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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1917

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. fart 2 Go Where Ihe Go'tGo MEET ME AT Personally Picked Tftang1, Metro, World and V. L. S. Feature Pictures. First Clata in Every Appointment THE ORPHEUM THEATRE K. "WE GIVE A FREE TICKET WITH EACH ONE PURCHASED." L BE PREPARED! Fortify Against the Invasion of High Prices Admietion 5c and 10c OPEN 10:00 A. M. TO 11:00 P. M. I A. MEETING WILL BE HELD APRIL BEN 25-2- 8 All TIEATKE Number of Students and Professors Expected To Attend DINNER ONE FEATURE Feature and Comedy 1 Pictures Cfcuf e if Fkttrc Ltd Day to 10:30 P. M. Admission Ten Cents p4.DA MEADE "Superior Vaudeville" The annual meeting of the Kentucky Educational Association will bo held at Louisville, April 25 to 28. This meeting is one of the most Important events of the school year, as It proIS THE ONLY RELIEF Same Management Same Classy Shows vides place and time for a meeting Laugh Jwas worth $1, You'd Leave Here Rich" "If a with tho progressive and thotful The Store That Hat Mastered Overhead Expenses teachers of tho State, to discuss plans Prices 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, Boxes for the advancement of tho work of Can Give Best Values education in Kentucky. This year a DAY AND NIGHT SESSIONS i,l;i,.i.,,liMiMt..i..t..l..l..l..I-M'4- ; larger attendance than has ever been BOOKKEEPING r BusineM.PhoneiriMy known is expected. A number of proi TYPEWRITING and fessors of the University will take TELEGRAPHY part in the program. The official W1LIUR R.SMITH la, ui SaMMMrkCma headquarters will be at the Hotel i: It President, hit yer of experience in Mercantile and FOR MEN READY Banking butinea, alto 40 jreara educating 20,000 younf Henry Watterson. nen and women fotiuece!. GT Enter now. mil. wrlli. Collegt 159 EMalnSt.,rarPoatQfftce,oppottleDtpoU A feature of special interest to UniAddre WILBUK R. SMITH, Laxlatftoa. Ey. We are Out of the High Rent District Kentucky representatives versity of will be the alumni dinner given at the We Sell For Cash No Exceptions Henry Watterson. Thursday, April 26. Last year this dinner was attended by nearly 100 alumni, teachers and HUGHES School of Dancing friends of the University. This year Mrs. Hughes, Member of American a larger number is expected, and two How To "CUT THE CORNERS" National Association Masters, of Dancing or three of the trustees are to be present and participate in the proOf Your Expenses This Spring and Sumner gram. Wednesday evening will be "AuTUESDAY. THURSDAY, Mrs. Alice Hegan thors' Evening." and SATURDAY :: Rice. Mrs. George Madden Martin, HOURS: 8 lo 11 o'clock Mrs. Annie Fellows Johnson and Mrs. MR. JOHN CLARK & MR. HENRY KELLER Macauley will apFrances Caldwell FURNISHING MUSIC. pear on the program. Other speakers of note on the general program are: Dr. G. M. Whipple, professor of education, University of Illinois; Dr. son Company; Peoples' Gas Company; AT THE ADA MEADE. David Snedden, Teacher's College, Co the new "style ideas' Where All is WeU and Good Sears & Roebuck Company; Interna lumbia University; Dr. W. A. Jessup, soon as they're ready Candy Hot'ChocoIate,' Home-mad- e tional Harvester Company; Crane The Revue de Vogue, a spicy girl president of the State University of and Ices. Company; Chicago Telephone Com- act featuring clever songs and pep Iowa; Dr. Charles H. Judd, University pany; Western Electric Company; pery comedy, is the headliner of the of Chicago; Dr. K. C. Davis, Peabody Blackstone Hotel and the four and t We're your service Keith program which begins College. onejhaJf million dollar pier recently at the Ada Meade today and continPrograstire Shoe Repairing Skop Another feature is the round table with new built by the people of Chicago. 140 S. Limestone Lexington, Ky. ues thruout the week. discussions held at the departmental Rubber Heels and Soles a Specialty The boys renewed friendships with A black-facmusical act, Dorothy meetings, and it is in these meetings many old graduates employed in the De Shelle and Company, in a brilliant that the University will be particuChicago Telephone Company. Among satire on present-daIn the department life; Bob and larly represented. Stetson and Knox Hats, Metropolitan them was 'Miss Margaret Ingles, a Dorothy Finlay, and Dave Thursby, of Science, Professors A. H. Gilbert member of the '15 class, who now an English comedian, complete the and McHenry 'Rhoads will take part. The Place for Good Things to Eat holds the position of Assistant Traffic bill. In the department of Language, ProNew Regal, Hanan and Superintendent. Upon her arrival In Lexington this fessor T. T. Jones; Department of Superintendents, Professor The Seniors who made the trip morning Miss Finlay will go to the re- City were: G. D. Aaron. L. S. Borders, M. cruiting station and assist the officers George Baker; Department of MatheNettleton Shoes. DENTIST J. Crutoher, A. W. Daviess, E. E. in getting recruits for the army and matics, Professor J. M. Davis; DeFor any kind of dental service call on Drake, A. J. Elmer, J. H. Evans, H. navy. This plan has been worked partment of History and Civics, Dr. New Shirts and Neckwear Horine, C. F. Lee, L. C. McClanahan, very successfully by her in other Edward Tuthill; Department of Agri COEAPSIDK J. E. McNamara, W. S. Moore, M. M. cities. culture and Horticulture, Professors Office hours 8 a. m. 6 p. m. Phone Montgomery, M. E. Pendleton, E. S George Roberts and Dean Mary E. Next Monday the Four Swors, a Give them a "once over"Penn, T. G. Rice, E. K. Robertson, C. Sweeney. minstrel company, will be one of the; C. Shrader, J. G. Scott, H. S. Smlser, The Kentucky Music Teachers' As today. attractions at the popular playhouse. D. S. Springer and J. N. Waters, memsociation which was organized last Beginning next Thursday the man- 'spring bers of the class; Dean Anderson, at a joint meeting of the Kenagement 'will present a musical tabProfessor Farquhar, Joe and Jack tucky Conference, of Music Supervis to thirty loid with from twenty-flv- e Dicker. ors and the Louisville Music Teachpeople in the cast at every show for ers' Association will hold its first the rest of the season. "A Prince for annual meeting on Friday. There TENNIS ENTHUSIASTS a Day," a clover musical comedy with will be two sessions, one at 9 o'clock people in the cast, 'will bo INCORPORATED. URGED TO JOIN CLUB thirty-livIn tho morning and the other at 2:30 the attraction that half of Die week. o'clock In the afternoon. At the These balmy spring days are bring- Following next will bo "The Girl morning session, Professor J. T. C. before planting out numerous tennis enthusiasts. Worth While," and then comes Jimmy Noo and Lawrence A. Cover will bo Hodges and Gene Tynes in "The Cotton, W. B. prominent speakers. Two of the four courts on the campus have boon opened. The tennis Pretty Baby." Phone 612 for seats. No action lias been taken by tho SHOP faculty concerning the excusing of club has assumed the expense of put- Advertisement. The Closest Shop lo University ting the courts in shape and maintain students who wish to go to the asso15c HAIR CUT ing them. If all students who want to will bo reserved for the use of the ciation meeting, but It is expected 10c Shave play avIU join now the funds will bo g'lrls if enough join the club. The fee tliat those who wish to go will be al15c Shampoo For information writ tm sufficient to put the four courts in of one dollar may be paid to Homer lowed to do so. A number of Seniors Glover's Shampoo. .35c good condition and keep thorn bo. It Held, Howard Kinno, or Miss Doris and others especially Interested are WILLIAM S. MYERS, Director planning to attend. 153 S. Limestone St. Lexington, Ky, has been suggested that one court Jennings 21 MatliMM Aymmm, Now York OUR NEW SELLING SYSTEM "Cutting off the Corners ALL NEW BUT THE NAME 3550 pt n graves, cox:: New Spring Clothes & COMPANY I SPECIAL RATES TO University Students Let Us Show You UNIVERSITY EVENINGS YOUNG MEN I Iwant fas SAM GULLO at five-ac- McGURK'S e y i Restaurant I J Dr. J. T. Slaton 1T 8C4-- - TO get ahead of Boll Weevil graves, cox:: broadcast & COMPANY e one hundred pounds of Nitrate of Soda per acre, just or use Martins Barber ing your the same amount per acre along the rows after chopping to a stand