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The Kentucky Kernel, February 24, 1916

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

LITERARY ISSUE THE KENTUCKY KERNEL Formerly THE IDEA University of Kentucky VOL. VIII. LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, FEB. 24 1916, MOZART QUINTET IN THE ETERNAL DRAMA. STROLLER CAST WILL As I BE high-clas- . tr ! TENN., 28; KY., 17. The Kentucky State team lost to University of Tennessee, five, the last night in a somewhat loosely contested game. The Kentucky boys 28-1- played under the disadvantage of a game and a trip to Louisville the day before, and seemed to be playing below their usual form throughout the contest. Hart played his customary star game. Gumbert, at guard, and Ireland at forward, showed up well. At the beginning of the first half Kentucky started off with a rush, but the Volunteers rallied and at the end of the half the score stood in Tennessee's favor. Of Kentucky's five leld goals Ireland threw three and Hart two. Kentucky played a more consistent game in the second half but was unable to locate' the basket for more than seven points, although 25 attempts to Tennessee's 22 were made. Longworth was substituted for Ireland and George Zerfoss for Server in the last half. Tho Wildcats play Maryvillo at the Auditorium Saturday and tho regular line-uwill probably start the game. I'8-I- KENTUCKIAN NOTICE. The snap-sho- t editor of tho Kontuck-Inn- , Lawrence Heyman, has issued another call to amateur photographers. Remember, any of scones or persons about tho campus aro acceptable. There will be an Important meeting of tho Kontuckian Btaff Thursday aft-- ' ernoon at 2:30 o'clock. HERBERT GRAHAM, snap-shot- s Editor-in-Chie- CHAPEL PROGRAM TO TWO SEATS ARE FREE BASEBALL SCHEDULE OE with your BE GIVEN BY Y. W.C. A. Can you read what the flame fingers write? Docs each separate coal show tho ul timate goal Of the game you are playing tonight? You would know were you wise that as each one dies So must you and tho love that you bear; But tho ashes of gray will live on for aye, In the heart of despair. Musical Program Will Be Prize Is Offered For An Second Number of Original Program Lyceum Course Design The Mozart Quintet will present a s program of musical entertainment in chapel this "afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Thls Is the second number of the lyceum course, which Is being- presented under the management 'of Professor E. F. Farquhar, and this number Is substituted In place of Dr. Fred Wolle, who was unable to come. This organization has a reputation for the superior programs it presents and for the finished manner of its recitals. The players wear elaborate and expensive costumes which are correctly designed after the fashions of the period of the life of .the great composer, Mozart, after which the company is named. Tljis Is a rare opportunity for the students, to hear a musical program of real merit and It is believed that many will take ad vantage of it. Tickets may be obtaln- MR i.-- . ... ea an3rsrtudent- - brapplicatIoh'Ta the business office. sit by tho fire heart's red desire, you No. 21 Stroller precedents are being disregarded dally and Stroller records are going to be smashed when "Father and tho Boys" Is presented some time in March. Instead of tho rehearsals which are held at Patterson Hall affording an opportunity for a good time So be happy and gay; it may be but a for those who" are out for the play, day as has been the custom heretofore, Till the fires of your being congeal. the cast and tlie stage manager are For the streaked aureole round her hard at work and are going into the gossamer soul rehearsals as if they meant business. You have bartered a precious ideal; This tends to get rid of those who are uie vuwa urn, l. u ,l )uu not In earnest and to leave only the only but knew very best talent. Have proved false in the ages long By a severe process of elimination Past. auu an iiupuruiu uuu Hinuujr lair at- - It-- the game trag,c play in tfae same tltude toward each person who is try comic way, ing out, Stage Manager Shinnick has But it's staged with a different cast. a good idea of who is really fit for S. W. each partand no. one will be given a place because of his popularity or because of his former record if there is 32-2DEFEAT GIVEN 4 some one else who can act that part better. By the end of this week the LOUISVILLE BY STATE cast will be selected and the names of the players will be announced in the daily papers Sunday. Watch for Kentucky Championship Is it. Tied Up By This There are still several people out Victory for some of the parts and each one is still working to "win. Jubilee Celebration At Stu- - Eight Games of Eleven Are To Be Played On dent Gathering Friday Stoll Field j Some of these warm days the announcement of the complete schedule As a part of its Jubilee celebration, causes the old baseball players and the State University Y. W. C. A. will the new aspirants to become restive have chargo of the student chapel ex- and ere long spheroid the ercises Friday morning, February 2t". will be seen fitting here and there Miss Elizabeth Farra, president of across the armory, campus and Stoll the association, will preside over the Yield exercises, and Miss Helen Burkholder, One of the strongest programs in chairman of the music committee, will years has been arranged by Coach direct a student choir in the Jubilee The resumption of games with songs. Centre and Georgetown Colleges, anThe program will consist of four cient rivals and crowd producers, and historical sketches, outlining the de- - the large number of conference teams velopment of Y. w. C. A. work in the slated are the outstandJng features past nrty. years. The season w, ope( ag lt hag many Association Work Among City times before with the Mlchlgan game Girls, Miss Vivian DeLaine. 0hio state Western Reserve and "Student Work," Miss Rebecca ,,, ,u i nt, nr0 Smlth. battles here. None of these teams "Rural Associations," Miss Marie except Michigan have appeared here Becker. in a good many years. Another ap"Foreign Associations," Miss Mary pearance of the Chinese University of Howard.- Hawaii Is also carded. Lexington "Pioneers' Day," Sunday, February fans are fortunate in having eight of 27, wil lbe a demonstration of the loy- eleven games played on Stoll Field. alt'y of the alumnae of State who The complete schedule follows: founded the local association. At the April 8 University of Michigan at joint meeting with the Y. M. C. A. at Lexington. Patterson Hall at 6:45, .Miss Aubyn April 18 Georgetown College at Clllnn who was once president of the Lexington. stat eY- w- - and ,Miss Elizabeth April Ohio State at LexingWallis, one of the founders, will ton. speak. April 26 Western Reserve at Lexington. Georgetown knocks out April Tennessee at Knoxville. T. C. CHAMPIONSHIP HOPES. May 3 Centre at Danville. May 8 Georgetown at Georgetown. Georgetown College defeated Tran- May 12 Chinese University at Lexsylvania College in a hard fought baa- ketball game at the Transylvania gym- - ington. May 18 DePauw at Lexington. nasium Tuesday night by a score of 28 to 20. Georgetown has already Maj 26 Centre at Lexington. been defeated twice this season by the Wildcat tossers, which eliminates both Georgetown and T. C. from the DR. A. W. FORTUNE State championship race. ALL SHOULD ATTEND d t. j ,w h-p- , , MAY PLAY OFF TIE - f. 22-2- 3 The enthusiasm of the cast is unusual and has already begun to be State's basketball five journeyed to felt among the other students. The Louisville Tuesday to meet the Uni- Stroller play and the Junior Prom are versity of Louisville five and attoned two events of the year for which the for an earlier defeat of 28 to 22 here wise ones make their dates weeks on February 12( by defeating the ahead of time and many already have FaHa Clty squad 32 to 24, thus tieing their dates with the fair ones for the up tho state championship, as both Stroller play whenever it shall be. teams have defeated all other Ken- The fact that all the students are In- - tucky opponents. terested in the effort of the Strollers The game was featured by numer-tpresent a play each year in the ous fouia on eacu alde Louisville reY. W. C. A. name of the school was shown by ports state that lt waa one of the fagt. NOTICE, JUNIORS! the way they crowded into the chapel ost gamea seon there' this season. Out All Juniors who have not yet filled for tho Amateur Night performance of nlneteen attempts from fouls, Hart, out their achievement cards for this "Pupils In the School of the last fall. With the added training of stato mado twelve polnts and Mc., year's annual are requested to meet Great Teacher" Is which tho actors will receive before, Caiob locatodt the basket fourteen! mo In Subject the rooms of the Department "Father and the Boys" is put on, theyltlmoa lu twenty-llvpitches from the' of Journalism Friday at chapol hour. will have something that will make fouj uno If these cards aro not turned in with- - JUBILEE them all sit up and take notice. The State outplayed tho Louisville boys In tho next few days tho achievements aciors aro learning uieir uues quic- - on tholr own flom. IlU thQ wav throuch. Dr. A. W. Fortune, pastor of the of Juniors cannot bo gotten ready in lv Maxwell Street Christian Church, adCaptain Zorf oss's crow have finally do- timo for the annual. dressed the regular meeting of the The Strollers want a snappy cover volopod a finished machine, and they F. T. STREET, Y. W. C. A. of Stato University at design that Is appropriate for tho son- - had little trouble In breaking up tho Junior Editor. Patterson Hall, Sunday evoning at vonir programs which will bo- given onnosition missing which showed un out at tho performance, and'havo of- - to such an advantago in their game land Roctonwald (6), forwards; Dan- - 0:45. Dr. Fortune spoko on tho subject, fered a prize of two first floor tickets hero, iols (0), conter; Terry (0) and Mc- "Pupils in tho School of tho Great to tho person who submits tho host! Sinco tho game Tudsday night Caleb 14) guards. design. Tho size should be in propor- places the championship in doubt, Dr. Stato G. Zerfoss (2) and Hart (20), Teacher," and outlined the lessons tion to 5x7 and should bo in black and Tlgort said that ho would bo willing forwards; Server (10), center; Gum- - which should bo learned in tho school white. All designs must bo submitted to meet tho. Cardinals on any floor bort (0) and K. Zerfoss (Captain 0),!' Hfo as service, sacrifice and faith. Ho urged tho women of the Univerto James McConnell, business that may bo decided upon, for tho guards. and must bo in his hands by Stato title. It is hoped that a gamo Rofereo Edward Goldo, Cincinnati. sity to fit themselves for real service noon of tho fifth of March. Got busy, can be arranged. Umpire W. E. Brown, Y. M. C. A. to mankind, and to keep firm hold on you their faith in humanity. and got a free pair Following Is a summary of the Timo of Halves 20 minutes. Miss Elizabeth Farra, president of of tickets to tho best college play gamo: Goals from Fouls Hart. 12; McCal-- j ever seon in Lexington. Louisville Kornfold (Captain 4), eb, 14. (Continued on Page 2) 28-2- j j o j ' o SERVICES - i man-age-