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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 2, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

PAGE THE KENTUCKY' KERNEL SIX Football Men Must Report for Wrestling and Boxing in Gym Monday Tackman. 6, McEver. Decker. Points livan, Nowack, Denman, Kellog, Epps, the question: "Can there be religious . after touchdown: McEver 2, Hack- - Colker, Wilson, Lowry. VanWinkle, certitude in an age of doubt?" He followed this by saying that Catholic Riley and Bohman. man, Dodd. Substitutes: Tennessee MEN theology is based on creeds and dogOfficials: Kummer (Ohio Wesleyan) Foucst, Reinke, Mitchell, Morrow, mas that cannot be proved. And that Lucas, McGehee, Blair, Setliffe, referee; Hobt (Ohio State) umpire, the Catholic church dominated the Brandt and Sherrod. Kentucky Sul- - and Rice (Tennessee) head linesman. CONDITION people of the Middle Age by appeal.pyggnects in con- ing to the element of fear in them. keep, dition. .n y He further said that science had Unable to break up the passing atBiggT and better football men is consequently he does not acCLEAN cept as true' any theology that cannot tack of the Tennessee yearlings, the the motto of Coach Harry Gamage, and in trying to live up to this slobe proved by experiment or that does Kentucky Kittens fell before the onAND SANITARY gan the Wildcat mentor sends forth exper slaught of the Rats by a 52 to 0 not conform to his every-da- y count. This victory closed an unde- the call for all men who expect to iences, BARBER SERVICE play football in 1928 to report to the Throughout the discussion Doctor j ated season for Tennessee's frosh. McElroy, Kitten fullback, played a Wells talked from a psychological rehe was Professor Believes That Youths point of view. He said that children brilliant game, in fact of the gains sponsible for nearly all Should Wed After Freshman could be made to believe almost any- against the Rats. Nowack and r, thing. As an illustration of this he Year; Suggests Colleges linesmen for the Kittens, also "Where College Men Go" said that he could teach a child that Support Practice the moon was made of green cheese. starred. 117 E. HIGH ST. H. M. DAVIS, Prop. hopes for great things Tennessee The sex factor in human life has HAS PSYCHOLOGICAL VIEW two aspects, he said. These two are of Buddy Hackman, Rat halfback, eight the psychic and the physical. His who scored six of his team's ong passes He received markers For every college Miss for every need What do the professors really think den. is that the psychic element from Bob Dodd for long gains and abwit the questions that absorb so should control the sex life, and if made runs of 76, 58 and 14 yards for every occasion. Styles that whisper much of the students thought andi there is psychic harmony between a N McElroy made the longest run of of Paris. Materials of distinction. Val- furnish topics for so many "bull' ses-- 1 man and his wife there will also be Ithci tussle for Kentucky, his dash be defy comparison! ues that sions ? These subjects are religion, physical harmony. ing good for 73 yards. sex, psychology, and the like. He ended the talk by saying that The Kittens' heavy line held up Six State juniors got some intima- People do not marry young enough. fairly well, but it seemed to give tion on these 'matters from Dr. B. W. The problem of education keeps many way as Hackman or McEver took a "THE HOUSE OF SPECIALIZED MODES" Wells, professor of botany,, when people from marrying as soon as they notion to take the leather for a little they dropped in to see him at his should. As a remedy for this situa- trip, resulting in long gains that homo. Doctor Wells was in a talking tion he suggested that all Colleges proved disastrous to the Kentucky At these in- lads. mood and expressed himself rather could be freely on these questions that tliat stitutions a course should be given to Line-u- p hnd summary 264 EAST MAIN STREET most older peoplo are quiet on before the freshm n that dealt with prob- Tennessee (52) Pos. Kentucky (0) lems of married life and what true Hues students. L.E. Gentile love is. These freshmen by the end McAtee Spicer L.T. First of all, Doctor Wells showed tmiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiifc of the year should be engaged and Thayer his field of biology, he is one of the Farquhar L.G. the following summer get married. Roberts C. . that besides" being a great scientist in . . Toth best read men in general literature In the fall the married couples should Brown R.G. . Johnson college and resume their stu- Givine on the campus. Rose R.T He began the discussion by asking dies The Technician R.E. Bronston Decker GAMAGETOSEE gymnasium Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock for wrestling and boxing All candidates, whether eligible or ineligible, who expect to try out for the Wildcat varsity next 'year must report for this work which will start with wrestling Monday. The squad will probably be divided into two classes and Coach Bernie Shively will be in charge. This means both linemen and backfield candidates. Those who like boxing rather than wrestling will be given their choice and there will be an opportunity for KEEP THAT IN participation in both sports. It is compulsory for all, men who expect to report for football to attend these classes. There will be no meets between oth er colleges or .universities as .this work is held especially to develop and M'ELROY STARS AS TENNESSEE DOWNS KITTENS n, SAYS EXPERT, STUDENTS SHOULD MARRY Viaduct Barber Shop For-qua- COATS and FROCKS 1 -- AHCNICOFATREAT B. B. Smith & Co. I Basketball Season Is Here! s . iii' . Dodd Hackman McEver 'CATS OVERWHELM Am B IN WILUAM JJ shoe. 1. Arch Cushion (sponge rubber). 2. Feltex Insole. . Heel Seat (sponge 3. Cushion rubber). S This basketball shoe dell signed by Ralph Jones (the S famous professional bas- ketball player) is a bear-- . cat for wear and service. A real value only S 4. 5. Back Stay. Non-chafi- Sole. 11. Non-sli- p 12. Made by U. S. Rubber (largest shoes in maker of rubber-sol- e the world). $2.98 TUMBLING . 5 3 MATINEE BARGAIN 1 to 2 25c VODVIL and s jS 1 $3.49 RIVER E2 , flare top. 6. Wide instep stay. 7. Improved lacing construction. 8. Ribbed Gum Toe Strip. 9. Narrow Shank. 10. Pure Gum Sole. Wttix S Twelve Reasons why Spring Step is superior to any other basketball PICTURES o o SUNDAY MON. - TUES. - WED. HARRISON FORD in "NO CONTROL" 3 ACTS VODVIlr- -3 THURS. - FRI. - SAT LEATRICE JOY in In Lexington T.45 W. Main 5 "VANITY" 3 ACTS VODVIL 3 igaiiiiiimiifg T?tiimtitcaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiiraiiiiiiiiiincaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiitiiiicaiiiiiiiiiiiicaiiiiiiiiHf S3 TO Q.B. . L.H. R.H. . F.B. Greenwille . McElroy T. .. 19 6 20 Tennessee 752 0 Kentucky 0 0 Scoring: Tennessee, touchdowns- - miimiiiMiiiimiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiicjiimiiiim 0 (By Bill Reep) The Wildcats with their hearts and souls filled with "pent up" energy from the sting of last season's humil iating- defeat, unfolded their claws. which" were unmercifully sharpened for the battle, and clawed aside the Centre Colonels with a 53 to 0 victory their worst defeat in ten years. Although the score was large, the game was very interesting for Kentucky. As for Centre College perhaps not much. Even if the score had been doubled, the game would have still been interesting for Kentucky. No matter how many points might have been rolled up by the Wildcats, it could not have been too many to satisfy any supporter of state. Never before had the Wildcats worked with such smoothness and perfection, which gained ;for them such deadly results. Their play certainly was a "sight for sore eyes" and erased from the left side of the ledger the thoughts of other games that were not won. Assuredly, Centre won't forget. Neither will state. 00 CENTRE FROSH 19 TO 0 The University of Kentucky Kit tens, displaying a hard smashing of fense and an almost impenetrable de 1 fense, reduced the Centre College C Lieutenants to a bunch of privates in 1 their annual struggle on Stoll field, the Kittens winning by a 19 to 5 score. The victory for the Kittens came as a surprise to the majority of the sup porters of both teams, as it was gen erally thought that the" Centre ag: gregation was the strongest in the state. Gooch was the outstanding star for the visitors. Nowack, Spicer, Bronston, Gentile, Bolander and McElroy were the shining lights for the Ken tucky yearlings. SPECIAL NOTICE TO STUDENTS AND FACULTY THURSDAY - FRIDAY - SATURDAY December . -3 JACK MULHALL DORTHY MacKAIL in j at 385 2. 1 "Two Arabian Knights" ! With LOUIS WOLHEIM MARY ASTOR The Greatest Comedy Ever Made 3 WILLIAM BOYD i ITlllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIlim DRS. J. .T. & E. D. SLATON 204 Guaranty Bank Bldg. WELL PRESSEO Means WELL DRESSED Suits Pressed DENTISTS 35c Phone 3616 ' ' 'jr J. S. LOYD Representative Men's Dormitory LEXINGTON LAUNDRY CO. PHONE 62 Pioneering cable communication when class work and "per sonals" are typed on a Royal Portable, most modern of lightweight writing machines. writing is quaint as a Nowadays meanseasy to celluloid collar write, easy to read. Phone the RoyaVRepre-sentativ- e to show you the new color com binations of the Royal Portable ask .him about the pleasant plan of gradual payments. is your grade with Cuba. On the high seas of industry NORSEMEN of old roamed the of the strange worlds they saw. But today Bell telephone men are discovering worlds a glimpse of which would make the Viking gasp with wonder. Whether exploring the realm of submarine cable or the world of electrons or the unsolved long-han- equations or efficient management and broader service, telephone men arc seeking and finding intellectual adventure. To men of this type it is reassuring to know that the telephone industry, in spite of the amazing progress it has made in a few short years, is yet far from its ultimate development. tMM PORTABLE BELL SYSTEM nation-wid- e system tf 18,000,000 interconnecting telephones V Authorized Agents (Incorporated) 108 North Upper H,AS LAIR LAIR LAIR TYPEWRITER LAIR LAIR LAIR LAIR LAIR LAIR MAM LAIR LAIR LAIR LAIR TRANSYLVANIA PRINTING CO. niTT4RaiP.TnNJFIF4RJT M G WORK LAIR LAIR d Royal-type- d TTTIfiL.TniT7iaiTTK 1 r 3 SUNDAY - MONDAY - TUESDAY - WEDNESDAY S. Lime stone street and intend to operate same for the benefit of university stu dents and faculty. I have had several years experience in the most up-t- o date shops, and can assure you of the finest workmanship. I also have an shine parlor. Come in and at St. Paul's Catholic church. The ask about our special rates .for stu university students and faculty ex- dents. Shop Colors Blue and White, tend sympathy to the bereaved adv. G. A. KIRK, Prop. 5 "MAN CRAZY" I have bought the Students Shoe Shop which is located Mr. Teddy Minihan, of Lexington, father of Misses Martha and Ellen Minihan; students at the university, died at his home at 467 West Second street, Thanksgiving day. His funeral services were conducted Saturday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. c. DEFEAT KITTENS LOCAL RESIDENT DIES Hours Comparison of this superfine cream, so generously coated with the most delicious chocolate you've ever tasted, will thereafter cause you to insist on Pik-ai- Richards Bolander McKeenan Score by periods: CENTRE ELEVEN rox . LAIR LAIR LAIR YES, THE WILDCAT LAIR! I