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Image 4 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 28 (1962-1963)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

, 1 Y H IH ’!,·;v•—v•·»·-» - , CALENDAR ‘ _ 1962 Summer Session Spring Semester ` ]une 18-Monday-Orientation activities for all new stu- Feb. 2—Saturday—Testing and advising for all new dents students ]une 19—Tuesday—·ClassiEcation and registration Feb. 4-6—Monday, Tuesday, VVednesday—Registration*" ]une 20—\Vednesday—Class work begins Feb. 7—Tliursday-Class work begins ]une 23-Saturday--Last date one may enter an organ- Feb. l3—W'ednesday—Last date one may enter an ized class for thc Summer Session organized class for the Spring Semester ]une 30—Saturday-Last date one may drop a course Feb_ ]8..Me¤day-Last date (me may di-ep a course “/itllout 8 Eimdc . without a grade » Iuly 4-Wcdu¤sd¤y—I11d¢i>¢¤d<¤11¢¢ D=1y11<>lid¤y Feb. 27, 28-—\Vednesday and Thursday—Last days for ]uly S, 6—Thursday and Friday-—Last days for filing ap- filing application for a ]une degree in College Dean's _ plicatious for August degree in College Dean's ofhee OFECC Mar. 30-Saturday——Mid—term grades due in Registrafs . Aug. l0—Friday-End of 1962 Summer Session Oflice by 12:00 noon Aug. l3—1\‘Iouday—All grades due in Registrar's Ofhce Apr. 6-14-Saturday noon through Sunday——Spring by 4:00 p.m. vacation. Class work begins Monday, April 15th at _ Aug. 20-Monday-—Last date to submit application and 8100 H-m- transcripts to Registrar’s Ofliee for admission to the Apr, 2_Z—Me¤day.-Cerreglyepdenee and extension grgdeg Fall Semester, 1962-63 for graduating seniors due in Registrar’s Ofhee by \ 4:00 p.m. ` May 11—Saturday—Last date student may withdraw Fail S6m€ST€7' from a class Aug, l;—\VC(lH.CS(l2l§'-—l..£lSt c1€llC ti) Stll)l11lt :1p])liC€1ti0l1 [\[;]y [S-\V€dnC5day-Lagt date to gtrbmit application 2lI1(l tl’Ql1SCl'1])tS to 1\L1l11lSSlOl1S OHIICC l:01' Fall SC- and trgnggriptg tg Admiggigng Office for Sun]. mester, 1962-63 mer Session Sept. l$-Saturday—.·\ll transfer students and freshmen hlay 27-31-·Monday-Friday-Final examinations not preregistered report to Coliseum at 7:+5 a.111. May gi_,priday_End gf Spying Semester Sept.dl6;-Snnday—President's reception for new stu- Imc 1__S8tmday_Ahum]i Day en s . . ·1——Std‘—-Cdf dt' d \ Sept. .17-19-jl\Ion_day,.' Tuesday, \Vednesday—Classihca- l““°Rcgisfnffs“Q,HaCc1§y°E,.(§’(§ gfgllua mg scmors uc m , tion, registration,"` and orientation . _ , _ _ ]une 2—Sunday—-Baecalaureate Services Sept. 20-1 hursday-—Class work begins . . , _ , , _ ]une 3-—-l\Ionday—All grades due in Registrar s Oftice by Sept. 2¤—lucsday-—Last date one may enter an organ- 900 3 m ized class for the Fall Semester Q i ,. . ]une >—-\\ ednesday—-l\inety-sixth Annual Commence- ()ct. l—l\1onday—1.ast date one may drop a course mcnt * 1 t 1 1 z l· ,., “It__]ml _ l TRL , _ ]une 10-l3——l\Ionday through lhursday—-i-lil Club (lct. 2, ~— l uesday and \\’ednesday—l.ast days for filing \yCCk application for a lanuary degree in College l)ean`s \ Y (Wilde \\’ l l \l`lt l d ' ll Su?/nn/LQT SGSS/iOn ‘ —— ‘ -‘ 1*1 * "- . . . . ' L U". , -_ M TM ,11 _ K Um JK LS M m LS ]une 1-t, 1)-—FI'l(l21Y and Saturday-—Orieutat1on and istrar s Ofhcc by -}.00 p.m. IC igtmtiouic Nov. 21-2$——\Vednesday noon through Sunday—'l`hanks- _ 1% M d _ Cl _ kl . giving holidays. Class work begins Monday, No- Fmt /_;_(m M_ GSS “0r mgms wmbcr 26th, at gint) n_m_ ]une.20-—-lhursday—-1.1ast date one may cuter an organ- / Dec. 20-'lliursdny, S200 a.m.———Christmas holidays begin I 10;;] fog thc glumgcr Session d une - — mrs ay- ast ate one may rop a course A without a grade ' ]an. 3-'lhursday, $:00 a.m.-——Classes fCSl1lllC—C1lT1St· 11llY `i‘-T111“'$d?*Y‘”1Udclmndcllcc DHY 11011daY mas holiday ends ]uly S, 6—l·`riday and Saturday—Last days for Bling 0 ]an. S-—Saturday——Last date student may witlidraw from ?*lt%)l1€¤t10“ for ·'\“é§11$t dcgwc 111 COUCSC DCUUYS a class 0 CC i _ ]an. 7—Nlonday—1,.ast date to submit application and ·'\"S· S"‘Tll“1$(l¥11'_E“d Of 1963 Summcl $@51911 i transcripts to r\dmissions Office for Spring Semester, .:\ug. 10--Saturday-—;\ll grades due in Registrarls Office 1962-6`S by 12:00 noon I lan, 21-2$—\It>nday-l·`riday—l·`inal Fxaininations ;\ng. 1;-'l`hursday—Last date to submit application ],m_ ;;__[.·mi;,}._].jmi U; pun gumstw and transcrgits to .`\(lll`1lSSl()l1S Office for Fall Se- ii ]an. 2S——\londay—.\ll grades due in l{egistrar`s Othce _r _i_l£g’ 1%)-6-* l1}' 0100 Ll.1l1. ° For registration schedule, turn to back of this catalogue. is 1