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9 > Image 9 of Bulletin of the University of Kentucky, Volume 28 (1962-1963)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

{FW} ui s. V- . Yi 4 i , ` . ,. vi I : sj xr ~. . ,I T- P A The Enterm Student I W Q e . . W s, -.,_ _j > . . . , . I. _. Aunrvnnsrry names roersrmart students with greatly for the Umversrtys College of Arts and Sciences may i ._ **; yy varying geographic, economic, social, political and edu- be helpful to indicate the areas most generally covered. I eational backgrounds. Partly as a result of this, these ISNOISISII OOMIsOSIIION_ S IIOUIIS `- students have considerably different interests and aims. Eg)%}IAJCig$CYg%E2 IEOESSQRS Some have already decided upon a field of study. Many SOCIAL SCIENCES; 6 HOURS stm mt- 5it%2%ITtt25;Siwmsims 6 EI I At the University of Kentucky, each student is 1>nYs1cAL EDUCATIO`N,AT\VOA sniuizsrnnsi i " I assigned a faculty member as an advisor. The students OR WLITARY SCIEYCE TWO advisor will help him decide upon a program of studies YEARS i . c and will explore with lmn an over-all plan for his work rrhc SIIIIICIII III]IO is IIIIdOIdCd IIIIOII IIII IIICII Og SIIIOII ts, , at the Um"Y$lt$I the Chmcc Of tl "OClt10ll wd gmdutk usually is advised to enroll in classes meeting the lower tI tion requirements. The advisor will be able to provide I]IIISIOII IOIIIIIICIIICIIIS Of thc CO]]OgC Og AIIS IIIIII SCI. , the student with accurate information concerning the CIICCS IIIIICIC IIC WIN Cx ,1OIC SCI,CIIIt IICMS DIIIIII IIIIO .. . . i_ . I . . . . t I t I? I University. He will help the student decide how many I-OIIIS Of II.OIk III W]IIC]I ]IO COIIIOS IIIIO COIIIIICI IIII]I II , L`; COUYSCS he Shll *lttCmPt to CZUYYI amlllgc the llOllY$ number of Specialities he will gain a background that thc CIHSSCS mCCt and HPPYOVC the $ChCdlC should help him to choose intelligently the Held in -.1 I! During the first two years of college, students gener- which he will concentrate. -I ally are required to take courses which lead to the The student planning to do his college work at the _. i`i.j i -.= understanding of certain fundamental principles, as well Universitywhethcr he is an entering student or one _f ;T s as courses in their special areas of interest. Although seeking a masters degree or a doetoratehas a large ii _ A TliY1CtS VHTY $0111Wl1T ff0111 college to <>llCgC, number of areas from which to choose. These are out- s`, [QI i the following statement of lower division requirements lineel elsewhere in this pnhlieation, 7