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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 15, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

nivfiK two KENTUCKY Clvdo Watts, who married Miss La county ngQnt of Vcrno Purccll ex-2- ALUMNI PAGE Chicago, Jnnunry 18 (Third Mon- 1. r - t o r. Marshall Field Men's Store (Grill nr-.- . I Room). Louisvllie, Saturday 1 1 February 6th (First Regular) luncheon at 1:15 Hrown hotel. '21 James part of the State will back things pretty evenly. I am calling Holbrook over the telephone today, and will he sure to say nil that I enn judiciously. Yours very truly, (Signed) ROBERT L. PORTER, '22" The copy mentioned was n letter, clearly nnd impressively setting forth the importance and the needs of the university. "Jnnunry 2, 1926 two-pag- e Philadelphia, February Oth (First Saturday Regular) luncheon at 1:15 Dear Mr. Wilson: "Rnrrinonr'a nlllli. 1U17 StmiCO street. "Ronlvlnir to vour letter of De i .' Tl..rrl IVK.nn.i. 1!1 fZnnnnt fint. cember 31. I beg to advise that I had ' 'urday Regular) luncheon nt 1:15 a long interview with Mr. Benton at my office this morning. .,.,,1 CnnnM aln.nt 'To the best of my ability l ex plained the nerds of the university to Mr. Benton and he assured me that he would support the University's pro- Ave grnm to the best of his ability. "I thank vou for writing to me John Y. Brown Speaks at Win about this matter. I am more than interested in the progress of our Uni chester and Kenneth Tuggle versity, and trust that you will alat Hazard ways let me know whenever you have L The favor with which members of need of my services. Yours very respectfully, the Student Sneakers Bureau of the E. M. HEAVRIN '23" University ol KcntucKy arc ueing re (Signed) fceivod is clearlv indicated by the fol- "January 4, 1926 "Dear Major: "Received both of your kind letters rr uecomuer iu. iv&h and as vou surmised, have been too "MrV nrnwn busy, what with murders, holdups University of Kentucky, Ve are to answer as I should have. "Lexington, Kentucky trying to do a little publicity work Dear Sir: "Am very happy to know you can on behalf of the University, having run stories and pictures on all of the colJ wanis and Rotary in our city, noon leges. Lately however, we have had are mak- our hands full attempting to cover the the 24th. Realize that-yoing a sacrifice to do so, but trust you spot news. - and the University will be the gainer "The University should have a pub licily agent to inform the papers of in the long run. the happenings of the University you made before the Rotary, in Lcx- - which the public should know. I am willing to cooperate with the Univo ; .present and told you after hearing ity in every way possible and attempt you hoped to have you over here to cover the netvs at the institution as at some time with us. I told Funk- - well as a litle propaganda now and Also would be willing to ;o hoiiser that wo would not take a sub then. restitute, wanted the original "blown operate with a publicity agent. "Yours for a bigger and better U 'in the bottle Brown" and that means K. and akso 300th Infantry, GERALD GRIFFIN '22 (Signed) Yours very truly, V,- - (Signed) Mr. Griffin represents The Courier J. S. HUTSELL" Kentucky Mr. Hutsell is president of the Journal of Louisville, Rotary club at Winchester, Kentucky. Lexington. The Alumni office has not time to "January 7, 192G write to each alumnus and former "Hon. W. C. Wilson, ' student personally, but will not each "University of Kentucky, of you take this as a request to solicit "'."Lexincton, Kent achy. the support of the senator and repre "Dear Mr. Wilson: 3entative from your district. "I wish to congratulate you Alumni Secretary, that the work be- .gun a few years ago by the Student U. K. Men, Women Do Speaker's Bureau of the University is being continued with unabated sue I say this advisedly, for the cess. proof of it all has been proven be Graduates and Former Students Represent Agriculture, ,Home vond doubt because of the success with which Kenneth Tuggle has pre Economics sented the problems of the state in It was planned to run the following educational matters, and especially the problems of the University, here with the article relative to tap n' in Hazard before the high school, and lege of Agriqilt-but lack of space would i nf the Rotary and Lion clubs, not permit. i i. (in i.. i ,. Among the graduates and former powers, his ability to present his facts concisely students of the University of Ken R" the University has received some de tucky who are now doing agriculture served publicity here, and has there extention and home economics demon fore profited thereby. I am sure that stration work are the following: '07 each member of the Bureau are men state agent Charles A. Mahan, j ' of ability, but too much praise can not be given to Mr. Tuggle, Experiment Station, Lexington; a is my sincere hope that the '08 "It Thomas R. Bryant, asistant director activities of the Bureau shall go on unabated and that the University shall of extension, Experiment Station continue to send out young men with Lexington; '11 the fire and fervor of youth, and with Grover C. Routt, county agent of he zeal of one that seems to know truth that must be spread and made Graves county, Mayficld, Ky.; known to others. '12 Henry F. McKenney, county agent "If at any future day we have oc casion to need a speaker, Tuggle or of Grant county, Williamstown; any other of his ability will surely '13 be called upon from the University to Miss Lulie E. Logan, assistant state fill the bill. leader, home demonstration work, Ex Yours for a Greater Kenutcky, periment Station, Lexington; Signed) ROBERT L. PORTER '22 '15 Pnrfcpr is sncrotnrv of t.lio Rot lr. Charles B. Elston, county agent of He Lincoln county, Stanford, Ky.; iuh of Hazard, Kentucky. 16 with a few other young men founded tho Student Speakers Bureau in 1923 M. Lawrence Amburgy, county He was its first President. Although agent, Boyd county, Cattlesburg; a verv vounir organization on me Mary Miss iv Louise Daugherty campus, it has been a very potent fac county home demonstration agent of in putting the University before McLean county, Calhoun, Ky.; tor the people of Kentucky in a forceful Robert Miller Heath, county agent county, Frankfort; and favorable way. Its second Presi of dent was Mr. C. M. C. Porter '25, who William C. Johnstone, county agent is now at Frnnkfort, senator from tho of MeCracken county, Paducah; 12th District. 17 Earl Mnyhew, county agent of Knox Many Uni county, Barbourville; county Gordon B. Nance, agent of Campbell county, Alexandria; William II. Rochester, county agent Graduates and Former Students of Mulilenburg county, Greenville; Carl A. Wicklund, county agent of Are Enlisting Legislature Kenton county, Independence; Support . Highly - Praised .T " . Demonstration r Mmu News Bureau To Cooperate With A. A. G. E. Co. Carroll county, Cnrrollton; Rn nh 0. Wilson, assistant county agent, Union county, Morgntifield; Karl Editor W. C. Wilson, Alumni Secretary Assistant Editor, Helen J. Osborne CALENDAR KJBRNKI, Work C. nrown, county ngent, '23 Graduate Is Transferred to Nashville, Tcnn. Daughman Owen county, Owcnton; Miss Zilpha M. Foster, home demon We wish to express our thanks to county, Mr. John KIcnkc of the News Bureau stration agent, McCrackcn Paducnh; of the General Electric Company, 1 Gcorirc W. Gnrdncr. county ngent River Road, Schenectady, N. Y., for of Washington county, Springfield; his cooperation ns shown by the folMattie M. Hodges, assistant home lowing letter: demonstration ngent, Christian county, "Wo take this opportunity to re Hopkinsville; introduce ourselves to the staff of IInrrv B. Lane, county agent of the "KENTUCKY ALUMNUS." Crittenden county, Marion; "Items concernine alumni of your Edward P. Tichenor, county ngent or college and of interest to the renders McLean county, Calhoun; of your publication are enclosed, '2." items will be sent nsthcy Raymond II. Lickert. county agent, under my signature Oldhnm county, LaGrange, Ky. If those am acceptable a marked copy of tho issue in which they appear will CLASS PERSONALS be appreciated. Any suggestions con cernintr news items or articles win 98 be helpful. Thomns Hamilton, whose name has wh 1923, Bauchman. "Earl lost list been appearing on our 1923 and should be addressed at 425 Virginia was on the Schenectady Test from avenue, Bogalusa, La. His perman 1924 was recently transferred Lorn ent address is Colonial Home Iarm, the Cleveland General Electric office panv's office to the Nashville Lexington, Ky. Mr. Baugh o f the same company. '01 man was very popular m the hdison Leon O. Beatty should be address- club activities and look part in all ed at the Hazelwood' Sanitorium, Tus-comusical proirrams. He was a member Arizona. of the first Edison Club quartet." '08 of the arrival of a News has come daughter to Mr. and Mrs; Graham vana. and have meetings every day McCorklc nt their home in East Or- The Kernel reads mighty pood in th's ange, N. J., born Wednesday, Jan- Spanish atmosphere. Send it on. uary 6. , "P. S. Speedy Propp is in Sngua '13 LaGronda, but has never heard of any 201 other Ky. graduate in Cuba.' Edgar II. Dunn's new address is Pythian building, Fort Myers, Fla. Frank J. Wcdekemper, salesman, is 15 with the Wilson and Toomer Fertil ex-- , Scout Executive of W. C. Haley izer Company, Tampa, Florida. the North West District, should be ad'23 1550 North Robey street, dressed at Ottis L. Jones writes us as fol-- , Chicago, 111. He is living at 3138 you be good enough to Broadway. Mr. Haley went from Lex lows: "Would correct my mailing address and send ington to Chicago last fall. tho Kernel to me at 4531 Main street '16 Kansas' City, Mo.? As you may sur The wedding of Miss Virginia Fran I am now connected with the ces Anderson and Mr. Richard W mise Company hereon Caddo River Lumber was solemnized Bozcman ex-2- 8 moved here re Friday, December 25", at her home in in Kansas City having Rapids, Lexington. They will be at home in cently from Cedarattorney, Iowa. now Lovcl II. Lilcs. is Lexington after January 15. Mrs living nt Vanceburg, Ky. Bozeman is the daughter of F. Paul of Anderson, dean of the College Engineering at the University of Ken DUES AND SUBSCRIPTJON TO tucky. Charles K, Dunn asks thaUhJs Kernel be sent to Box 796 Fort Pierce, Florida, in the future instead of 212 West Washington street, Chicago, 111. '17 Miss Marie C. Becker writes as follows: "Kindly have the alumni office note my change of address on De ccmber 15 from 2504 Bardstown Road, Louisville, Ky., to Captiva, Florida, rt George Becker. I shall be in Florida until April and do not want to miss the Kernel during that time." Morris E. Pendleton, who was with at the Armstrong Cork Company has been Albany and Sclinectady, transferred to Pittsburg, Penn., and is vvhk now living at 522 Coal cinsburcr. P- '18 We are in receipt of the following letter from John L. Sallee ex- -, Apar-tad- o 939, Tampico, Mexico. "I thought I had paid my dues for this year and had wondered why the Kernel didn't come. "I was in Lexington for the Clemscn game last October, and drove out to the campus, but there were so many cars that I could not find a place to park. In fact, I felt I was lucky to get through without a wreck for the co-ewere changing classes and it was almost too much for a man just from deep "montie." Maybe there were n few boys on the campus too don't remember. "I wish you would send me an alumnae register if you have any." I 20 Miss Lucille Harbold has returned to Ashoville, N. E., from her home in Lexington, where she is the teacher of Latin at the Ashevillc Normal school. THE KERNEL S3.00. dent. teaching Besides his father, Mr. Russell is in the Murray State Normal chool, survived by his mother, two brothers :uurray, iy. and one sister. One brother, Lee Boyd W. J. Pinson ex- - should bo address- Russell is a senior at the University. ed Blue Sulphur Hotel, St. Paul, Mr. Russell made three, lettres in foot Virginia. ball while at the University, wa Fred Luker writes us as follows: active in athletic and student affairs, "Will you please change my address a member of the Tau Beta Pi, honor for the "Kernel" to Apartment 20. ary naional engineering fraternity and 5846 .Frontnac, Detroit, Mich. Triangle fraternity. "I am still with the Hupp Motor '25 Car Corporation of that city, on the Miss Mary Elizabeth Depov is engineering staff in charge of road teaching at Dudley school, Lexington, testing experimental cars." Ky. '22 Charles L. Cooper is a student for Arthur C. Smith, draftsman, is the ministry at Emery College, Atwith the Virginia Bridge and Iron lanta, Ga. company, Roanoke, Virginia. Ellen V. Butler is attending the Li- We are in receipt of the following brary School, Albany, New York. from Lawrence A. Soper, Jr. "I am Joseph E. Murphy is with the Ohio sending along my dues and hope they Valley Coal Company, Maysville, Ky. '18 will arrive in time for a Xmas pres William T. Shelby should be nd Will D Sutton ex- county agent of ent. Bowman Grant and I have an dressed at 620 Cleveland Graduates and former students of street, Clenv the Univorsity of Kentucky all over Hopkins county, Madisonville; Alumni club all our own here in Ha- - water, Fla. '20 the state are enlisting the support Hurry R. Cottrell, county agent of and influence of their senators and representatives in behalf of the Marshall county, Benton; special appropriation which the Uni Joe A. Wesson, county agent of versity will ask for this session of the Meade county, Brandenburg; The Alumni office would appreciate it if you would send addresses of Legislature. Their activity in this '22 (lirQction is partly showed in the fol John H, Atkerson, county agent of any of the graduates listed below. lowing letters, received in reply to por-- - Green county, Greensburg; William B. Howell, county agent, James Saffell Wutson, '08 SSiliil reepjosts sont out by this office , , , to use their influence in our behalf. Trimble county, Bedford; 1926 "January 2, '23 James V. Coleman, county agent of George Francis Browning, '09 Dear Mr. Wilson: enclosed a copy of the letter ,uruo county, Hodgcnville; aFind hat I sent to Senator Brock. I also Luther F. Morgan, county agent of send a letter to the same ofToct to Magoffin county, Salyersville; Cecil Byrne Ellis, '09. .Henry M. Holbrook, Philip R. Wutlington, county agent representative rom this district. I think that this of McLean county, Calhoun; Bailey ,,,M.OMMIIUt(IMItlMIIIilIlinmilMIII ,ft Charles McCarroll, '10 J ALUMNI LOST LIST n.n. ; Ralph Detweiler Quickel, '10 , .w Squire Webber Salyers, '10 ......--. Kathorine Margaret Schoene (Mrs. Patrick Henry), '10 Louis Litsey Adams, '11 James Alfred Boyd, '11 MMi, V '11 William Edward Hudson, ;....n ; , Mills, .'11 Grover Cleveland Joseph Bishop .'' a ..l.lMMIUOMlliiflOMHtMt , Sanders, '11 s... Elmer Francis Worthihgton, '11 : v Mary Irene Hughes, '12 .' ......: '....i v : Harry George Korphage, '12. Joseph Millctt Lewis, '12 - ;'. William Abithal Wallace, '12 John Rudolph Watson, '12 5 , Philip Arthur Whitacre, '12 ....... - Algernon Sidney Winston, '12 Charles Leon Bosley, '13 Herbert Adolph Conhurst, '13 Fred Farris, '13 Shimegoro '. ,., :.; Kurozawa, '13 . Showdy Elbert Puckett, '13 . ' ; ,. h "t .'.S...;....'............. X. ;v7;v;'r":' " Luella Shaffer, "'13 Morton :.',-- .,.....,.?....,:...; ! P. t: : . .. . r.Ai-t- - Arthur Ray Bennett, '14 ................ ..r..... William Wayne Chambers, '14 v Gaither, '14 Donald Magoffin Carl Emil Lauer, '14 ...Lr. ..... , .r. '. Ruth McChesney, (Mrs. W. H. Bockman) '14 Herschel Russell Shelton, '14 Esther Mae Bailey, '15 ...,...!:.:..... : i , Zechariah Pierce Hamilton, '16 Hays Judd, '15 ' T" 'I ;. ; Archie Xavier Pfeffer, '15 !.:. , .;. '. - - ; ( .V;.. , ' Melvin Ernest Edgar Pittman, '15 ? ' ; ,.,.. , ; Charles Stephenson Rainey, '15 :1M.; Clarence Barbour Shoemaker Emerson Bitner, '16 Rulph Sue Hunt Frost, '10 Mrs. Bessie Fogle Judd, '16 Charles Frank Kumli, , '16, ,....,, ',...,.:,...,..., . ' -, ' .. Cram, '10 AWin Clarence Elliott, '10 is Work For versity Appropriation ifnil..(iimiiil. ....... HH.ninnmiinHnlMMnimfiiiniiiiinmn) Royalston Haywood ' We are advised by F. A. C. Thomp son that he has moved from Fulton to Hickman, Kentucky. '24 We are in receipt of the following from Thos. L. Garwood. "I wish only to have you change my address and to have the "Kernel" sent to me here I am with the Chicago, Wilmington and Franklin Coal Company at West Frankfort, 111., and wish the Kernel w sent to me at my house,, ? rrankTort, 111. Hop Elm street. Wo ing xo soon have all the good news I am thanking you." John Howa'rd King, who .married Miss Christine Gearhart ex-2Octo her 8, 1924 is practicing law, 1014 Fidelity Union building, Dallas, Texas They are living at 2015 Bennett ave nue. The marriage of Miss Florence Brewer and William Cecil Martin of Bowling Green was solemnized in Richmond in November, and was an nounced juut before the Christmas hoi idays. Mrs. Martin, since graduation has been nutrition specialist for the American Red 'Cross In Carroll and Caldwell counties. Ray Russell died at Our Lady of Victory hospital at Lackawanna, N. Y., Sunday afternoon, December 27, at 1 o'clock. Mr. Russell suffered the loss of his right arm at ho elbow by amputation following an accident in a factory at Buffalo recently, when the member was caught in a crucible spinner. Ho was employed at the Electro Refractories Corporation, of 4vhich L.. U. Milward ex-0is presi 21 Miss Margaret Albert Marlon Mathera, '09 !! ! lMILt Benjamin Harrison Mitchell, '16 William Crowder Mitchell, '10 George Pago Neaglo, '16 Presley 11. .........., tj; tAM f( M Tipton, '16 . Orville Robert Willett, '16 ' iiii.iiMIMtMIUII!UIIIMMIM John Henry Williams, '16 .....w,... .... f T'y'vfl irTlijIlwrii iiiiuii