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[105] > Image [105] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1997-08-oct21.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

speeds of 0.5-2.0 meters per second. The method also includes pre-implantation creeping for the polymer component. This improves the wear resistance of the polymer component, as well as, increases the conformity between the matched articulating components resulting in reduced particulate generation. 4. U.S. Patent Serial Number: 08/622,3 54, filed March 27, 1996, titled "VIRAL AND INSECT GENES THAT INHIBIT THE IMMUNE SYSTEM AND METHODS OF USE THEREOF". Inventors: Bruce Allen Webb and Liwan Cui. This invention provides viral, endoparasitoid and/or host genes that specifically inhibit the immune response of insect pests, useful for broadening the host range of insect viruses. Symbiont viruses of insect pests are genetically modified to express immune-suppressing proteins or biologically active fragments to increase the virus host range and/or improve the efficacy of insect pathogens. 5. U.S. Patent Serial Number: 08/675,090, filed July 3, 1996, titled "FULL LENGTH TRANSCRIPT (FLt) PROMOTER FROM FIGWORT MOSAIC CAULIMOVIRUS (FMV) AND USE TO EXPRESS CHIMERIC GENES IN PLANT CELLS". Inventor: Indu B. Maiti and Robert J. Shepherd. This invention provides for the use of wild type and modified viral FLt promoters of FMV in the expression of chimeric genes in plant cells. The FLt promoter from FMV is modified with duplicated enhancer domains. The FLt promoter with its single or double enhancer domains is linked to heterologous coding sequences to form chimeric gene constructs. These genes have been shown to be expressed well in plant cells. 6. U.S. Patent Serial Number: 08/351,193, filed November 30, 1994, titled "THE NUCLEOTIDE SEQUENCE CODING FOR THE VARIABLE HEAVY AND LIGHT CHAIN REGIONS OF MURINE MONOCLONAL ANTIBODY 1F7". Inventor: Sybille Muller and Heinz Kohler. This invention provides the DNA sequences coding for the variable domains of a mouse monoclonal antibody 1F7 and methods of use for the diagnosis and the treatment of HIV infection and AIDS. 7. U.S. Patent Serial Number: (to be assigned), filed (to be filed), titled "METHOD FOR IMPROVING THE POZZOLANIC CHARACTER OF FLY ASH". Inventor: John G. Groppo, Thomas L. Robl, and Charles J. McCormick. This invention provides a method for improving the pozzolanic character of fly ash and includes the steps of first hydraulically classifying and then flotation separating the fly ash in order to reduce particle size distribution and remove carbon. The method also includes the steps of spiral concentrating separated coarse particles to recover iron, pyrite and marcasite and screening the fly ash to remove ultra-light carbon and plant debris. 8. U.S. Patent Serial Number: 08/692,511, filed August 6, 1996, titled "THE PROMOTER (FLT) FOR THE FULL-LENGTH TRANSCRIPT OF PEANUT CHLOROTIC STREAK CAULIMOVIRUS (PCISV) AND EXPRESSION OF CHIMERIC GENES IN