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[2] > Image [2] of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees, 1971-04-apr6.

Part of Minutes of the University of Kentucky Board of Trustees

2 student member of the Board of Trustees. Following the reading of the resolution, a copy of which appears at the end of the Minutes, Mrs. Clark moved that the resolution be adopted, spread upon the Minutes of the meeting, and a copy sent to Mr. Bright. Her motion was seconded by Dr. Sears, and passed without dissent. (See resolution at the end of the Minutes. D. Board Members to Receive Copies of the Chronicle President Singletary announced that the University had subscribed to the Chronicle of Higher Education for each member of the Board of Trustees. The Chronicle is a newspaper with some considerable national circulation and is devoted to matters of interest to higher education. E. Board Meetings to be Scheduled at Community Colleges in 1971-72 Receipt of a letter from Vice President Stanley Wall inviting the Board of Trustees to meet from time to time on the campuses of the Community Colleges was reported. It was the thinking of the Board members that such meetings would be extremely desirable and President Singletary was authorized to schedule such meetings during the fiscal year 1971-72. F. Role and Scope Study of Council on Public Higher Education President Singletary reported that the Council on Public Higher Edu- cation had completed a Role and Scope Study of the institutions of public higher education and such report would be transmitted to the Legislative Research Commission to be used as the basis for legislation by the next General Assembly. The study deals primarily with the future status of the University of Louisville in the state system and with the future role of the Council itself. G. Report on Biology At the meeting of the Board of Trustees in March, Mr. Thomas Bell had requested a report on the status of the Biology program at the University of Kentucky. Vice President Cochran gave a full report on the developments in this particular area. At the conclusion of his report, President Singletary summed up the situation for Mr. Bell who had been out of the room during part of Dr. Cochran's report. He said that three problems existed: (1) poor faculty morale, (2) an inadequate undergraduate program, and (3) shortage of space, and then outlined the steps being taken to solve these problems. The faculty morale should be helped with the completion of the "surge" laboratory building