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48 > Image 48 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 4, Winter 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

* S P 0 R T S T 1 . . _ 5 . j I/lhldcat Fans in the Amnda prlmault $,; . ..e H ,. ,,. l Kentucky gymnast Aronda Primault is put- A M V X 1 i Attendance Race ting an exclamation point on an already out- Q,. ,..s\ . I Kentucky is looking at the trifecta in the standing career in her senior season under _ l A V V j d f f01 football and $ the direction of firstyear head coach Mo , _ i and womens basketball for 2003-04, Muhammad ie ee . _ , 2kv *>g mth T<== Annnan is e phenomenal allaround = _ n. _i I: =+ t clugan Slam and WiSnsm are the gymnast " Muhammed said "She is ex- JL A ' only schools in the nation that have a t I fd t d h ` k th. th t nip 25 ranking in nuenannce in all three .m Y Cn an . as H WF" 6 3 . _, , , sports: _ is secondtonone. I think she is one of the : e.,e_j 1 j . For the Efth consecutive season best- gymnasts in the NCAA and this year sft since Commonwealth Stadium was Shi? is out to PYOV it- expanded, UK has been in the Since her inaugural season at Kentucky, Primault has consistently per- running; this year in 24th place with formed at a high level. As a freshman she won the allaround title in a 454,457 in wml Wd for the head-tohead competition against national power Alabama, scoring Seven Mme games- 39.125 points. She finished seventh at the Central Regional Champion- Fr ight 'tlv SSS UK ships missing the cut for the NCAA Championships by 0.100. mn,s baskctbau has b" uw In2002 Primault had one of the best seasons in Kentucky gymnastics national attendance champ with the h. t h I d th t . H_ d It b d H 20024,3 Season mum effans is ory as s e e e eam in a aroun ,_vau , eam an oor averages reaching 315,203 01, 21,014 average and garnered f1rstteam AllSEC recognition. At the NCAA Southeast Pe, game . Regional Championship she scored an allaround 39.225 and qualified for J This Season UK w0mgns baskegban the national championships where she scored a 9.875 on vault and earned i is out of the gate averaging 5,19*7 secondteam AllAmerica honors, the third UK gymnast to do so. fans per game, lirst in increased In 2003 this Canton, Ohio, native led the team in beam, vault and all- _ Yd= and 16th in the nation around averages for the second consecutive season. She scored 9.950 on 5 f" th SEC 200;*04 SS vault which is the third highest score on that apparatus in Kentucky his- according to tigures compiled by the tory. University f Wismnsin media In this seasons first three meets Primault led the Wildcats in the all- relations office. (The NCAA does , . not eempile emeiel attendance around and has the team s highest vault (9.85), uneven bars (9.767) and A Egures until the end of the season) beam (9.617) averages: She scored a seasonh1gh 39.200 in the allaround against Arkansas despite battling a sore ankle. The Wildcats scored a sea- sonhigh 195.200 team score and nine Kentucky routines tied or set new individual career-highs in the meet against the Razorbacks. " nin _ . 4 _ Women s Basketball: . M he Hot Shot Sara Potts l / r \ Sara Potts knows how to connect. Many began calling her a "point-scor ee (,lll`U`K} ing machine" after she knocked down a school record 74 threepointers p 3 `5 last season.The junior from Rochester Hills, Mich., will leave Kentucky 3* _. as one of the best pure shooters the program has ever seen. But, this F l ` " year Potts has added other dimensions to her arsenal. Not only is she , _./ shooting from beyond the arc, but also fans see her slashing through the ` lane. running the floor in transition, grabbing rebounds and steals. 1 _ ' A "l want to continue to bring my three-point ability to games," Potts l TQ said as the season was beginning; then added her goals are "to improve . A ' f` defensively and do better rebounding.1 have confidence in this team . and this program. I want to step up my game and become more of a i ' if Wi threat besides just shooting? i ` Potts has done just that. Nearing seasons end. Potts is closing in on se Stacey Reeds 176 threes, and already has the top accuracy percentage j JV of .388 percent. She is averaging 14.4 points and 6.4 rebounds per game. g Q Potts season high game came against High Point when she scored 23 ? ` points. including a school record seven threepointers. She earned her first career doubledouble in the victory over Louisville with 14 points i (three trevs) and 1l rebounds. j 46 KENTUCKY ALUMNI