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4 > Image 4 of The Kentucky Kernel, April 21, 1931

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

Rr PAGE Best Copy Available THE KENTUCKY KERNEL, F0U1 Sneers Snickers Scandal The Alpha Oam Garten Our old pals the Alfagams tell us that members of other sororities have been using their garden for the purpose which is supposed to lor its owners, we bo (reserved can easily understand why they to be continually stumbling hate Kappas swear so over Kappas. much when they are stumbled over. t Line of the Century rnr of the mueirs had a date with Virginia Hollis and, seeing the dear oia swora ana snieia, nsnca what pin she wore. When she told By WILLIAM ARDERY him that it was a Fiddlcdctheta badge he assumed an attitude of serious surprise, flashed, "Oh I arc you a Phi Delt?" We doubt if it The Greeks nance Despite a page one feature which was a flash or not. appeared in The Kernel Friday and Cheer the Athletes which could not but remind one In their rotogravure which apof the Kampus Kat the Alfataw-omegpeared Sunday the Kays were seen had fewer guests than the behind a beer keg which they hold Cigcis Saturday evening. In a as the result of a football victory special statement to this column over the Fldelts. The gentlemen yesterday one of the gentlemen said on Limestone are quite positive In that he was glad that they did their belief that the keg should be forfeited to them because the not have any more. Since courtesy is seldom found Southerners have violated the oriin this column, "in the manner of" ginal agreement of the competition Thomas L. (Rah Rah) Riley, both in filling the baby barrel with moonshine. were mediocre entertainment. MILLER BROS. TIN, AND COMPOSITION ItOOFINO All work guaranteed Repairs of all kinds 105 WEST HIGH ST. 2758 "Wise FurnaQes" SLATE, ASHLAND Dance Invitations Favors, Programs We have An exceptionally fine assortment and display, and feel sure that we can please and satisfy. THE GIRL WITH A Opp. Court House Tuesday, April 21, SEMI-WEEKL- Y Track Captain and Coach Since no one has been married within the last three days we choose: Eugenia Beck Doc Beck snatches the rose from our clutching fingers this week because she Is a blonde: because she is a beautiful blonde; because she does not talk more than a freshman should; because she seriously believes that she will bo a doctor; because she Is amusing; because she will some day lure innocent young maidens into Triddlc-dcdclt- a; because she saw nothing too intensely interesting in Rush Week; because she cured our blindness by explaining that we really were not blind after all we had only been crying; because she may sometimes wonder, but never asks what it is all about. Ordinary Occurrences It occurs to us that the campus Is beautiful In the spring.... that O. K. Barnes, of the Barnes Beef Trust, was a visitor in the offices of The Kernel yesterday. .. .that Tannery Saturday Justified our Derby prediction of last spring... we wish they would have Just that one outstanding band for the Engineer's Ball.... that we are glad we ran our list of the pins which were out when we did it would be impossible now.... that we feel even more stupid than usual today... that violets grow on our campus. Brotherly Love Coleman R. Smith, local Delt and prominent in campus business circles, entered his fraternity house at the University of Cincinnati. After yelling like a true Kentuck- ian for several minutes one of the inhospitable broth dear, sleepy-eyescowled, growled, ers appeared, "Well, what do you want?' ' Smith explained that he wanted to spend the night within the sacred portals and asked If he would inconvenience the chapter by so doing. "I don't know," grunted the gentleman, "we have several visitors in the house now.' But I'll And out "Thanx," said Coleman. XchangeS Engineering Study In Cool Colorado AOBMMV Freshmen to Play Coach Elmer Glib has announced that his freshman baseball team will open the season on Stoll field against Eastern State Normal next Thursday afternoon. Glib has some promising players on his squad and an interestng game is expected. Will Play Miami By GERTRUDE EVANS A men's dancing chorus of thirty-tw- o members has been organized at Princeton. The director says that the public is tired of chorus girls. A special telephone system has been Installed between the men's and women's dormitories at Antioch College in the hope of promoting better and increased social contacts. One of the outstanding senior at the University of Arizona this year is Christine Garcia, a Papago Indian girl. Her chief activities outside the classroom have been athletic. She has been a first- class pitcher on the Varsity Vil lager's baseball team, a guard on their basketball team, a fullback in her class hockey, and a member of the girl's tennis squad. coeds Gifts of more than $1,000,000 have been received by Wesleyan Univer sity in its drive for $3,000,000 as a centennial fund to be raised before October. Seven gifts have been for $100,000 each. San Francisco State has adopted than ever this season. Last 'The great Shipwreck" is still undefeated In the 100 and 220 yard dashes. Kelly did not ran in the Louisville meet but came back strong to win the century and furlong races against the Vanderbilt dash-tne- n. "Shipwreck" is faster 'Cat Baseball Nine The varsity, undergraduate newspaper of the University of Toron-to- n, has been indefinitely suspended by the student administrative council following the publication in its columns of an editorial on atheism. (Continued from Page One) fielding of the Musketeers allowed two runs to seep in, and in the eighth, two errors by Stadler, second baseman, were instrumental in helping the Wildcats win. There were no outstanding fielding stars for either team, but Dave Harmon, for Xavler, was the batting star. His deep hit to right field in the fifth was good for three bags and helped Xavier rally. The score by innings': Kentucky 300 002 0308 Xavier 000 220 0004 Batteries Kentucky, Ferrell, Augustus. and Barnes, xavier, Brill, Bode, and Stein kamp. PLAT1NU1M GREEN (Continued from Page One) But let us get back to the present day. Now "Red" Grange and "Red" Roberts made football history, and Clara Bow, the "IT" girl,, made movie history, but that is still ini the past and miles away from home. Why, right in our own back yard we have some of the finest heads of red hair that ever graced the face of the earth. Daily they romp around Stoll field in a manner that shows promise of fame. . Number one of the carmine domes is "Red" Wallace, of Schenectady, New York. This one redheaded youth stands forth as a versatile athlete, He has not been beaten In the quarter-mil- e this year and has made the best time on the local track. Previous to this spring he had never taken any part in any track activity. He is very fast in the 220 yard dash. Besides doing duty on the cinder path he has won a place on the fresh- - Large size green Wahl pen cil, with ad of Davies Soap Co., of Dayton. Please return to Ker nel Business Office. LOST GOLDEN TAN CHROME GRAY Wholly irresistible In colorful Cmrrizozo, WVWWWWWVVWWrVW stopped carrying cigarettes it's too effeminate. S. C. Gamecock. The Stormy Petrel. Oglethorpe University publications, made its fifth change In editors last week. All of them up to this time have had to resign on account of other more pressing duties. This time they have put in two freshmen. This beats The Kernel's record. 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Thanks to onr patented vacuum cleaning apparatus and the new Humidor Pack everybody, everywhere, can enjoy the Camel blend of fine Turkish and mellow Domestic tobaccos in prime, fresh condition. Switch to Camels today then leave them tomorrow, if you can. K. J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO. CO. , N. C. Wintton-SaUm- Camels Hungry? 7 hirsty ? good as they sound. The Summer ScfcMl Engineers Basic engineering courses in Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, English and Design; Courses in Assaying, Geology, Analytical Mc chanics. Graphic Statics, Strength of Materials, Thermodynamics, Physical Chemistry, and Plane and Mine Surveying; Preparatory subjects, for students deficient in entrance requirements. Advanced Algebra, Solid Geometry, Chemistry and Physics, arc offered at the Colorado School of Mines Summer Session from Camels in as prime condition sprins shades, which look just as The Coloraflo School of Mines is located in Golden at the very foot of the Rocky Mountains. If is but twelve miles by paved road ,to the capital city of Denver, and but an hour's drive to the great peaks Continental Divide, with streams and forests and rising to the sky. Every Package now a Humidor FOR RENT For summer months, completely furnished, two-storesidence. Excellent east end neighborhood. Phone Ashland 3259X. adv. WOODLAND J Sat- Five Fast Freshmen Flash Fleeing Feet Billy Dennlston "Yes, I'm a big gun at school now." Father "Well, then. I'd like to hear some beter reports from now on." When "Spud" went to the mind' reader, he charged him only half price. A girl friend asked us the other day if we had a compact. We didn't and told her that we had also I urday he won the 100 in 9.9 and coasted to an easy victory in the 220, being timed at 22.1. Bernie Shively, coach of the Wildcat thinlies has developed a great squad. la very apt name for their athletic teams. It is" Golden Gators," and s symbolic of the city by the Golden Gate. "This Job of bringing home the bacon is no Joke, sighed Doctor Bass. "No, and on top of that I always have to stop at the "Friendly" and bring home the bakln' too," was Professor Davis's comment. 1931 man baseball team as an outfielder the heart of the Blucgraaa" (what and is one of the frosh's best bats- a clash of color that Is). Adams is men. During the winter months he Just a young boy, but he turns in participated in the intramural bowling tournament and was high sco- time for the mile that is good for a lad of his age. rer for the meet. He runs the mile in five minutes The second of this red quintette is "Red" Harvey, of Chicago. His and eight seconds, and is improvarc the 100, 220, and the ing every day. Adams takes sports events broad Jump. His best time for the seriously and spends his spare momhundred Is 10.3, but he has never been given a trial in actual compet- ents in the office of the sports deition. He came here with wonder- partment rattling off copy for The ful high school record and big Kernel. things arc expected of him. His Adams Is unanimous choice of the time for the 220 is better than Just good, and his work in the broad track squad for publicity man, and Jump is best for the freshmen this Is quoted by "Peter" Potter as "his year. first publicity man." In the first of Lexington is credited with send- this article there is mention of ing "Red" HIckcy to the university. temper, but with all of his red Hlckey docs the mile and docs It well. Considering the fact that the hair there isn't a boy of better nat Stoll Field track is slow, his time ure on the campus than little "Red" of 4:55 for the mile Is excellent. Adams. From a nearby town with the gay DELEGATE ATTENDS name of Paris, comes the fourth of the five, "Red" Parrlsh. He does Louise Thompson, Junior in the three events, the 100, pole vault, and the high Jump. While he was in College of Arts and Sciences, will high school he topped 12 feet with represent the university at a meet-o- f the central division of the Atha pole, but Parrish is fast growing into a big boy, and it will take a letic Conference of American Collot of work for him to attain that lege Women to be held at the Uni- mark now. He goes over 5 feet 5 i versity of Wisconsin, Madison, April inches in the high Jump and his .23, 24, and 25. She has been appointed as the official delegate from time for the hundred is 10.4. Lastly we have "Red" Adams, I the university Woman's Athletic from the fair city of "Lexington in Association. ROSE Transylvania Printing Co. Near Fayette Bank fW':w"y"tf' Visit Alexander's Sodas Sandwiches Short Orders Toilet Articles Sundries Style Comer a J limestone crt Short. South Lime sv r i- -- s v Factory fre.h CAMELS are aireuled in the new Sanitary I'uckuge kick keep Ike dul and germ out and keep ike iavor in. Opposite Memorial Hall ) mm&' mi. R.J. BjMUt T.kuM Caspar 4 V