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967 > Page 967 of Annals of the West : embracing a concise account of principal events which have occurred in the western states and territories, from the discovery of the Mississippi valley to the year eighteen hundred and fifty-six.

1832. BLACK HAWK AND PARTY DEFEATED. 967 in pursuit of the Indians, and then by Pawpaw Grove and Indian creek, to Ottawa, where the whole, at their urgent request, were discharged by Governor Reynolds, on the 27th and 28th of May." * Meanwhile, three thousand Illinois militia had been ordered out, who rendezvoused upon the 20th of June, near Peru; these marched forward to the Rock river, where they were joined by the United States troops, the whole being under command of General Atkinson. Six hundred mounted men were also ordered out, while General Scott, with nine companies of artillery, hastened from the seaboard by the way of the lakes to Chicago, moving with such celerity, that some of his troops, it was said, actually went eighteen hundred miles in eighteen days; passing in that time from Fort Monroe, on the Chesapeake, to Chicago. Long before the artillerists could reach the scene of action, however, the western troops had commenced the conflict in earnest, and before they did reach the field, had closed it. Ou the 24th of June, Black Hawk and his two hundred warriors were repulsed by Major Bemint, with but one hundred and fifty militia; this skirmish took place between Bock river aud Galena. The army then continued to move up Bock river, near the heads of which it was understood that the main party of the hostile Indians was collected; and as provisions were scarce, and hard to convey in such a country, a detachment was sent forward to Fort Winnebago, at the portage between the Wisconsin and Fox rivers, to procure supplies. This detachment hearing of Black Hawk's army, pursued and overtook them on the 21st of July, near the Wisconsin river, and in the neighborhood of the Blue Mounds. Geueral Henry, who commanded the party, formed with his troops three sides of a hollow square, and iu that order received the attack of the Indians; two attempts to break the ranks were made by the natives in vain; and then a general charge was made by the whole body of Americans, and with such success that, it is said, fifty-two of the red men were left dead upon the field, while but one American was killed and eight wounded. Before this action, Henry had sent word of his motions to the main army, by whom he was immediately rejoined, and on the 28th of July, the whole crossed the Wisconsin in pursuit of Black * Ford's History of Illinois.