I make Robert E. Sharon. one Somewhere on the campus a pair of shell rim glasses. Finder please return to the Book Store- - adv. LOST 'TWO ARABIAN KNIGHTS" at four paces with a girl watching, a dagger poised at her heart' ready to end her life if her sweetheart is killed, forms one of the high dramatic points in "Two Arabian Knights" to be seen next Sunday and through Wednesday at the Kentucky Theater. "Two Arabian Knights," despite this exciting incident and others like it, is not a heavy drama. It is a drama, packed wiht swift moving and laughable situations, depicting the adventures of two American sol- diers at the close of the war. 1m from a German prison camp in Arab attire they find their disguise leads them into so many unusual sit- -j nations that they often wish they j were back In the comparative safety of the camp. " TO ANNE a thankless Strand Theater December 8. As Attorney Grimes, King is called upon, during the unfolding of the plot, to advise Warner Baxter, former derrick man who becomes a millionaire over night, due to an oil well gusher. Baxter, as Royce Wingate, shoots like a meteor across the business horizon of the Bay City, under the advice and patronage of Grimes. King recently appeared with Thomas Melghan in "Irish Luck" and with Milton Sills in The Unguarded Hour." A pistol duel dark-haire- THE COACH coach is "MAN CRAZY" Dorothy JMackaill and Jack Mulhall, the popular team of First National players, are seen together again in "Man Crazy," now at the Kentucky Theater. It is a story of New England, with romance and thrills. He drove the fastest truck on the Boston Post Road. She camo from the most aristocratic family in New England. The complications in "Man Crazy" will amuse you. It is a First National picture. ' The Kernel, jn looking ahead, sees the future clothed A new in the dazzling garments of honor and glory. spirit has Been born. How it was given birth is almost impossible to say, exactly. But the team this year may well cherish the belief that it was they who made this And that The Kernel believes; is spirit a potent one. enough for a man or and body of men to desire. Indeed, the boys have done well. It has been said that the job of THEATER - " '4 KENTUCKY I WONDER When our love is done I wonder If I can laugh like one Who. does not regret Heaven lost Or shall I sit and wonder how I let you go Like one who did not care For what only you Could give? Shall I ponder And cooly wonder "VANITY" How you kept me so enslave ' Following numerous appearances in While you took the things I gave ligh comedy, Leatrice. Joy returns to strong drama, her And used not your heart e F. de L: R, ture, "Vanity," inwhichlatest star pic. comes to the As barter? Ben Ali Theater on Thursday next. - star finds The popularherself once MEMORIES more in the type of role in which,she You were an angel with a soul of love; made her first "big success in "ManYou came to me and I stole your heart slaughter," "The Ten CommandAnd promised mine to you. ments?' "Saturday Night," and "TriBut ere the days had turned to years, umph," famous" Cecil B. DeMille proAnd ere your love was through) ductions. Her versatility enables the d little star ot portray the I shut you from myheart stellar role of "Vanity" with the And bid you go. finest result Alan Hale and Charles I laughed at you when, as yon left, You tore your heart from your sweet soft breast'" And lay it at my feet Robert E. Sharon. close. did 0 (MARTHA CONNELL, EiKer) MECHANICAL CIRCULATION STAFF Carlos Jagoe Harold Schimmel ! -- oles. LOCAL SHOWS o A REGENT CENSORS STUDENT NEWS ADVERTISING MGR. VSlUSSh PREVIEWS OF I o ADVERTISING STAFF Sarah Walker Jack H. D. Ellis JgSfiK. supporting that she had literally to learn it over. The new picture, coming Sunday to Three acts of vodvil will also be the Strand Theater, is a vivid romance of newspaper life in Washinggiven. ton, much of it 'filmed at the national capital. Gilbert plays a newspaper STRAND THEATER reporter in a strange adventure, and Marc McDer.mott, Gladys Brockwell "MAN, WOMAN AND SIN" and others of note are in the cast Learning to act before the camera ' "SINGED" acis like learning a new art entirely, cording to Jeanne Eagles, famous Claude King, well known character stage star of "Rain," "Daddies," and by Fox Films for the other footlight hits, who made her man, was signed bow as a screen actress in "Man role of Grimes, a San Franciseo attorWoman and Stn. John Gilbert's new ney.' in "Singed." starring Blanche vehicle. Miss Sweet with Warner Baxter, under the Eagles says that'the technique of the direction of John Griffith Wray. The stage picture opens a two day run at the screen is so different from the Ray play the featured The Kentucky Kernel IT TSLL WHAT has-i- IT 3 UP CD CEoRG? FTB STbRe For THS WORLD OMf MlNUTe, AMD DOUW AlU OUT THE MBXT IW VAJAS THAT oiJtY Two HCKJftS AGO t WAS Sitting Fat aD AU WRAPPED uP HANDSOM6 . IN NICjjE GLAZED TtSSUB PAPER ax me NOty! CKUAPLeD.. ody AMD good No YORK By BRIGGS Look Amd , DIRTY NEW To Amy chamelon' You say My .words and deeds I use as gaily painted screens Some lovely and some sinister: Complain That my true self you never see Within my eyes, nor hear In these my words. But see Here, there, this moment or the last, , Myself, the one you looked for, passed And smiled at you, behind my gossamer screens. . . Alas! d. That big GUY o Stepped WAILS OF THE WEEK Nolo look okj where ThevVs I amd oioce uponj HEuD Twenty Kicked me NEEDhJ'r HrWG A me Time I cigarettes amd :dARni Good onjes Too? . TRUE, BROTHER, TRUE! "One advantage about studying In a fraternity-hous- e is that there is always enough noise to keep you awake," remarked our star goat the other day. Coach Gamage and athletic authorities and the university generally have been commended upon the collegiate sportsmanship that has embellished a hetic season The University of South Carolina bid..! fair tn ham for the Wildcats and for their friends. NotwithstandI a bumiwp'rrnn nt PM Ttafn Vnnno .ltKI - .1 ing this The Kernel feels that it cannot permit this futur. Dates arc allowed according to the standia J occasion to pass without an expression of commendation of the students. Yes, girls, an prodigy ay I also through its columns of the manner in which the unihave a date every night of the wee!:. versity's attractive band sponsor has been received and complimented throughout the South. QUESTION But what student ean have a date every night of Miss Charlsey Smith has been toasted by virtually very newspaper in the South on her rare personal the week and yet hold such a standing? Verily, there is cruelty in that ruling. attractiveness, her marked dignity, and her many intriguing little expressions of courtesy to opposing AND ANOTHER THING teams and rival bands. What about Russia anyhow???? And so, at tho end of this football season The Kernel has taken this opportunity to congratulate her for the f Needless to say, as Christmas approaches we have superb way she has borne honors that have come thick already prepared the old for the first one upon her. The dictionaries, unfortunately, do not give who tries to spring that old wheezo about the man an adequate supply of adjectives, and so one cannot fitly give utterance to expressions which would be on the shooting a gun on Xmas morning, then telling the kids mat oania naa committed suicide. whole, so deplorably incomplete. The Kernel would merely abide by a Kentucky traAD DEFINITIONS dition and bend the knee to another of Kentucky's unAge is that time in a man's life when he ceases to crowned queens a queen whose reign will end on the laugh and begins to be shocked. Gamecock. university campus with her graduation in June. Reads more like a definition for electrocution AWD YtfU - COULDN'T SASG- A C&IA3H OOTA. 0ME OF THSrvi !'. BUT That's all. the Thanks csst-It-J This WORUa aa-"- . '! to-u- aj i few m I Old Gold 1st The Smoother and Better Cigarette not a cough in a carload