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6 > Image 6 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 19, 1917

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THE KENTUCKY KERNEL. FtfftC MY8TIC THIRTEEN AND KEYS HOLD CO-E- D CORNER PATT HALL PERSONALS Presldont H. S. Barker and Mrs. Barker were visiting in Louisville last weekend. Miss Bessie Huglics spent from Thursday till Sunday at her home in Madison County. Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Florence, Miss Horsel, and Mrs. Justus Florence motored to Lexington Sunday to see Miss Jessie Florence. Miss Clara Whitworth was a member of the houseparty of Mrs. Stanley Stevenson Saturday and Sunday. Miss Whitworth will have as her guests for Saturday, iMisses Webb, Langley and Combest. Miss Mary Parker was the guest of Miss Eliza Plggott, Saturday. iMisses Laura Lee Jameson and Ruth Cardwell visited Miss Mary Oruber at her home on Third Avenue, in Louisille, Sunday. Miss Mary Hamilton spent the week-enat her home in Oynthiana. Miss Frances Geisel was at the Hall for a short visit Saturday. iMiss Theodosia Wickliffe, of Springfield, was the guest of Miss Sarah Harbison this past week-end- . Miss Louisa Smiser visited at her home in Cynthiana last week-end- . iMrs. John Horine, of Nicholasvllle, spent Sunday with her daughter, Miss Miriam Horine. Miss Virginia Helm Milner spent Saturday night with Miss Margaret Tuttle on Maxwell Street. aiiss Fay Duncan, of Louisville, will visit Miss Zula Ferguson this week for the Alpha Xi Delta banquet. Misses Ida Lee Lyons and Mary Lee Mills, of Owensboro, will be the guests of Misses Ruth McMonigle and Elizabeth MoCarty Friday. iMiss Elizabeth Duncan has returned from a visit to Miss Haden, of Richmond. IMiss Ada Crawford, of Louisville, visited her sister, Miss Nelle Crawford last week-end- . Miss Dorothy Walker spent last week-enwith her brother at Indian Head, Ky. d d MORTON HIGH CLUB DANCE IS A PLEASANT AFFAIR. Saturday afternoon in Buell Armory the Morton High School Club, a new organization at the University, entertained with a dance, which was one of the delightful informal events of the week. The armory was decorated elaborately with the college colors and the Stars and Stripes. Dancing was enjoyed from 3 to 6 o'clock. An orchestra furnished the music and a large number of students and friends were guests. The club iB to be congratulated upon the pleasure and success of its On the commitfirst entertainment. tee were Misses Dorothy Middleton, Nancy Innes, iMessrs. Harry Milward, Hugh Melton, Charles Planck, Alfred Wilson, Goodson Reynolds and Rutherford Flshback. PLEDGING One of the most brilliant and Interesting events of the season was given at the Phoenix Hotel Friday evening, in the form of the annual dance and pledge ceremonies of Mio Mystic Thirteen and Keys, the honorary societies of the Junior and Sophomore classes. iMiss (Margaret Acosta sang "Tho Little Grey Home in the West," "Poor Butterfly," "When the Lights Go Out," and "A Perfect Day." During tho singing of "Poor Butterfly" the ball room was darkened nnd only a large to be seen thru the moon was branches of a tree in one corner. Mrs. at the Ada Stafford, a Meade last week, danced as poor but terfly in and out among tho palms under a drop light of green. As the name implies the Thirteen Society each year, selects thirteen men from the Sophomore class and the Keys choose ten men from the Freshman ranks. The honor guests were : (Mystic Thirteen George Mellen, G. H. Creech, Thomas Underwood, Head-leShouse, Gordon Marsh, W. L. Fogg, Samuel Morton, Herndon Evans, Jack Howard, Jack Herndon, Rioliard Harkney, Frank Duncan. Edward Heick. Keys Messrs. H. O. Newman, Leonard Shouse, Jr., V. L. Johnson, H. G. Heber, A. S. Thompson, Jr., R. R. Fields, J. E. Randell, E. S. Dabney, J. M. Hewitt and Henry Richards. The hosts were: Active chapter, Mystic Thirteen Messrs. C. J. Haydon, R. M. Iglehart, L. T. Wheeler, Whitcomb Welch, H. L. Milward, B. F. Lamaster, T. T. Richards, J. A. Brittain, T. L. Wilson, F. W. Dempsey. Active Chapter, Keys W. J. Howard, A. T. Coates, E. H. Hackney. J. S. Roark, F. M. Heick. TO ELECT. INTERESTING RENDER PROGRAM MISS SPURR SMITH'S SAXOPHONE TRIO Dean, Reed and Eaker Appeal to Girls' Patriotism W. H. FORWOOD, Jr. R. C. SPEARS PLAN NEW FEATURES , SPEARS & FORWOOD SHOE CO. BEST BRANDS OF "CUSTOM MADE SHOES" LEXINGTON KY ail NORTH LIMRSTONB ST. Jewelry Sale nual Founders' Day banquet Saturday evening at the Phoenix Hotel. Forty members of the two chapters and the alumnae were present. The fraternity colors, cardinal and straw, were carried out in the decorations. The toast list and menu cards were in cardinal ibooklets, embossed with the coat of arms in gold, and tied with straw- colored cord. Miss Virginia Crenshaw, of Ver The sailles, was the toastmistress. toasts were as follows: The Bugle Call, Dinsmore Patrick. Those in Command, Nancy Innes. The Firing Line, Marguerite Morris. The Recruits, Eloise Allen. The Tried and True, Mary Louise Hornsby. Comrades from Afar, Maltha Shank-lin- . The members of the active chapter Nancy Innes, Kentucky are: Eloise Allen, Helen Morris, Sarah Harbison, Anna Young, Louise Turner, May Barnes Browning, Marie Young, Eliza Piggott, Ethel Fletcher, Jane Tucker, Elizabeth Bell, Katherlne Porch. Pledges: Juliet Lee Risque, Mary Downing, Anne Molloy, Nieda Roscoo, Ambrose Anderson, Angela 'Morancy, Roberta Blackhurn. Among the alumnae present were: Frances Geisel, Mary Parker, Elizabeth and Theodosia Wickliffe. at Tho Democratic Club will meet toHer Old Habit. night at 7:30 o'clock on the third floor Medium "Al, I hear tho knocking of the Natural Science Building. Officers for next year will be eleoted of your late wife." Who's she Patron "That so? and all club members are urged to be present. knockln' now?" Puck. NOTICE, JUNIORS! All Juniors who have not paid class dues should do so at once, as the Prom 4s to ibe given April 27. Those who desire invitations for outsluers must see James Hedges or the members of the invitation committee before Monday next. Military Wrist Watches Accurate Time. PRICES: 93.25, ON FOLLOWING 50c U. K. Pins 25c $1.00 Hat Pins 50c $1.00 Rings 50c 50c Watch Fobs 25c 1.00 Bar Pins 50c $1.00 Cuff Buttons 50c UNIVERSITY BOOKgSTORE "The College Store for CollegelPeople" 233 W. SHORT ST. CLSES $8.50 EXPRESSION AlTi,T will conduct two weekly classes In Expression at the University of Kentucky on Wednesday and Friday afternoons. The first class will be held Friday afternoon, January 5th, at 4 o'clock In Professor Melcher's class room. This is a splendid opportunity for anyone wishing to secure train Ing in Expression at moderate cost. Those interested will please leave name and address with Miss Margaret McLaughlin, or for further information, call Mr. Smith at . the Lexington College of Music, phone 369-X- TERMS $10.00 FOR THE REMAINDER OF THE SCHOOL YEAR. SENIORS ! ltZTZ appreciate your giving me a hearing :::::::: JOE M. ("Sap") ROBINSON WITH MUTUAL LIFE OF N. Y. STAR self filling FOUNTAIN PEN $1 . G UARANTEED WILLIAM E. STAGG, Your Druggist Beat 95.00, Price Sale 1- -2 y Chi and Lambda Alpha chapters of Chi Omega fraternity gave their an- For sPcc,al University Rates for Class, Private Lessons. SPECIAL EASTER DANCE, TUESDAY, APRIL 17 Misses One of the most interesting and programs of tho year was given by the Phllosophian Literary Society at tho regular meeting last Wednesday night. Tho numbers were all suggested by woman's part in tho present war. First on the program was an interesting paper by Miss Lucille Dean on the life and work of Florence Night ingale iMiss Dean drew an analogy between the need of woman's skill and patience at the time of tho Crimean War and at the present time, and showed how the modern woman should respond to the call of duty and patriotism. Her paper was followed by a sketch by Miss Martha of Clara Barton, Frances Reed, who also made an appeal to the patriotism of the modern woman, and stirred in the hearts of those present a desire to servo the race. The last number of the literary program was a history of the Red Cross by Miss Eleanor Eaker, who has made a close study of the subject, and presented many interesting and unusual facts. At the business meeting which followed, the society decided to set aside the regular literary programs and instead to have programs dealing with the news of the present day. Each meeting is to he in charge of four girls who are to search the papers for news of war, Red Cross, educational and social Interest and to report on these. In this way those who have not the time to keep up CHI OMEGA HOLDS BANQUET with the news of the day may get the at the SATURDAY AT PHOENIX HOTEL. gist of current happenings Phllosophian meetings. Fro-ma- n DEMOCRATS PHILOSOPHIANS EXERCISES. It to Bill Oldham's For yo jr Eats and Lunches. Students' Supplies. Open day and night. Give us a trial. W. b. DLL) HAM Lime and Winslow Sts. and up. Ladies' Bracelet Watches. In nlckle, silver, and solid gold. gold-fille- d $7.50 At Reduced Faras, on sal Daily to FLORIDA-CUBA-NE- W ORLEANS And All Resorts of tha South $15.00, $18.00 and up. Liberal Stop' Over Privileges Heintz, Jeweler. 123 E. Main WINTER TOURIST TICKETS Street Opp. Phoenix Hotel LEXINGTON, KY. FINAL LIMIT FOR RETURN, MAY 31, 1117 For complete information and descriptive literature, call on nearest TICKET AGENT or writ H. 0. KING, FsjMtgar ami Tkkn Agaat 118 East Main Street, LEXINGTON, KY.