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THE KENTUCKY KERIflL ine Wilson. Alice Molloy . Mary Lou-- ; RnhincAin Mnrw Jnv Shorn Hotcv faimpson, lsooei layior, natneriae Martin, Polly Warren and Mary Withers Bowman. 1ci SOCIETY NOTES Coming Social Events The social calendar for the rest of this semester has just been completed and given out from the office of dean of men. The dances are as follows: December 3 Kentuckian dance in the men's gymnasium. Pan Hellenic dance December 16 . in ths men's gymnasium. December 17 Freshman engineers' dan.o at Dicker hall. January 7 Stroller dance in the men's gymnasium. The cadet hops will not start until the second semester. Thanksgiving Dance The annual homecoming Alumni Club dance was given Thursday night in the men's gymnasium of the University of Kentucky. Music was furnished by "Peg" Longon's orchestra. The programs were in blue and white. Honor guests were members of the Tennessee and Kentucky football teams. The Tennessee visitors were given yellow arm bands and yellow chrysanthemums while the Kentucky boys were given white chrysanthemums and white arm bands. About fifteen hundred guests were present. The chaperones were Mr. and Mrs. Enoch Grehan, Dean and Mrs. C. R Melcher, and Miss Marguerite Mc- Laughlin, president of the Lexington Alumni Club. Miss Helen King and Mr. Raymond Kirk assisted In entertaining. Kappa Kappa Gamma Tea Dance The Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority entertained delightfully with a tea dance at Patterson hall last Saturday afternoon from 3:30 to 6 o'clock. "Peg" Longon's orchestra furnished the music. The only decoration was a large electric key bearing the initials of the sorority. Chaperones for the dance were Mrs. Mary P. Taylor, house mother, and Dean Sarah Blanding. Members of the active chapter attending were Misses Mary Nash Katherine Best, Dolly Cox, Rob Evans, Elizabeth Fagaly, Pearl Mary Huston Molloy, Belle Nelson, Evelyn Prewitt, Josephine Skain, Cynthia Smith, Eleanor Tapp, Imogene Smith, Margaret Thompson, Sara Lynn Tucker, Mary Wilson, Jean Martin, Katherine Wilson, Elizabeth Wood, Fairy Jenkinson. Pledges attending were Misses Virginia Hadley, Lucy Davis, Agnes Mary Cole Hollo way, Jane Bush Hunter, Virginia McAlliter. Kather- - McATEE SHOE SHOP Shoe Artisans With a RepvtfttiM WORKMANSHIP UNSURPASSED PRICES LOWER ON S. LIME OFF MAIN The New Belmont Restaurant Opposite the Phoenix Hotel Regular Meals, All Kinds of Sandwiches Refreshing Fountain Drinks, and Confections MUSIC BY THE BLUE AND WHITE COLLEGIANS SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS $1.00 LUGGAGE The Ideal Gift HARTMANN and MENDEL TRUNKS L FRE E "The Trunk Store of Lexington Av-eri- ll, For-ma- n, Education Fraternity State Deans of Women Entertains With Tea Hold Annual Meeting Kappa Delta Pi, honorary' fraternity for students of education, will entertain with a tea this afternoon from four to 5:30 o'clock in the auditorium of the University High school for the pledges of the fraternity and the freshman students of the College of Education All the members of Kappa Delta Pi are urged to be present Zeta Tea Thursday afternoon the Delta Zeta sorority entertained with a tea at their house on Linden walk from 4 to 6 o'clock in honor or their national officer, Mrs. Kelley. The house was beautiful in its decorations of pink Killarny roses and softly shaded lights. A delightful ice LOST Phi Kappa Tau pin somecourse was served. where on gym floor Thanksgiving night. Return to Beeclter Adarak, Tea Dance for Pledges 411 East Maxwell; phone 4100. The Alpha Xi Delta sorority of the adv. University of Kentucky entertained i their pledges with a tea dance last Friday afternoon at Patterson hall house over the week end, Al Caldfrom 3:30 to 6 o'clock. "Peg" Lon- well, Tom Armstrong, Ralph Connell gon's orchestra furnished music for Thornton, Billy Upham, Josh Denham the occasion. and John Rachal. The chaperones were Mrs. James at Visitors who spent the week-en- d oean barah the Triangle fraternity house were Urutcher, house mother; Blanding, Mrs. Eda Giles, Mrs. Alfred Skeet O'Hara, John Gray, Patrick Blackburn, Mrs. David Knoble, Mrs. Kelley, Ray Stoesser, Everet Walker, J. D. Morris and Miss Berkley. Ted Bennison, C. M. Davidson, Ben The hostesses, the members of the Kells, David Browning and E. O. Misses Louise Bartlee. active chapter, were Broaddus, Miriam Sloan, Louise Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Nutting and Virginia Baker, Mary Katherine Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Platts attended Jasper, Mary Browne Bradley, Louise the Tennessee - Kentucky game Wendt, Georgianna Flowers, Ruth Thanksgiving McDonald, Anna Weleh Hughes Eva Miss Myrtle Stevens of Covington Jenkins, Alice Knoble Geraldine Cosby, Thelma Ferguson, Sara Colloy, and. MJsr Elizabeth. Moreland were Roweaa Noe, Dora Edwards and Mary visitors a the Beta Sigma Omicron sorority house during tho ThanksgivLewis Marvin. ing holidays. Pledges and guests of honor were Miss Allia May Heath spent Misses Mildred Greene, Martha Gib- Thanksgiving Day at Louisville. bons, Florence Moss, Louise Hill, The following girls were visitors Martha Reed, Anna May, Mary Ward, over the week end at the Alpha GamPolly Bowling, Elizabeth Smith, Cath- ma Delta house, Misses Margaret erine Delaney, Louise Wheeler, Fran- Dickson, Polly Vorhees, Viola ces Mauzy, Olivia Perkins, Mary Jesse Lee Ware, and Anna Lee Brown, Sadie Holvius and Polly Newman. They attended the Pi Woodburn. Kappa Alpha house dance Saturday evening. Russian Tea Motif Miss Jimmy Collins of Cincinnati, President and Irs. Frank L. Mc was a guest at the Alpha Delta Theta Vey entertained Wednesday afternoon house over the week end. at their home, Maxwell place. Since Misses Willy Gordon, Mary Lou Wednesday was the last day of Rus- Beckner, Pauline Park, and Margaret sian month, the Russian effect was Hill spent the week end at the Delta carried out. Delta Delta sorority house. Russel Duncan, Mike Daley, Eugene The Woman's Athletic Association assisted in entertaining. Miss Skin- Combs and Pope Crowden were guests ner and Mrs. Server poured tea and over the week end at the Delta Tau were assisted by officers of the W. Delta fraternity house. A. A., Misses Virginia Robinson, Mr. Bob Sauer, of Louisville, and Greeno, Margaret Sims, Daisy Mr. H. L. Jones, of Chicago, spent the Spradlln, week end at the Alpha Sigma Phi fra- Weems, and by Miss Nell Mildred Robards, Kathleen Fitch, ernity house. Catherine Dulaney, Elizabeth Duncan, Misses Dorothy Brent, Grace Arch Frances Kinney, Ruby Ellis, Virginia er, Polly Doolin, Mary Katherine Ellis, Sarah Lynn Tucker, Evelyn Black, Eva Jenkins, and Katherine Prewitt, Isabelle Taylor, Rebecca Brand were guests at the Alpha XI Brown, Alma Lepper, Natalie Hickey, Delta sorority during the past week Virginia Ebert, Minna Hagerdon, end. Mary Ader, Wilma Powell, Kathleen Guests over the week end at the Carlton, and Frances Osborne all of Chi Omega sorority house were Misswhom wore Russian costumes. es Marion and Frances Whitfield, BetThe tea was served on the sun ty Reganstein, Catherine Rice, Evelyn porch at a table on which were two Hopkins, and Mary Nash Wilson. Russian samavars and brass candle The following gins were' guests sticks. over the week end at th Kappa Delta sorority on Stone avenue. Misses FRATERNITY ROW Dorothy Stebblns and Annaboll Murphy, Mrs. Sneed Yager and Mrs. Miss Jean Midhoefer, of Winches ter, was a guest at the Kappa Kappa Jack Warren. a Miss Adrienne Mason and Miss Gamma sorority over the week end. Weber were guests at the Zeta Mrs. Orth and Mrs. Thick, national president and vice president of the Tau Alpha sorority hous during the Beta Sigma Omicron sorority, were past week end. guests at the Beta Sigma Omicron Miss Irene McNamara, of Cincinsorority house over the Thanksgiving nati, was a guest of Miss Marguerite McLaughlin during the Thanksgiving holidays. They are from St. Louis. Mrs. Kelley, national officer of the holidays. Delta Zeta sorority, is a guest at the Miss Frances Lee spent the ThanksDelta Zeta sorority house. giving holidays with her parents in Guests t the Delta Zeta house over Lexington. the week end were Misses Lillian and Misses Kitty Conroy, Margaret Louise Rasch, of Covington. Lavin, and Louise Connell were in following men were guestB at Lexington during the Thanksgiving The the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity holidays. s, Lu-et- ta stroll forth-th- eir atyle calls for ahoaa that are distinctive ctorrect. Ii la theta UtOm potato of dreas that batmr taste. Tkare la a aimgUOtj t KENTUCKY AND WILDCAT w College. The convention program included talks on freshman adjustment, Y. W. C. A. work, and scholarship standards by Dean Mendenhall of Transylvania, Dean Mildred McAfee of Kentucky College for Women, and Dean Agnes The Wells of Indiana University. visitors were entertained by a drive Hamthrough the Blue Grass, tea at ilton College, and dinner at the home of President and Mrs. McVey. The insecond day of the convocation cluded election or officers, a talk by Mrs. 'Ralph Hill, dean at the University of Louisville, and Miss Marie Wilson, assistant dean at Miami University. At the close of the meeting Doctor McVey gave an address after which the delegates were guests at a luncheon given by Miss Sarah G. Blanding. presMiss Blanding was ident for next year, Miss Elizabeth Roff of Ashland High school was elected vice president and Miss Hilda Threlkeld is secretary-treasure- r. n Harry C. Bean, formerly of LexThe GirU' band of the university gave a short musical program at the ington, who has been connected with Y. W. C. A. Vespers Tuesday night, the Travelers Fire Insurance Company, of Hartford, Conn., sinoo April November 29, at Patterson halL 1, 1925, has just been promoted from On Wednesday night, November 30, the assistant western manager of the a beauty expert from Wolf Wile com- - Fire Company to secretary of the pany talked to the girls of the uni- western department. Mr. Bean was born in Lexington, and was graduated versity on the correct use of cosmet- in civil engineering from the uniics. During the evening, she demonversity. strated the wrong and then the right use of rouge, powder, and lipstick. The Boosters' Club at Colorado This meeting was one of the projects State Teachers' College, has instituted of the Y. W. C. A. discussion group: a week when everyone on the campus on "Personality." will have a chance to get acquainted. CLOTHES And Cat to Ortfer ESTABLISHED ENGLISH UNIVERSITY STYLES, TAILORED OVER YOUTHFUL CHARTS SOLELY FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE IN THE UNITED STATES. dU&vtev House 40,4SlH0tmMa o o- - Y.W. C. A. NOTES Camel Cast o o "The National Y. W. C A." will be subject of the Vesper service at 6:30 o'clock, Tuesday night, December 6, at Patterson hall. Many of the members of local Y. W. C A.s do not realize that they are also members of a national movement, so the connection between local and national Y. W. C. A. will bo thoroughly explained at this meeting. All girls of the university are Invited to attend. The Y. W. C. A. of the university entertained the children from Short Street Orphanage with a Thanksgiving party Tuesday night, November 22, at Boyd hall. The first part of the evening was given over to a program of stories and gam9, after which refreshments were served to the children. The Freshman eoundl of the Y. W. C. 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Thorpe & Sons The Kentucky Association of Deans of Women held its annual convention at the University of Kentucky, November 21 and 22, with twenty-fos delegates in attmawat- of the association for the past year were Dean Sarah G. Blanding of the University of Kentucky, Miss Olivia Orr, dean at Kentucky Wesleyan, and Mrs. Sarah Holmes, dean at Sayre ; I FREE AT President of tne BoteaiaaV smartaess tkatyoa caa AND SEALS trunks, windshields, yea, even on your Books Get Them ed University Graduate Is Promoted by Big Firm Lor-en- W irst atop toward THE ASKING 6. Blanding Is Organization e, 1T7HJCN gentlemen STICKERS Dean Sarah phanage. In the spring, they will probably plan a May Day festival for the children. LEXINGTON CLEVELAND MUNCIE CINCINNATI SPRINGFIELD HARRISBURG (Incorporated) COVINGTON "THE MEN'S STORE OF LEXINGTON" COLUMBUS afflfrfF Baialimaii il riMKH nil TOLEDO DETROIT INDIANAPOLIS juaaataaaaaaalia 1