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231 > Page 231 of Abbey of Gethsemani / E. Carl Litsey.

THE ABBEY OF GETHSEMANI. of the room, where the Abbot, Prior and Sub-Prior sit. Though apart from the rest of the table, their fare is the same as the others. They all sit upon stools, formed of a piece of plank nailed to two uprights. Their fork and spoon are of wood, and their Brown bread and lintels compose his food. During Lent one meal a day of bread and water sustains life. Peanuts are sometimes served as dessert. At the back of the church, sur- rounded by a high brick wall, is God's Acre, the last resting place of the Trap- THE CALVARY. knife is of the poorest quality. The pist monk. To this solemn spot each plates are of tin, and a brown stone member of the community directs his pitcher about ten inches tall sits before steps once a day, to meditate on the each brother. In this is water, and vanities of the world, and to pray for on feast days, cider. On one side of his comrades who have gone before. the room is a pulpit, which a reader On our way to this graveyard we pass occupies during the meal. The Trap- a grotto, a fac-simile of the Grotto of pist never eats meat, fish or eggs. Lourdes, in France, where the Holy 23J