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[29] > Image [29] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1962-03-apr3.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

29 for the University of Kentucky. I am recommending to you, therefore, that we express a deep debt of gratitude to Dr. Chamberlain for his most ef- fective work as an administrative officer of the University and comply with his request that he be permitted to return to teaching responsibilities effective July 1, 1962. With the reassignment of Dr. Chamberlain, there must be certain administrative changes for the University of Kentucky. It is my feeling, and this belief is substantiated by the Self- Study of the University and also by the Report of the Visiting Committee of several years ago, that the President of the University with such a myriad of details as come through his office cannot give as complete and full attention to the academic programs as might have been the case when the University was less complex and a smaller institution. I am, therefore, recommending that Dr. A.D. Albright, who has served so ably as Provost of the University, be named as Executive Vice President of the University, effective July 1, 1962, with the understanding that his responsibilities will pertain primarily to the co-ordination of instructional and academic affairs for this institution. In addition, he would have primary responsi- bility for research and professional personnel and the closely allied academic components, such as the library, IBM, Computing Center and others. I am requesting that all deans of the various colleges report to Dr. Albright and, in addition, he will assume other responsibilities which will be defined more fully in the next few months. This will leave a position vacant in our organi zi- tional structure, namely, the Office of the Provost which it would be my intention to fill some time in the near future. I should like to have the privilege, however, of reviewing all possibilities for this position and also determining the most effective organizational pattern which could be developed for the on-going program of the University, It is with real confidence that I recommend Dr. Albright to you for this position. President Dickey stated that he desired to look further for replace- ment of the position of Provost and wuld make a recommendation to the Board in due time.