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226 > Page 226 of Abbey of Gethsemani / E. Carl Litsey.

FRANK LESLIE'S POPULAR MONTHLY. Trappists, their Superior, Father Eutropius, went to Rome to recom- mend the new colony to the fatherly protection of the Pope. The Sover- eign Pontiff received him graciously, and placed in his hands a rescript bear- ing date of July 21, i850, by which the new monastery, before only a priory, was raised to the dignity of an Abbey. Upon his return, Father Eutropius was elected first Abbot of Gethsemani. Here he labored for nine years, when ill-health caused him to return to France, and to resign his office. Father M. Benedict succeeded him as Abbot in I86i. Father Benedict was, per- haps, the most THE DORMITORY. austere Abbot that Gethsemani ever had. The rigid rules of the order were carried' out to the letter dur- ing his administra- tion. But for all that he was greatly loved, and his resignation in i889 was received with sincere regret by all the brother- hood. The third Ab- bot of the Order was Father M. Edward, elected in i890. Serv- ing in this capacity 226