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33 > Image 33 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 1, no. 12, 1921

Part of Kentucky alumnus

. THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS _ 31 ll BOGARD, GEORGE TAYLOR, B. M. E., E. E. 14. Chief Engineer, Ken- { tucky Utilities Co, 825 Marion E. Taylor Bldg., Louisville, Ky. ael- Q, BOWDEN, ABERDEEN 'ORLANDO, A. B., A. M. 10. Head, Department of L Education and Philosophy, Baylor College, Belton, Texas, Station A, _S_ _ BOWLDS, FLEMING, B. S. Ped. Secretary, Y. M. C, A., Owensboro, Ky. L BOYD, HATTIE ELIZABETH, A. B. 1284 Cherokee Road, Louisville, Ky, , { BREWER, LEO, A. B, Assistant United States District Attorney, Western y" District of Texas, San Antonio, Texas. Res. 529 E. Guenther St. Q BROWVNING, JOHN KEITH, B. M. E. The Heekin Can Co., Norwood, Ohio. Edc l_, Res. 1323 Delta Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. . BRYANT, THOMPSON RIPLEY, B. S, Agr. Assistant Director, Extension l& : givisign, Kentucky Agricultural Exp. Station, Lexington, Ky. Res. 236 t ay ve. tes. BUCKNER, ELLA SIMPSON (MRS, CARTER DUPUY JOHNSTON), A, B. l Manila, P. I. P. O. Box 573. en- ; BUCKNER, GARRETT DAVIS, B, S. Chemist, Kentucky Exp. Station, Lex- ay. .1 ington, Ky. Res. 128 E. Fourth St. eld _P CARMODY, JOHN PAUL, B. M. E. With Perrin & Marshall, Construction , St. , Engineers, No. 2 Rector St., New York City. Res. 104 VV. 34th St. ads CARREL, VV. J., C. E. Instructor, Civil Engineering Department, University . of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. ve. T CARTER, SARAH M., A. B. Life Member, 334 S. Limestone, Lexington, Ky. ail- 5 CHINN, AUBYN, A. B. General Superintendent, Hester Price, Berwyn, Penn. , Res. Lincoln Apts., 1222 Locust St., Philadelphia, Penn. ` CORNELISON, HUBERT LeGRAND, B. M. E., E. E. 15. Sales Engineer, Mt. The Austin Co., 16112 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. Res. 1861 Belmore Rd, ' CRAFT, MORGAN TENNYSON, A. B. Book-keeper, Hackney Bros. & Co., 11s E London, Ky. g, CROQNDEIR, MARGARET LEE (MRS. VVALLACE BABBAGE), A. B. VVhite I-ly: _ tal', .j CURTIS, JAMES STEWART, B. M. E. Dealer, Dodge Brothers Motor Cars, ols. ; 102 E. Main St., Newark, Ohio. " DAVIS, JOSEPH MORTON, A. M. Assistant Professor, Mathematics, Uni- I`), V versity of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky Res. 158 N. Ashland Ave. DEAN, NVILLIS JOHNSON, B, C. E. Structural Engineering, \Vashington, ` Iox , D, C. Res. Burlington, Hotel. DENHAM, NEVVTON RANDOLPH, B. E, M. Engineering for Great Northern llc): Y Coal Co. Add. Williamsburg, Ky. DOWNING, HAROLD HARDESTY, B, C. E, Assistant Professor, Mathe- _ it matics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Res. 158 N. Ashland Ave. lllc "- ELAM, ARTHUR MATTHEW, B. M. E. Dentist, West Mansheld, O. , FROST, MINNIE CARFIELD (MRS. ROBERT DELAFIELD RANDS), Sh' A. B. Biritenzart, Java, East India. (Last address known). , R GALLOVVAY, CLINTON ROBERT, B. M. E. Instructor, Idaho Agriculturali *# f & Mechanical College, Pocatello, Idaho. _ GRAHAM, FRANK HEBER, B. M. E. Telephone Engineer, \Vestern Electric; my _ Co., 463 \lVest St., New York, N. Y. P GRANNIS, JAMES KIDNVELL, B. C. E. General Superintendent and Scc ml l= retary, H. L. Stevens Company, Chicago, Ill. 1 GREEN, WARREN THORNTON, B. M, E. Superintendent, Columbia Box $0*1 r Co., St. Louis, Mo. Res. 5730 Bartmer Ave. Q GUERRANT, RUSSELL HAMILTON, B. M. E. Sales Engineer, Industrial , ll"' _ Appliance Co., 332 S. La Salle St., Chicago, Ill. Res. 1725 \Vilson Ave. _ HAMILTON, VVILLIAM PERRY B., B. M. E, Manager, Elkhart Branch 0 Y of Mengel Box Co., Elkhart, Ind. Res. 707 Riverside Drive. ., HANNA, ALINE GUTHRIE (MRS. FRANK KILE), A. B. Celina, Tenn. T .,t" `