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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1917

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kmmmmmmim&imi . . ..,w3M6Uitt& PigtS THE KENTUCKY KERNEL REV. BUSH ADDRESSES "Lexingtons Bigger and Better Mens Store' OFFERS TO THE COLLEGE YOUNG MEN The Worlds Best Clothing Hart, Schaffner fif Marx You pay no more for these good clothes than you would just ordinary clothes. Won't You Come in and Look? Kaufman Clothing Co. Spring Style Al the new nifty Spring style are here ready to show you. Both High and Ifiw Shoes. HAVE A LOOK. The Special Shoe Co. Lexington, Ky. 206 W. Main St. Cy. Hanks Prop. The Walk-Ov- er Boot Shop (PHOENIX BLOCK) Shoes that FEEL RIGHT LOOK RIGHT WEAR RIGHT Tans for the Cadets a specialty COME IN AND SEE US. CHAS. COHEN, Manager Thrifty Students Wanted We will give employment to a good num- ber of thrifty students during the summer vacation as demonstrators of the great usefulness of the HOME AND SCHOOL REFERENCE WORK in the various counties of Kentucky. Good salaries or a very high rate of commission will be paid to such as are suitable. All who enlist with us before April 15 will have the benefit of our free training class which will meet one hour each day, outside of school hours, and will be conducted by men and women who are experts in the lines you are expected to follow. For information call at 407 West Sixth Street or call up 2228-Y- . Midland Publishing Co. MISSION The College Boys' Store STUDY CLASS Talk on "India" Is Fourth of Series To Be Given DISCUSSES late. - RELIGION "India is a land of religions," said Dr. Benjamin J. Dush, pastor of the Socond Presbyterian Church, In his talk before the Mission Study Class at Patterson Hall Friday night on the subject of "India." "America has given the world two religions," said Dr. Uush. "They are Christian Science and Mormanism and the fact that Utah elected a man directly opposed to the Morman be lief shows that even now that reli gion Is on the downward path. India, on the other hand, has given the world threo religions, Buddhism, Bramln Ism, and a mixture of the two, Hindoo ism. In this country, we have the bad as well as the good, but the bad is al ways In opposition to what our rell glon teaches as good. On the other hand, in India, the evil is considered as much a part of the religion as the good." When asked what religion the great poet of that country, Tagore, taught, Dr. Bush said that Tagore knew a great deal of our Christianity, for he knew our language and had spent some time in this country. In his writings he apeaks of God in a rather light as "Father." He Christian thinks of him as a person and his poems show a mixture of the re ligions of his country. "In India they are saying now," said the speakers, "that we have made them dissatisfied with their religion and that now we owe them another and it is our duty now to teach them something better." The talk Friday night formed the fourth of a series of eight to be given to the Junior and Senior classes of Mission iStudy this spring. The Freshman class is taught by Miss Marie Collins and the Sophomores study under Miss Mildred Collins. More than 90 iper cent of the girls attend these classes and the idea has proved a marked success. The entire work is in charge of the Missionary Committee, of which Miss Mildred Graham is chairman. BISCHOFF WINNER OF PEACE CONTEST CO. GRADDY-RYA- N INCORPORATED. Clothing, "Wear for Turing, Shoes & Furnishings Ytug lei it Men Who Stay Young" J. Franklin Corn, State Representative We're Beginning Our Eleventh Season With the majority of our old customers coming hack. Pretty strong proof that Justright Clothes stand the test New Spring Patterns at $18 to $25 Justright Tailoring Company 145 West Main Street GO TO Eat Your Sandwiches HUMPHREY'S STUDIO and Hot Chocolate at the FOR YOUR WOMAN'S EXCHANGE PHOTOGRAPHS 341 West Main. Phone 1635-- 207 W. Short St. LIBRARY CLUB TO MEET WEDNESDAY CALAGIS & CO. 107 WEST.MAIN STREET BEST SODA FOUNTAIN IN THE CITY. PINE HOME-MADCANDIES E "Woman's Part In the War" is the subject of the advance program of the Library Club, which will hold its next"M"H"t"I"l"I"m"!l"H"t' meeting Wednesday afternoon, April WANTED. 25, in the club room at .the library. Typewriting to do. Miss Grace Snodgrass will give a talk THESES a specialty" on "Woman at the Front," and Miss J.O. S. Box 585, U. ofK. Miriam Horlne will speak on "Woman I H 'M 1'H' This program has been H"H' Mil at Home. planned to meet questions of immedi ate importance and the talks will give niany practical suggestions (to slu Josef dents who are Interested In affairs of to aid national importance and wish The Photographer in your Town their country. Has pleased the exaoting student and the best peoKASTLE LEAVES MISS ple generally for fifteen years . Can he show you? Miss Elizabeth Kastle, Senior in the Department of Chemistry, leaves to 311 W. Main St. Phone 1092-night with her mother, Mrs. Joseph Kastle, for Honolulu, where she will make her homo in tho future. She Is a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma fraternity and has been affiliated with many college activities. i f J 1 Franz i llii'Ml Spengler L. F. Bischoff, a Freshman in the College of Civil Engineering, won the local peace oratorical contest held In dhapel Friday evening under the aus pices of the National Oratorical Peace Association to decide the representative of the University in the State contest to be held here tomorrow night. I I l South Limestone on "War and HILL CAPTAIN OF VOLUNTEERS. Mr. Bischoff spoke Peace." The other contestants and Most State Men Know Us George H. Hill, captain and adju their subjects were J. W. Milan, "Internationalism," and T. L. Creekraore, tant of itlie (battalion, has charge of a Meal Tickets Let ua meet you "Peace and Democracy." volunteer company which was formed The winner of the contest tomorrow at Versailles last week. Several of will represent the State In the group the cadet officers are assisting In tho D. PURCELL CO. contest, which includes the Southern volunteer work. 326-3-30 West Main Street of the The representative States. LEXINGTON, KY. group will compete in the national AG SOCIETY MEETS contest, to be held In Mohonk, Now 50c RUBBER York, in June. The Agricultural Society held Its McBrayer, of the regular weekly meeting in the Ag. Last year J. J. JUST THE THIN6 FOR USE Law Department, won the local, State Building Monday evening. Tho new discussed, and group contests, and was awarded constitution was read and III THE LABABATORIES a prize in tho national contest in June. and R. L. Penley told of hla trip thru He Is not eligible this year, because the State with the Farmers' Institute I last summer. Patronize Our Advertisers of his former participation. y Martin & Stockwell's Restaurant J. APRONS