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8 > Image 8 of The Kentucky Kernel, December 2, 1927

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY PAGE EIGHT to Sing STROLLERS GIVE Louis Graveure Monday Tigert Is Speaker at Fraternity Conference At Auditorium I . H CAN PURCHASE Watches. Diamonds, Jewelry, Etc., of the Better Grade on the Deferred Payment Plan. il Lexington's Leading Jewelers I YOU SKULLER'S g Phone 344 :;i:i;:;i!iiii;i:!ii!i'.i!i!i!i;nn:ii!m!i:miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitm: See Our Fraternity Christmas Cards Yes, yes, go on. PRINTING James M. Byrnes Co. Mes-sic- When you need a car for business or social affairs RENT A ' k, -- CHRYSLER Accepts Chairmanship Zoning Committee OR CHEVROLET We cater to the university trade No deposits required from students. 133 W. SHORT Cor. Lime and Maxwell J. T. Shuck, Prop. !! LUNCH AT BENTON'S Nut Brittle Homemade Candies Famous for Our Chocolate Fudge Cakea trap-nes- Benton's-Swee- Shoppe t 145 S. Limestone Phone 5961 Debate at University e, Co. Rent-A-C- ar Student's Barber Shop albumen-secretin- Johnny calmly continues, "But in consideration of your wishes we have chosen another candidate. Mr. Wil liam Glanz, who though absent physMr. ically, is with us spiritually, Glanz is editor of The Kernel! Kiel gives an aesthetic whoop, rises gracefully, and executes a light fan tastic. speaker Assemble, in unison: The king is The Interfraternity Conference, es dead! Long live the king! tablished in 1909 at Chicago as the Kiel: Exit smilingly. result of activity on the part of Pres. Chorus: For he's a jolly good felWilliam H. P. Faunce, of Brown, is low! the result of a realization on the part Kiel: And please omit the flowers. I of college fraternities of their commight drop in again sometimes. mon ideals and aims. Through the efforts of the conference, mutual jealousies and rivalries have diminished Hold and a clearer conception grown up of the modern fraternity as an adjunct to at American col leges and universities. Hamilton Kentucky Men Take rart in Wright Mabie was the first chairman Match With Representatives of the conference. of English Society The conference has grown until to day it includes practically practically Tbe university participated in its all the fraternities in second international debate Wednes addition to many of the newer ones. day evening in the men's gymnasium, with three English antagonists representing the National Union of StuSeven Men dents Debating Society of England and Wales. The subject of the debate To was: "Resolved, This House Coni Elis, Bennett, Durbeck, Mezick, demns the Popular Belief That-- National Independence Is Either PossiCummins, Valade and Fish ble or Desirable," and as is the cusAre Chosen tom observed in split debate, no decision was rendered by the judges. The Desha Breckenridge chapter of Affirmative debaters were RayAlpha Delta Sigma, national honor- mond Auxier, of Paintsville, Ky., jun ary professional advertising frater- nity of the University of Kentucky , ior; Frank,Darvall, of the UniversityEngland; and Pat Ranheld it's pledging exer-- f K so phomore. of cises at a meeting Monday night in Negative debaters were John Ram-agthe business office of The Kentucky Ecothe London School Kernel, at which time the following nomicsof and Political Science: ofAlfred men were pledged: H. B. Ellis, H. H. Naff, of Lexington, sophomore; and Bennett, William Durbeck, A. K. Haddon. of the University of E. B. Cummins, Ray Valade and Andrew Edinburgh, Scotland. H. S. Fish. Dr. Frank L. McVey presided at The selection of men for the fraterspeaknity, is based on their experience, in the debate, and introduced the coached The Kentucky team was terest in the profession and their ers.Prof. W. H. Sutherland. by scholarship records. Since its founding, at the University of Missouri in 1913, it has gained national prominence, and is now the leading professional advertising fraternity. There Of are at present over twenty active Dr. Gardner C. Bassett, associate chapters in the leading universities; Kentucky being the third chapter to professor of psychology at the uni be installed. It is, considered one of versity, has accepted the chairman the highest honors of the profession to ship of the city zoning and planning hold a membership in this fraternity. committee of the Lexington Board of Dr. Bassett has had con Members of the active chapter are: Commerce. Fred Conn, Virgil Couch, Charles siderable experience in civic matters and assisted in a recent industrial Honaker, Francis Watson, William Luesing, James Shropshire, Hunter survey at Charlotte, N. C. Moody, Hayden Ogden, Phillip Glenn, ItTis believed by some that there is Robert Warren and Dr. J. B. Miner. no flattery for the army in the roport of Dr. W. R. Atkinson, psychology instructor at Southwestern College, that the average intelligence of the freshman class is equivalent to that of a United States army major. Doctor Atkinson announces further that two years ago the freshman was equal to an army sergeant in menjtal acute-ness- , last year equal to that of a captain, and this year equal to that of a major. . semi-aAnu- 145 WEST SHORT Commercial Gauuls Are Pledged Alpha Delta Sigma PARTY FAVORS ENGRAVING REAL TREAT The next time you need a haircut or shave that will make you smile with keen satisfaction, just drop around to domesticus re ceiving ample proteins, fat and car bohydrates, accompanied with a sufficient apportionment of calcium and phosphorus, and having inherited from her progenitors a homozygous germplasm carrying those dominent genes influencing fecundity, did ovulate 300 times during 365 days. Upon ovulation, when the follicle, ruptured along the stigma, each ovum accompanied by its deutoplasm was engulfed by the funnel of the oviduct. g portion, Then the ithmus and uterus surrounded said ovum with protective envelopes, whereupon each ovum along with its chalaziferous layer, and vitelline membrane was deposited in the ingeniously contructed Upon t. completion of the metebolic processes involved in the formation of each and every germ-prohermetically sealed reproductive cell said domesticus did so tejoice that her inferior larynx gave rise to cackles. In other words. Kentucky Queen laid "300 efjgs in 35G daye. A certain International ' 127 W. Main St. . Give Yourself a Kentucky's Queen Makes New Record from Kiel's burning ears. This is extinguished, however, when the edi torial candidates file back in the office. A reporter grabs Kiel's hand and congratulates him. He pulls a wry face. Johnny: Mr. Plummer, I might say, before proceeding further, that there has been many ladatory comments made in your favor during this election. Niel: Hold everything, Macduff, while I rush a dictionary for that word. Domesticus, Gallus (Continued From Page One) Two-Da- y Session of Louis Graveure, international bari- Annual American College Fraternitone, will be at the Woodland audi(Continued From Pace One) ties Meets Novembr 25 torium, Monday evening, December 5, at 8:15 o'clock, for the third concert student and faculty desires, it having j Dr. John .1. Tigert, United States s series. Bryceson Tre-harn- e, been proven by Romany productions of the commissioner of education, was a pianist, will accompany him in speaker before the Interfraternity that comedies are much more in dethe program. mand than any other type of play Conference, when the organization of The Strollers, for the past three Schmidt, in the B;rlin Tageblatt, American college fraternities met for years, have not taken their produc- said, "For me, Graveure is the great- its anuual two-da- y session at the tion on the road, but it is hopel this est living concert singer," and this Hotel Pennslyvania on November 25. year that they will be -- ble to jtj to Doctor Tigert addressed the meeting statement has been repeated many of more than 200 college fraternity surrounding towns. This, Stro1 1 feel, helps to advertise the university times by critics throughout the world. delegates from all parts of the coun and at the same time, put the Stroller Reservations for this concert may try, on American educational proborganization in the foreground as a be made by calling to the Lexington lems. university activity. A feature of the first day's session College of Music The prices of tickChi Delta Phi, honorary literary was a lunchepn which Dr. fraternity, will hold pledging services ets range from $1.10 to $2.75, includ- W. Shepardson, at president Francis vice of Phi ing tax. during the entertainment tonight. Beta Kappa and former commissioner of education in Illinois, was toastmas- ter. Judge William R. Bayes, chari man of the conference, was also j GIFTS THAT LAST! ) WRITER DISCOURSES ON KERNEL ELECTION DAY NIGHT AMATEUR KERNEL PHONE 3145 .'riTTiIHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii all T treat ' IN EVERY SPOONFUL that smooth, rich, teasingly delightful flavor. This means quality. Rich cream, fresh fruits and pure flavors only are used. Our ice cream is different because it is Heathized made by an exclusive method which freezes our ice cream in a atmosphere instead of ordinary sterile, air. You will enjoy our ice cream because of this added feature, which is our exclusive right in this city. Purer Because Heathized j You, will always find in our ice cream flavor-enhanci- ng "There's A DIXIE DEALER Near You" ' McGill University students tried unsuccessfully to advertise their alma mater through the medium of blue enamel, and street cars. Several college students entered the Kingston tramway service carbarns at Montreal with cans of blue enamel under their arms. They proceeded to daub hastily the bright yellow surfaces of the cars. The following morning the cit--i izens of the city were surprised to sec the huge letters of the university being displayed on the street cars. Their advertisement might have been successful but for the fact that the university is now threatened with a law suit for" 1,000 by the tramway service. Start the "formal" season off right with a Braeburn Prom Tux. IT is quite the most ultra model we've ever shown. IT makes the ordinary Tuxedo look like a rental. You- will - It costs a lot, but Camel must have the best o 0 It is true that Camel is the quality cigarette, but it costs to make it so. To make Camel the favorite that it is costs the choicest crops of Turkish and Domestic tobaccos grown. It requires the expense of a blending that leaves nothing undone in the liberation of tobacco taste and fragrance. But the fame that Camel has won is worth all the trouble. It has brought R. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO modern smokers a new realization of excellence. They are particular and fastidious and they place Camel first. Your taste will delight itself in these choice tobaccos. Camels get better the more of them you smoke. Their subtle tastes are unfolded by experience. They are always delightfully smooth. "Have a Camel!" COMPANY. WINSTON-SALEM- N. C. 10 to 2 ; ; $40 20c Continuous Performances 10 A. M. to 11 P. M. SUN. - MON. - TUES. - WEb. THURS. and FRI. BLANCHE SWEET in "SINGED" SATURDAY-MON- TE BLUE in "THE BRUTE" Ol927 V , MATINEE BARGAIN enthuse over the price Wot Ml THE K SHOP In the Tavern Building BRANCH STORE OF KAUFMAN CLOTHING CO.