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7 > Image 7 of Kentucky Alumnus, vol. 7, no. 4, February 1916

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I l E 0 O Editorial Comment ANNOUNCEMENTS. i It is part of the plan to make the June issue of The Alumnus primarily an g Alumni Directory. In order to make this possible and make it reasonably cor- rect and worth while, it is necessary to have proper and correct data. It there- fore places upon every alumnus the duty to furnish proper data about himself or herself, as the editor has no other way under the sun to obtain this informa- tion except from you, yourselves. The directory will be no better than you will help to make it. == == == * == The Alumnus has been sent regularly to every alumnus for the past year. VVe trust it has interested you in some way. We desire to improve it and make it more creditable and interesting. We cannot do this without your assistance. We want and must have your cooperation to make the publication the success Q that we would have it and what you would like to see it. Our only source of funds is the annual dues. These dues must cover the expenses of the entire Association and The Alumnus. A great many have not paid any dues. Those who have not paid and still wish to receive The Alumnus 1 should send in their dues at once. == * = * = l A good farmer always plans ahead his farming "Propnrednen" operations and knows what fields will be occu- pied by the various crops for years to come, and what disposition he will probably make of his products. A good business man knows his resources and the capacity of his working force to do business, and plans accordingly. The good general knows the relative strength of his army and the ability of his officers and he stations his divisions where they will be most effective for offensive and defensive work. A good foot ball captain knows the strength of his teamthe form of each man, his strong and weak points, and his knowledge of the game. He further knows something of the strength of his opponents before his team meets them and he places his men and directs his play to meet the opposition to the best advantage. What is true of the farmer, the business man, the army general, the foot ball captain, should be true of a state educational institution. So it should be