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955 > Page 955 of Annals of the West : embracing a concise account of principal events which have occurred in the western states and territories, from the discovery of the Mississippi valley to the year eighteen hundred and fifty-six.

1824. HISTORY OF MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 955 and his associates had paid in one hundred and sixty-five thousand six hundred and ninety-three dollars and forty-two cents, by which they were entitled to two hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred and forty acres of land. On which settlement being completed, George Washington, the then President of the United States, issued a patent to John Cleves Symmes and his associates, dated the thirteenth day of September, 1794, for three hundred aud eleven thousand six hundred and eighty-two acres of land, reserving out of this tract, however, one complete township of six miles square, for the endowment and support of an academy and other public schools and seminaries of learning, and such other reservations as were stipulated in the contract, so that only two hundred and forty-eight thousand five hundred and forty acres were the property of the grantees the residue consisted of the various reservations aud grants for public purposes specified in the agreement and law. " So soon as Symmes completed his contract with the government, he commenced selling lands indiscriminately of his purchase, so that soon after the patent issued there was not an entire township within its bounds unsold, which he could tender or appropriate for a college. The people who had settled in the purchase, fearing that they would lose the benefit of the donation for an institution of learning, petitioned the legislature of the territory, and the latter memorialized Congress on the subject. The convention wdio formed the first constitution of the State of Ohio, also, represented the matter to Congress, and insisted that a township of land should be secured according to the original intention. "In consequence of these applications, Congress, by law, in 1803, granted a township of land, to be located west of the Great Miami river, under the direction of the legislature of the State, in lieu of the township originally intended to be reserved in Symmes' purchase; on which, the legislature of the State of Ohio, in 1803, passed a law, and appointed commissioners to locate a college township, in pursuance of which, the present township of Oxford was selected on the 1st of September, 1803. " The Miami University was established by act of incorporation, passed by the legislature of Ohio, in February, 1809, and by an amendatory act, passed in February, 1810, the trustees of the institution were directed to lay out the town of Oxford, and the site of the University was established at that place, ou the lands set apart for its endowment. " These lands are leased for ninety-nine iears, renewable forever,