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The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1917

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL University of Kentucky GIRLS' ISSUE LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY. APRIL 19, 1917. VOL IX I HELD FAIR IN THE ARMORY M'BRAYER TO GO ON WOMEN NOT NEEDED AT SPEECH-MAKINTOUR E TO BE No. 28 SENIOR MEGHS RETURN G GLEE CLUB CONCERT Red Lemonade and Popcorn Organization Under Prof. Lawrence Cover Does Will Add Realistic Good Work Touch SAT., MAY 12, IS DATE PROGRAM IS UNIQUE J. J. McBraycr, a Junior in the of Law, will address the Intercollegiate Prohibition Association of Georgetown College on the evening of April 23, on the subject, "The International Prohibition Oratorical Contest, Its Purpose, Conduct and Possibilities." On May 13, Mr. MoBrayer Will deliver the commencement address to the students of Burgln High School. His subject has not yet been announced. During his college career, Mr. has achieved a remarkable reputation as an orator, having won a number of oratorical contests. That his ability is being recognized is evidenced by the fact that he has received the above invitations to speak. Col-leg- o FRONT, MRS. HUNT SAYS F Can Serve Country Better Farquhar's Play Presented By Remaining at at Chicago Alumni Home Banquet GIRLS ARE PATRIOTIC ANDERSON IN CHARGE "No one after the war will ques The Seniors of the College of MeAn One of the most interesting and country fair with tlon whether woman Is the equal of chanical and Electrical Engineering pink lemonade, popcorn, confetti, delightful events of the school year man," said iMrs. George R. Hunt, Lex returned Monday night from their andancing and fun galore will be given took place last night in chapel, in the ington representative of the National nual trip to Chicago, where they have by the Woman's of the form of the concert given by the League for Woman's Service, when been for the past week. For the past University in the gymnasium and ar- Boys' Olee Club, under the direction she addressed the women of the Uni- seventeen years a part of the Senior mory Saturday, May 12, for the pur- of Professor Lawrence Cover. The versity in chapel, Friday. Mechanical's curriculum has consisted pose of establishing a scholarship for performance established a reputation Mrs. Hunt emphasized the point of this annual tour of inspection of girls. The formal opening of the fair for the University and for Professor that women are not needed at the the large commercial plants of Chi will be at 2:30 o'clock Saturday after- Cover in particular. front. "We have no front," she said, cago. noon and festivities will continue late The program was as follows: "and If we had, untrained women The trip this year was a into the night. PART I. would only be in the way there. A occasion. The students In the spring of 1914 the Woman's (a) . Wouldn't You Like to Know? woman can serve her country better were "thirsty" to imbibe knowledge gave a vaudeville proDow. now by raising potatoes and cabbage and Dean F. Paul Anderson, "Joe and gram, and raised enough money to Richards. (b) . Mister Boogaman and planning Jack" Dicker, who went along to keep LACK OF TERRITORY than by studying first-aisend a girl to the University one year. Glee Club. to be a heroine. It takes three years things evenly balanced, were equally present plan is to outdo the sucThe An Den Fruhllng Piano i(a) to make a nurse, working night and thirsty to explain the "why's and cess of 1914 by far and establish a Greig. IS NEW WAR THEORY day. In thirty lessons only a start as wherefore's." permanent Scholarship Fund, which Ob). To the Water Lily McDowell. Is made. The call for women now is The feature of the trip was the banwill aid girls, who have not the means Nevll Fincel. at home." quet given by the Chicago Alumni of to attend the University, to procure (a). Dreaming, Shelley. Dantzler Speaks To English "Efficient workers is the demand of the University on Saturday night at an education. Moon Shelley. Ob). De Coppah Club on European the National League for Woman's the Auditorium Hotel. "My Old KenCome and enjoy a picnic on the camGlee Club. Conflict Women are volunteering tucky Home," sung by the ninety Service. pus, eat and drink as many concoc Reading (The Envoy, Riley. Barn-hill- . their services for gardening, day nur- guests present opened the banquet. tions as your digestion will stand, and "WAR OF AUTOCRACY" series, industrial work, motor driving, The toastmaster was H. E. Townsend, dance away the merry hours to your (a). All Thru the Night, Old Welch. stenography and all sorts of clerical member of the '09 class. The program heart's content. GTlee Ob). Winter Song, Bullard. and nurs- was: work, as well as for first-aiThe gymnasium and armory will "Never before in the history of the Club. ing. No Incompetent worker is wantWelcome Hal. E. Townsend, '09. both be called into requisition. While there been such a need for world has PART II. Bach woman is to do whatever Response M. M. Montgomery, '17. dancing is being indulged in in the colonies and no colonies," said Pro ed. .(a). Stars of the Summer Night "Early Days of the University," E. Monday after she is best fitted for, no matter how gymnasium, "a bewildering variety of fessor L. L. Dantzler Linall her service may seem." T. Brown, '75. t specialties" await you Harker. elegant his talk before the English noon in Mrs. Hunt said that the college wo"The University Today," F. Paul Ob). The Soldier Roman in the armory. All along the sides of Club upon the subject, "War." men were particularly fitted for serv- Anderson. Glee Club. armory there will be little booths the "I think that that is the real cause ice as they are trained in so many "Athletics," M. J. Crutcher, '17. Symphony turned respectively into a gypsy tent, Violin Duet Third of the present world war," said the Dean Anna J. different branches. "A Comic Rendezvous" (two-ac- t a witch's den, the grotesque abode of Dancla. Messrs. Pearlman and speaker, "England is a great colonial Hamilton reported that already the comedy), the class. Egyptian sorceress, and the businean power, and Germany is a great power women of the University had volunProfessor E. F. Farquhar, author ss-like offices of a dapper little (a) . Thou Mighty Nation Dewey. but it is not colonial. As Germany, teered for thirty different vocations. and director of the play, addressed French medium, just over from Paris. Didn't Rogers. tho not the size of the State of Texas, (b) . 'But They This includes the Bed Cross and mil- the assembly on "English for EngiYou may have your fortune told in Glee Club. d the neces'i becoming classes, as well as In- neers," and explained the underlying itary first-aiwhichever corner you prefer, or in all Quartet, Selected. Messrs. Harney, sity of finding room to house this sur-'u- s terpreting, clerical work, farming, principles of his work. "Dutch" four If your money lasts. Then you Gardner, Rlchey and Sullivan. was an Important question. sewing, and numerous other occupa- Schrader, star of the play, was hero, may sandwich between your dances toad hitherto always tions. Countries Comrades in Arms Adams. Glee heroine and villain combined. visits to the circus, the menagerie, fought for the possession of territory Club. The National League for Woman's Among the places of interest visitthe vaudeville, and the multitude of so Germany has known for some time Service was organized after a care- ed by the class last week were: Chiside shows. that this war was necessary. This STROLLERS TO MEET. war has been planned for many years ful study of similar organizations in cago University; Commonwealth Edl-- ( The menagerie is not to be comEngland. Its object Is the enrollment Continued on Page 2) pared for a single instant with the and Is really the postponement of the of every woman In the United States . animals of the biggest show on earth. men. The strollers win meet in,n " war unit nun ouum m " for patriotic service. Mrs. Hunt con- DATE OF BATTALION Come! Watch the baby elephant walk studio this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock Qermany and France over cluded her talk with an appeal to tho INSPECTION CHANGED forth in Its lair, the All members are asked to attend, as the Morocco controversy in 1908." women of America to show to the exhibit her pets; the lion roar and officers for next year will be olected and effiInspection of the battalion will be He said that the violation of Bel world by their paw, and Anally assure the timid and other business of importance will gium was not the real cause of the ciency that they are superior to other Friday and Saturday. May 4 and 5, young folk that she is not a Hon at be transacted. instead of April 25 and 2C as previouswar but the political aspirations of women. all, but only that far more awful WM. SHINNIOK, After the chapel hour Mrs. Hunt ly announced. A United States army the various countries. Germany's ascreature, a dignified Senior. President. piration is the giving of "culture" to met some of the University women officer from Washington will conduct Mile. Zita, beautiful in pink tarlatan, all the world. If they will not take it and discussed more fully the work the Inspection. will balance herself on a chair, and COLLEGE REGISTRARS peaceably, then force will be used, they could do. She urged that girls lUpon recommendation of the comappear in a farce which TO MEET AT UNIV. for this culture is right for the world, organize Service Leagues in their own mandant it was decided that from appeal to all Intelligent and littho it unay not see It. If tlie might Is communities during the summer, and Monday, April 2, drill should take erary persons and make them laugh The eighth annual meeting of the powerful enough to win, then that enroll In the national organization. place at the usual time dally except and cry, with mirth.'" Collegiate proves that this power is right. Thus She said that the children should also Saturdays and Sunday. Since that There will be iSussa, the fat lady, American Association of Registrars will bo held here April 25 Germany believes that "might makes be organized. They could make com- date the cadets have been at work, weighing more than four hundred fort kits for soldiers at the front, and and have the tactics of the parade right." pounds; the Hawalians with their to 27. Professor could do efficient work In gardening. ground well in hand. "And so." concluded Registrars from all the large uniUkeleles, the tiniest lady of the land; ens Dantzler, "this is a war of power and The great wave of nation-widMinnie, the midget, who is only 3G versities will be present. Ezra L. MISS 1LACK1URN PLEDGED. Becretary-treasure- r thusiasm caused by the existing state of the asso- autocracy on one hand, and justice Mysterious Lady is inches tall; and the we Lambda Alpha chapter of Chi; of war, and the fact that tho cadets from the Nile, who will tell you when ciation. Mr. Glllis announces that the and democracy on the other, and soon bo called Into active service meet- must consider what that German 'Cul Omega fraternity announces the pledg-.maand where but why go on? There office will be closed during tho many different tilings to ings, and requests that students ar- - ture' would" mean to this country, ir lug of Roberta Blackburn, of Lex- - has made the campus assume u will be so attract that even the most pessimia-- . -- range their work accordingly. tary atmosphere. the war should be won by Uiat nation." tic will leave grinning. record-breakin- g d d one-ac- Low-entha- l. over-people- d snake-charm- I 'ta-il- l e Gil-li- y i.