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[6] > Image [6] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1973-06-jun12-ec.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

RESOLUTION The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky notes with regret the resignations of Dr. Arnold Dewald Albright, Vice President for Institutional Planning Dr. Glenwvood Lewis Creech, Vice President for University Relations Dr. Stuart Forth, Director, University Libraries and wishes to recognize the irmportant role that each man has played in the development of the University. Senior in years of service, Dr. Albright came to the University of Kentucky in 1954 from George Peabody College as Director of the Bureau of School Service in the College of Education. Interestingly enough, this particular position has seemed to serve as a stepping stone for the men who have occupied it. Men such as John Dale Russell, Floyd Reeves, Henry Hill, Leo Chamberlain, Charles Spain, Maurice Seay, and Frank Dickey, to mention only a few, started their careers in education as directors of the Bureau of School Service and each went on to positions of ever increasing responsibility and leader- ship. Dr. Albright was no exception for he too progressed rapidly from the director- ship of the Bureau to Executive Dean of the University Extended Programs Division, Provost, Executive Vice President, and, finally, Vice President for Institutional Plan- ning, his present position. He has now been named to the highest educational position in the Commonwealth--Executive Director of the Council on Public Higher Education-- a fitting climax to a distinguished career. With the ability which Dr. Albright has dis- played and with his vast knowledge of the educational system of the state, the Council could not have chosen a better qualified person for this position. While the Board of Trustees feels a deep sense of loss that Dr. Albright is severing his connection with this institution, it is delighted that a man of his calibre will be the head of the state's educational system. The Board extends its sincere good wishes and its promise of cooperation to the new Executive Director of the Council on Public Higher Education and its thanks and appreciation to the man who has served the University of Kentucky so faithfully and well for the past nineteen years. Dr. Glenwood Lewis Creech was not a newcomer to the University when he accepted the appointment as the first Vice President for University Relations in 1965 since he attended the University as a student, served as a Research Specialist in the Department of Vocational Education in the College of Education and as Associate Editor in the Public Information Division of the College of Agriculture before accepting a position as Director of the Division of Agriculture with the W. K. Kellogg Foundation in Battle Creek, Michi- gan. At Kellogg, Dr. Creech was in the enviable position of making grants and he found his new role at the University of Kentucky of seeking grants vastly different. However, he proved himself equally adept in this area and the University's present Development Program is a testimonial to his ability. Not only an extremely able and intelligent