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[86] > Image [86] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1962-03-apr3.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

86 administrative officers. The re spcnsibhJity and authority delegated in this manner by the Beard is intended to provide for administrative actions as may be deemed necessary or appropriate to the proper and effective conduct of the patient care and related programs. It expressly recognizes that such actions may be taken with respect to: 1. the administration and coordination of Hospital depart- ments, including Nursing Service, Dietetics and Nutrition, Housekeeping, Social Service, Phr-ma.cy Central Supply, Radiol- ogy, Central Clinical Lahoxatories, Anesthesia, Rehabilitation, Admitting and Patients' Accounts, Tabulating and Statistics, Medical Records, Chaplain Service, Volunteer Service, and such other departments aPs may be necessary; 2. the admission and discharge of patients to the Hospital and clinics; 3. financial and other arrangements and understandings with patients and third parties for the provision of Hospital and medical services, including the billing and collection for such services; 4, establishing the basis and amounts of charges and fees; 5. the organization of the Hospita.l medical and dental staff and the determination of privileges for the professional staff and their regulation. Special authorization is provided for mak- ing temporary arrangemen s for professional services to cover special areas in which faculty cr other staff have not been appointed in sufficient numbers to provide essential services; 6. the activation, expansion, contraction or discontinuance of services and facilities -in use according to program considera- tions and as dictated by such factors as demand for services, availability of per sonnel and financial. resources; 7. establishment of working re lationships with physicians and other health workers and health and welfare agencies. It is understood that such delegat on does not alter established procedures of Board action of approving budgets for the operation- al units involved in the patient care program, or in the appointment of regular personnel to positions in these units, nor does it affect in any way the authority of the Board over the programs and activities carried out.