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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, January 15, 1926

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

TAGE KENTUCKY KOUTt KERNE). Pomonn College in California hns ANNOUNCEMENT He would bo more alert in clnssroom; he would nolo errors in English, e plan, similar adopted n wandering discussion from lmphnznrd notes, monotony in Ideas nnd delivery; Beginning the second semester, to thnt of Oxford and Cambridge in ho would pounce with glee upon threadbare jokes .nnd pathetic efforts to The Kentucky Kernel is the official newspaper of the students nnd alumni entertain. When now he may be bored, he would then bo urged to attention there will be n number of students England. Published every Kriday tnrougnout tno by the critial zest, nnd his intellectual machinery would revolve with greater ndded to the Kernel Staff under tho of the University of Kentucky. It hopes in this way to make it poscollege year by the student body of the University. Business organization. Students wishspeed. sible for college students to have nil Subscription One Dollar nnd Fifty Cents a Year Five Cents the Copy. To know ing to put in some time on tho Kernel advantages or attendance nt n lnrge The advantage thnt would result to the teacher is obvious. Entered nt Lexington rostotnee as second cinss nmti manor. thirty young people are no longer pitting jinssivoly and submissively as nspirnnts for Husinesn Manager, institution and nt the snme time nil that REPORTERS Mnnngcr, Circulation tho porsonnl benefits of life in a small under his words but are on the "qui vivc" for a false tone or a false state- Advertising EDITORIAL E. T. Higgins ment; to realize that getting into a rut Hint bogey of all professional men-- will Mnnnger and Malinger of Accounts, college. Ann Gormley Lloyd McDonald Hunter Moody One lnrge library nnd one large send unfavorable report cards to administrative offices; consequently, to plonse see Jack Warren, the BusiMaria Middclton Neil Plummet ness Mnnngcr, nt once. Hero is nn athletic field will serve all colleges in George Moore Jameson H. C. Clnxon strive to make each lecture as artistic a performance in its way as a recital by nnd fearless instructor opportunity to obtain some vnluablc the group. Certnin courses will be Helen Shclton Paderewski this, I should say, the conscientious Ava Cnwood J. A. Estes Nellie Torian would welcome. Of course, in order that this practice might have nny weight experience in running a newspaper open to students of nil groups. But Virginia Boyd from the business standpoint. Stu- students will live in the college in Lydia Roberts Ruth Robinson MANAGING EDITOR would needs be turned over to those officers of the ndministrntion dents of economics nnd those taking which they enrolled nnd will hnvo nil Virginia Reeves the reports Willy King II. Morris Arthur for their business administration nrc particulChnrlsey Smith who, with proper caution, would find them excellent Virginin Conroy their college life in it. Tho American Maude Van Buskirk own opinions of the instructional staff. Jewell Hays arly asked to consider this invitntion. Campus. EDITORS Catherine Redmond Betty Regenstcin V ASSOCIATE My other suggestion I mention only in outline. It is that an organization Addison Ycnmnn Mildred Elizabeth Lillcston Florence Ogden ErnestinePool sponsored by the Strollers, the Romany, the Little Theater, the English Kyle Whitehead Cross (Eflpn Lewis Wells Curtis Buehler Dave Alexander Department, nny or all should be effected to write, film, nnd exhibit Normnn Allen IFrnnces Leo with local casts and local settings. The movie is no longer a doubtMarin McElroy ''Eugenia O'Hara BUSINESS Margaret McWiIlinms ful theatrical asset, and whatever banality it possesses is not intrinsic but the fault of those who tolerate the banal. We have for indulgence in this new art BUSINESS MANAGER NEWS favorable conditions nt the University of Kentucky: sunny days through much Jack Warren of the academic year, plensant natural scenery within easy driving, historical Phones NEWS EDITOR two race tracks, much talent nmong amateur landmarks 4G24 2030 Virginia Kelley actresses and actors, and some writers of imagination and sincerity. The cost Tmp OOTOrtl MANAGER OF ACCOUNTS of the undertaking I have not explored, but I believe thnt with n modest Jnmes Augustus '27 J. L. Crawford iJolm K. iJullocU the enterprise could be carried" through. Interest would be infectious, ASSISTANT once the making of pictures were really under way, and very few things SPORT EDITOR Fred Nobbie in college life here would yield more fun with an equal amount of profit, Frank K. Hoover MANAGER CIRCULATION particularly if an effort were made, as it should be, to put the history of ASSISTANTS LeRoy Keffer GRANT C. KNIGHT Kentucky upon the silver sheet. rik Smith Lovell Underwood ASSISTANT yman Thomasson C. M. Dowden Rex McClurc Every graduate of the University Warren A. Price . of Kansas niust be able to swim at ADVERTISING MANAGER SOCIETY EDITOR V" James S. Shropshire feet before he is least Edith Minihan I' Phone 0800 Univ. 74 for ratesj. given his degree. Other colleges makfc ASSISTANTS THE R. O. T. C. ing swimming a rquisitc for graduaThelma Snyder Pauline Adams MECHANICAL Roch-forri' U. S. tion are Cornell, Iowa State, (By Mnj. Geo. E. Steunenbcyg, EXCHANGE EDITOR Radcliffe, Syracuse, Cincinnati, FOREMAN A. retired) Dorothy Stebbins A Delos Nooe There's a bunch of young fellows in Wisconsin, Wells, Western Reserve FEATURE EDITOR ASSISTANT O. D. today and Wooster. The American LeRoy Smith A. L. Pigman That we hail as the hope of tho land. They are trained every day, they arc taught to obey, CHEATING AND "GETTING BY" And in that way they'll learn to command. rinere are as many kinds of success in college as there arc many kinds Mfmlure. Which are you going to select? Do you just want to "ride Respectful in benring and civil in $ .00 $1 :9J speech, rough" on the bnck of someone else until you receive your degree and They'er tho youngsters that look libe put off and find yourself alone, not knowing which path to take, good to mo. . Jd you want to pick out that path now and, by drudgery and hard work, It gives mo i thrill just to see them 'Collegiate1 pavo it with the stones of knowledge so that when your college degree is nt drill con now be furnished in two j!es and printed 'finally handed to you, you will have a smooth highway over which to travel all-da- y The boys of the R. O. T. C. in your College or Fraternity color, ' on 'your road to success ? NOTE SIZE LARGE SIZE 200 Sheets 6i7 100 Sheets 7xl0 Today, one week, marks the beginning of final examinations for the first They are not being Prussianized perish the thought! 50 Envelopes 3x7H 100 Envelopes 3x6 semester. If, when these tests are over, you receive an PL? sr C on your dry the skin. Williams Aqua Velvet is a Sheets are printed in top center with name nnd There are people who don't undersubjects, will you be able to say that you made that grade yourself or are you and address in 3 linca with or without college g preparation for use which stand. seal or fraternity crest in upper left corner. Engoing to feel as if you ought to go to the classmate who sat next to you Whoever opposes their training today velopes are printed on flaps with name and adconserves the skin's natural moisture. Wind and If seal high grade Wing the examination and thank him or her for "puting you by?" of the dress.onPaper is sheets, position isBond. center; Strikes a blow at the life only trp large weather cannot hurt the face protected by it. By for small sheets upper left corner. Send $1.00 land. What is the advantage of cheating? Who profits by it? It is certain v kill and 4c or money order for $1.14, the makers of Williams Shaving Cream. Big clean-cu- t them or personal in stamps,$1.24. Printinp in black, American boosts check for at.4he student who induges in Jr'n a practice docs not. He mny receive The blue, red, purple, irreen or brown ink. Specify along; bottle 50c, at all dealers'. passing grade by borrowing informaion on the subject concerned from his color of ink and size wanted. There are benefits he can foresee. 'ghbor's paper but what has he gained? Nothing except a few more Collegiate Stationery Co. SHAVING-WILLIAanarchist freak and the paciFOR Jits toward the obtaining of a college degree which he does not rightly It's the S. Dearborn St., Chicago. Ml. fist weak ..serve and which he will not be able justly to represent when he gets out That would strangle the R. 0. into the world. T. C. v Most students who cheat on examinations smile to themselves in delight f that they are "putting something over" on the "prof." To them he is a dumb You can see the result in the manly physique; fool and they consider themselves the cause of making him such. They In the glance of the clear, steady never stop to realize that no one is being "cheated" except themselves. eye; l'hey are the only losers and if they do not realize this fact at the time it The soldierly tread; the poise of the will strike them like a thunder-bol- t in later years. head; The bearing that money can't buy.' The .query now so common to friends and critics of the college "Why "'do college students fail?" means nothing more than this: "Why do students They learn that true discipline builds up their lives; fail to STAY in college?" and the street is equally shortcut in its judgments. That without it no people are free. Popular success is economic sufficiency. Academic success is survival. The again when they be Vnt who, in the recurrent crises of his career, is able to get pass marks They'llget heard from to be men Es in not being a failure; the fellow on the street who has or is able These boys of the R. 0. T. C. get the price of the latest current folly escapes the same negative brand no questions asked in either case. Oh, there's many a lesson not found in the books! This man of the street, who knows nothing beyond dollar efficiency and ; Though you search every book on enjoys nothing beyond dollar success, is only a bit more pitiable than the boy I II the shelves. wh'o abandons a possible headhold on real college opportunity for a thin toeAnd the boys who will master the hold oh a graduation date. The man is older than the boy and ought to know game we call life "-better. But the suspicion is thnt these types are even more closely related, in Are the boys who can master them uthat both find reason for being in the accepted tradition that a CO per cent selves. pass mark is good enough for anybody, anytime, and that anything above this And to drill in the ranks is to leain level is highbrow frippery and waste of effort. Decision and patience; theso three. College students do not fail because they are indifferent to success. They So we say it again: They are buildfail because they do not know the price of success. It is very costly and ing rcnl men. requires a great amount of expended effort. 'Tis true that many have In the ranks of the R. 0. T. C. cheated and bluffed their way to tho very brink of this universal gonl but riine out of ten of them flop under the unaccustomed strain in taking the last BASKETBALL STAKTS VTHE KENTUCKY KERNEL EDITOR-IN-CHIE- i group-colleg- F photo-dram- G800-Uni- ,1 BATTLE CRIES ;1 : rJk d, J P Stationery . After shaving sure, positive face comfort TALCS fiJL.ta 1 after-shavin- BETTER 34 ; n MS t - I l, 'step. A fulcrum for every modern Archimedes Practice for company basketball beand Thursday gan last Wednesday nights and will continue with practwo nights tice for each company each week, the days of practice to Vhy not ,)0 " man of honorable and dependable character, rich in the it.of knowledge rnther than a bug of hot air which might Burst if the X becomes too great ? Much better would it be to fnil honorably and be jtho chance to grasp the subject with a tighter hold on tho second try anto pass dishonorably and know nothing at all. Try it. "IVE me u fulcrum VJsf said Archimedes. be announced one week in advance. It is hoped that each of tho six companies in the regiment will be represented in the tournament, the date of which will be announced sometime in the near future. As yet it has not I may with impunity violate one of the cardinal principles of been decided whether tho band will I shall offer to renders of the KERNEL, especially to student put a team into practice, although renders, two suggestions that seem to me practical, if not practicable. I there is a strong sentiment among the tjtusfiout (unity because, having two ideas to display, I am none the less band in favor of such action. .fu'llowcd but one editorial in which to present them. BjThe first is inspired by our proximity to that dread period when The Curse of Scotland is tho name undergo scholastic examinations and instructors attempt with sym-- j applied to tho nine of diamonds. Its assess the mental value of the individuals under their supervision, exact origin is unknown. TWO SUGGESTIONS irrangoment has, for some time, seemed to me; it throws too burden of proof in one direction and perhaps too much dissatisfaction lothcr. Why muy not the situations be balanced by having the students jjuraged to grade members of the faculty, either for the use of each head or for certain work in the College of Education? The teachor's tusiasm for his task, his scholarship, his felicity in presenting his material, nfluciicc might very well be made subjects for evaluation by the young Jejwho listen two or more times a week without any serious' way of pnss- U"'iuni upon wuui uioy near. ,it iink of no cogent argument against the plan. If someone objects ;t, tho dignity of tho professors would be impaired by thus hnving them $utinized, the ready answer is that real dignity is not lessened by normal umun associations, and that the studont will have no more respect for the jftgre ineffective instructor than ho will have for the less one. jthe plea that students would misjudge or intentionnly injure n teacher, &cmi return the answer that although one or a few might thus conspire Itttnck a jvutessor's standing, yet a whole class would scarcely be so unfair, ntire section graded the instructor low, tho decision would call for nt CANFORDS TIM Ol'l'r.l J FOUNTAIN t kiSMl! Published y the interest I PEN INK II in ofElec- trital Development by an Institution that will be helped by what- ever helps the Industry. h U J J 'ft does move. Published , 'V woll-nitf- d m nnd I will move tho earth" Too bad that lie lived twenly-tw- o hundred years too soon. For you modern followers of Archimedes, you men who apply his well known principles in tho ihu fulcrum is .study of niechuiiical iMinc-erin";- , ready. If n part in helping the carlh to nioo appeals lo you, look for your fulcrum ,iu the communication art. A world of possibilities opens up hero for iho mnn whoso bent is muchnnicnl. Distances hrinlc because inechnnicul engineers have found how to h every bit of air out of a repeater draw lube. A million telephones aru nutdo and tho millionth is like the first because mechanical ingenuity has shown tho way. Quantity production in a great telephone plant calls for constant, im provement in mechanical tcchiyquo. Kvery day is a day of now facts, new things, new achievements by mechanical and electrical engineers. Nothing stands still. Jleru tho world I for the Communication Industry by , "Western Ekctrk Company Makers of the Nation's Telephones J '3 , Jw 'me ,ake it thnt the average, studont would welcome tho proposed innova-u- l that he would soon bo conscious of a mental fillip resulting from it, number 55 of a stria JT .mm Vv'S?