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9 > Image 9 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 4, Winter 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

_ %;: fi '` - , . . . i A . _ ; A A < j K ? A A AA , A ~ ~ r is A iA x n p`; ; . 5* Y - .- V 1lQ ii? A it A `: L A V H. . , ,.. ._ -4. . ; i. ? . A .. i:sQe:#ii ;;i *` " V lift- T3? V g viqi A A * _ \ ~ ., li J F A A A; ii? ~.,; ,l . 1 V ;#..;:#+&:.;,. . 4: ,.v. n {B ia,;*~,gji>2,;t-ii hl VA` Z5 - i A "` Ai v A T i ~Ai r -A}A?`i T?i1$ . _: . { fj l i` ~i A ?i A ; A * ` ?*:2?e `A . . A A. ii . , Q at the University of Kentucky are included in the Omnibus Appropriations _ . _ ,,, Conference Report. The funding obtained is for the following projects: E j $1 million for Biomedical Imaging Equipment `& g' e j $1 million for the UK Center for Instructional Technology and Learning ' x- Q, $1 million for the UK Center for Improving MedicationRelated '..' _ { Outcomes l A g E . $1 million for the UK Law School Electronic Access Project V j A ~ $5.863 million for the UK College of Agriculture ; A gg j $1.5 million for UK Transportation Research A i . ai E "President Todd has done a masterful job of pursuing initiatives that j strengthen UKs areas of excellence, and I am pleased to support his vision M arti'] Luther King t by delivering these funds," McConnell said. J D c I b t d I 8 E 8 P8 E ani" ? i 2 ii? . T; %~*~+ %l t we $5 Ml| I V . j i ll ; Vx l l a n - _,iJa | |Q|] ||`] Ronaldy Dellums, president of I { `_ i lv _jnz.@ l 5 tg international health care consulting W M t Yl . { {ff firm Dellums, Bauer and j A A ` A . H l h k 'A t B&E Sp2i23`2F;ilLa56s$iv?33?}Ai..ii.s. , . A {_ x Students in the UK King Jr. Day program at Heritage I I l Q A ay Z Gatton College of Hall in Lexington.The holiday l it Z Business and Economics program was cosponsored by the I I l l i soon will enjoy the University of Kentucky and the . l _ 5 Ll , ` benefits of new facilities, LexingtonFayette Urban County l research grants, an annual Govermnent. Churches and busi- l , ., speaker series, and more nesses helped to support the annual " e through the assistance of event. $5 `llA A l d . Dellums, who served nearl three Present atthe announcement were D. Sudharshan, _ gr? gnlgsnriiin dccadcs in lng U_S_ HOUSE Of y l der Dim Gam" Cl'?9B Oi BS"ESS ard E'l''?S end the BB&T Charitable Representatives, was the first l Bill Gatton, UK alumnus, Lee I Todd Jn, UK president, . . t ll . . _ Foundation have each African American elected from a ohn Allison, president and CEO of BBST, Lee Hess, . . . . . . nnasldann nl BB&T_ Cannal Knnnlnky nanlnn; and lqlnk pledged $1,250,00Q to the white majority congressional district Guillaume, president of eesr- tetiieviiie. Cellistl gat; Qll?b1$lK what h6<>l2l< <>gfg> E70hfif toao .miion. senmg a an, ai. e e graduate C.M. "Bil1" Gatton, the colleges eponym and member of BB&Ts many leadership roles in Congress, board, matched the BB&T gift, also pledging $2.5 million. BB&T, the including chairman of the House nations 11th largest financial holding company with approximately $91 Armed Services Committee, billion in assets, operates more than 1,350 banking offices in 11 states, chairman of the House District of including Kentucky, and the District of Columbia. Columbia Committee. and chairman H_ _ k H d of the Congressional Black Caucus. Isturlan ar unurc The celebration included the 10th . annual Unit Breakfast. s onsored y t ie p ia eta am a iapter for Scholarship is i Al i Y is L si ei _ _ _ Education Foundation of Alpha Phi Thomas D. Clark, noted Kentucky h1stor1an,was presented the American Alnlla Fraternity lnC__ and lna Historical Association Award for Scholarly Distinction, at the organizations annual plcadnnl Malcn annual meeting m Washington, D.C. Clark. who received his master s degree in history from UK in 1929, served as a professor and department chair in the UK Department of History. He has written numerous books, including l 4 _ "The Emerging S0uth," "PiIls, Petticoats, and Plowss The Southern Country Gmpl frm UK Web 5*95 UK pllbl'9 S/tl2$j;Tlte glneenini om the South, " "T/te Southern Countzjv Editor; " and Eilzggnniangggfngggtglgsnaigitlggjfucky is ery 0 en uc y. Clark was named to the UK Alumni Association Hall of Distinguished Alumni on April 7, 1975. Keuruckv Atutvmi 7