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4 > Image 4 of Catalogue of the Officers and Students of Kentucky University, Volume 1 (1869-1870)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

T V KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY. 5 i GENERAL GOVERNMENT. A & The general government of the University is vested in the l l Board of Curators, which consists of not less than thirty mem- E bers, representing the Donors, under the conditions prescribed i in the charter. l The delegated and representative powers of the Corporation _ are vested in the Regent and Executive Committee. I The immediate government of the students of the Univer- . sity is committed to the Faculties thereofeach student being [ , amenable to the Faculty of that College to which he belongs by virtue of his matriculation. r` S The Board of Visitors of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky consists of six members, who are ap- pointed by the Governor of the State, with the advice and { consent of the Senate, and whose powers and duties are pre- `I scribed in the Act of the General Assembly establishing this j as one of the Colleges of the University. ; I C i -