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232 > Page 232 of Abbey of Gethsemani / E. Carl Litsey.

FRANK LESLIE'S POPULAR MONTHLY. Virgin appeared to St. Bernadette and said: "I am the Immaculate Con- ception." Here we see the figures of the saint and Virgin. The graves are made in-svmmetrical rows, and in such a way as to leave a space between each grave for another. So when a line of graves is made, they start over again, digging new ones between the old mounds. In this way a brother always knows where his resting-place is going to be, to the exact spot. And to this custom is due, perhaps, the foolish superstition that each day the monks take a shovelful of dirt out of their own graves. Each grave is covered with ivy; otherwise the ground is bare. At the head of each grave stands a small, black iron cross, with the name of the departed brother and the date of his death on it, in plain white let- ters. Priests are buried with their head at the feet of the lay brothers, so that even in death they can overlook their flock. No coffin enfolds the body of a departed monk. He is simply wrapped in his cassock and laid away. This rule applies to the Abbot as well as to the humblest lay brother. There are about eighty monks buried here. And here, too, strange to say, the bones of one woman rest. Her grave is marked by a plain marble shaft, on which we read, "Ann Miles, Benefac- tress." We learn from good Father Columban, the guest-master, that this lady succored the Abbey in time of need, and all she asked in return was that her body might rest in the monks' graveyard. Her prayer was granted. No women are allowed beyond the porter's lodge. An exception is made in the case of the President's wife or the Governor's wife, who are allowed to go through all the place once. The community at Gethsemani is composed of three classes. The choir religious, the vow lay brothers, and the oblate lay brothers. The choir re- ligious are those whose education es- 132