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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 15, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

11 1 KERNKf. KENTUCKY society notes CALENDAR I Tech basketball game tucky-Gcorg- Zcta Tau Tea Dance Alpha Chi of Zcta Tau Alph.i en'ev-tainc- d ,Boyd's even-in- rr Dean and Mrs. Pnul P. Friday nt Pat earn hall, froiv party nt 8 o'clock for the students 3 to 0 o'clock, with one of the most college who n.'oynb'e tea dances of tho year. Tin of the Arts nnd Siicico will graduate In Jnnunry. Rhythm Kings' orchestra furnished Saturday, January V usic for the occasion. The trcr.bcrs o' ho Delta Zcta "ho hill was beau if ally dccoralcd fraternity cntertninlnj? with a tea growing plants nnd the ilumi-natc- d shied of the fraternity. dance nt Patterson hnll in the afternoon. The guests of honor, tho pledges, ere: Misses Dixie Baxter, Louise Ptroller (Jnrrco ii Men's Rvnas'nm o'clock, following the Kcn- - Kennedy, Gladys Wilson, Edith Thom- from Friday, January 15 s, Christine Hurdick, Bess Snnford, MilMary Louiso Mason, Adrienno lion, Nell Lnccfiold. The hostesses wore: Misses Mavis Romberg, Mndelle Vnn Clove, Glen-i'- p Fisher, Paulino Ashcraft, Ituth (rnnedy, Louise Smnthcrs, LnVergne ter, Clarctte Lewis, Mary. Wloy. mcc Mary Wilson, nnd Mary Page '.Alton. They wcro assisted in entertaining Dean Virginia the chBporonci, ' anko, Mrs. W. K. Dnvl, Mrs. Girls Hear Speaker GIRLS LEARN OF Mra. Lnthnm Hatcher Speaks on Vocational Guidance j 1V1 a r A1N 1 QCUClCW Q OLttUULiJ compulsory meeting of the Planned to Assist Senstudents of the university Program Co-e- d in Making Patterson hall, ior High Friday, January 8, at Choice of College Given at Mra. O. I,ntltnm Hntchcr. president Meeting of the Southern Women's Educational Alliance, spoke on Vocitional Guid ance, and the opportunities for wo- DEAN PUANKK IS SPEAKER vion in various IipicK K. C. Elliott, M Mr. Mrs. Hatcher met the Woman's Vo A program planned to assist tho C. V. TVk, M C. R'Jfh, Mrs. litional Guidance committee, Satur high school girl in her choice Mis l)ra Bnrklcy. day, January 0, nt 12 o'clock in the senior "V'Hiam Wi'son. college was presented by Mia Miss Minnie Crnmrr, university cnfutcrln, ar.d discussed of n TPs. 0. Jones, Austin Lilly for the meeting of tho td Mrs. 0. 0. Taylor. with them the vocational program. Ocntrnl Kentucky branch of the Mrs. Hatcher is making a survey American Association of University llolmes-SngWedding public schools. in the palm room of the Women Judge nnd Mrs. Samuel Holmes, of of Phoenix hotel Tuesday. Carlisle, announce the marriage of Pollitt R. Ferguson, at the Delta Tau Delta The principal speaker was Miss Elizabeth daughter, ncting dean of woHolmes, to Mr. John E. Sage, Jr., of house for the week-encoming from Virginia Frankc, y University of Kentucky, A lanta, Ga., in Louisville, on he has been attend men of the Frankfort where who outlined some of the things which 9. ing the legislative session. girl should take into consideration Mrs. Sago had been teaching in Miss Flo Armcntrout, of Frank a Fianklin, Ind., since December 1, but fort, was the guest of Miss Marcia in her choice of n college. She spoke many trivial reasons which ca ne home for the Christmas vacaLampcrt for the endet hop Saturday of the girls often give, and how seldom ono tion. The marriago took place upon afternoon. "BecaiiHU it will best prepare me her return after tho holidays. Prof. Cnrol M. Sax addressed the says, Mrs. Sage was graduated in June, Woodford county Womnn's club at for living my life well." 1325, from the university. She was the clubroom in Versailles, Wednes She dwelt upon the real seriousn member of the Alpha Xi Delta fraday afternoon on "The Drama." Fol ness of a time investment of "our ternity nnd prominent in student lowing the talk n tea was given for years, and advised the girl who would activities. go only for the social lifo to stay at Mr. Sax. Purl finiicrhmnn. who wiis rrrfirfu- - home. In the mntter of the particular Cadet Hop ated from the University of Kentucky institution, she begged the girls to The second of the series of six ca in 1923, and who was on the Schenecstudy their own needs, gain all the o det hops wns held in the new gym tady Test in 1923 nnd 1921, was re- information available about the on Saturday afternoon, from 3 until cently transferred from the Cleveland under consideration from the regy 0 o'clock. Cadet Colonel John General Electric Company's office to istrar, .and take into account their had charge of the arrangements. the Nashville office of the same comPennv music was furnished by tnc pany. Mr. Bnughman was very popA large Kentuckinns orchestra. ular in the Edison club activities and number of guests attended. took part in all musical programs. He wns a member of the first Edison McVey Tea quartet. Room-suitable- for Sigma Phi assisted Mrs, club Thetn McVev at tea on Wednesday after Ynle University has inaugurated a Those-wh- o noon a t Maxwell Place. student budget, to do away with the stuassisted were: Eugenia O'Hara, Edith perpetual, insatiable, Minihan. Mavis Sternberg. Elizabeth campaigns for donGlascock, Edna Lewis Wells, Prances ation. The Btudent now makes his Lee and Miss Margie McLaughlin. pledges in one sum indicating whnt amount he wishes to go to each cause. Old Fashioned Party Thereafter he is not pestered for con A dinner nartv in old fashioned cos tributions. The American Campus. tunic, followed by a dance, only girls .ittnndiner. was ariven at Boyd hall Thursday evening at 6 o'clock for the girls of the residence hall. Mrs. fcda Oilfis was hostess for the occasion. A little cabin in one corner of the room, negro minstrel songs during the Needle, dinner, and a minuet during the dance were features of the party. Some of Economy Store. the girls were dressed to represent npn of the neriod. The deans of all the colleges and a few other friends were invited as (Incorporated) quests. "THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT STORE" At n women - , CHARLIE CHAPLIN The GOLD RUSH KENTUCKY ittrnmnmttttWKmtmmmtsamnttmmtmg ttttttttttmtiiiiiiiitttt i J. A. VV. ALL MAKES VondorHnar C. Stagg FOR SALE OR PECIAL RENTAL RATES TO STUDENT- S- TYPEWRITER STANDARD Dealer: L. C. Smith TELEPHONE & EXCHANGE Bros. Typewriter Co. 22s5HORTfTT mtniiimminmiitniiinilillrrrrrrrrrt $883888X1 EAT AT I Phone 3076 New Depar tments Beauty Parlor, Art Downstairs UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA hi ess i Means Good Health We Serve GOOD Food ll "CUT-LOOS- Around the World, South American, West Indian, Mediterranean CRUISES SECOND ANNUAL KENTUCKY STUDENT TOUR .JUNE 23. AUGUST 6. 192G Excellent Itinerary Covering Six Countries ENGLAND, HOLLAND, MANY, SWITZERLAND GER- and FRANCE Hoth Ocean Passages on GIANT CUNARDER S. S. BERENGARL. Conductor and Experienced CHAPERON E LEXINGTON Accompany Party Round PRICE INCLUDES Trip Ocean Fare, Hotels, Meals, Railroad Fares in Europe, Guides, Museum Entrance Fees, Briefly, ALL EXPENSES $565 Write or phone for literature describing this and other tours. JAMES M. MOLLOY Authorized, Bonded Steamship Agent 61G East High Street Phone "J5IU LEXINGTON. KENT! CKY CLEARANCE On Entire Stock ' SALE TRUE of Kuppenheimer, Fashion Park and Kelsington V fff OVERCOATS . and SUITS ECONOMY B. B. SMITH & GO. Corner of Mill Street Short Street TOURS To Kuropc and the Orient GREAT REDUCTIONS uaiuiitiiiijiijiiniiiiiiuiujiuiiiililiiiiltlilillli'i 11II1MIIIII1M 301-31- 5 Independent and Conducted OFFERS Mrs. Frank L. McVey spoke before Thursday's luncheon meeting of the Altrusa club in the private dining room of the Lafayette hotel. Miss Irene McNnmara was program chair man for tho day. Mr. George F. Ferguson, of . La Center, was the guest of his son, W. Phone 2386 OF JANUARY PERSONAL BRUCE FULLER MESSAGE THE WORLD GRAVES, COX & COMPANY Miss Maxine Smith, the daughter f Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Smith, ot be-Srro nnd Mr. .1. R. Powell, of Se- bree, were married in Madisonvillc, Mnndav of last week. Mrs. Powell was a student of tho iinivursitv. where as a member of the Alpha Delta Theta fraternity she has many friends. Following the weamng ceremony the young couples left for n weddinc trm to Florida before re- turninc to Sebrec where they will mako their home. in GOOD FOOD A AND TO A Mi PARTS OF Sie-m- '85 THE TAVERN R. G. ELLISON 333 South Lime TICKETS VIA ALL LINES Mrs. Smith-Powe- nnmiin.t STEAMSHIP KENTUCKY LEXINGTGON Charles Sternberg nrouncc the engagement of their 'avrhter, Mavis Clare, to Mr. Joseph "u Wof Mt. Starling. The date of So v ndrline has been set for Janu21 and will take place at the home f he bride on Aurora avenue, l'c bride is a popular and talent d student of the university from N h she v.ni be graduated in the i , .a of this month. Sho is presi rrt of the Zeta Tau Alpha social "ternity and holds an office in the Phi. honorary journal beta istic fraternity. Mr. Turley is a prom- ot Alt. "nent voune business man many Miss Sternberg's Uerlinc rienda at the university wish her much happiness. SHOE COMPANY East Main Street mini Students of tho University of Indiana suffering with colds are confined for one hour in a room filled with fhlorino gas. The claim of the nn vcrsity pliyHician is that they come out cured. y Sternberc-Tiirle- Ilr. and BAY NHAM preparation. A girls' college, snc said, i apt to develop more originality, while the girl who has gone to girls' preparatory schools may need tho institution. of Infaffts and MITCHELL, BAKER & SMITH WEDDINGS 1 one or two dents. time-killin- g room-to-roo- QPP. COURT HOUSE " j Nicely Furnished REST "BETTER VALUES FOR LESS" "'I T5 14 DAY E" Also-Mar- ked CASH CONVERTER SALE STAR TING FRIDAY Ladies' and Misses' Half Price and Less JANUARY Store-Wid- e 1 Reductions in Furnishings, Shoes, and Hats r m 5th Underprlcirttf GRAVES, COX & CO Including NEW DRESSES SPRING SUITS AND i OATS (Incorporated) ' iiiiiin " th-ii- Dab-ne- TYPEW Rl 1 tRo rllftflf.il.l c Jnn-uar- Closes Tomorrow Night f NATIONALLY KNOWN MEN'S WEAK & ma