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41 > Image 41 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 1, no. 12, 1921

Part of Kentucky alumnus

I THE. KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 39 463 ig WEBB, EDGAR HEDGES, LL. B. Salesman, Murphy Varnish Co., 50 W. ,m_ _ 22nd St., Chicago, Ill. VVIIigOX, JOHN HENRY, A. B. Clark County National Bank, Winchester, T Y. st- WILSON, ETHELBERT REED, LL. B. With B. B. Wilson, 139 N. Mill St., " Lexington, Ky. ` & = WILSON, HOMER, A. B. Teaching, Wilmore High School. Res. Nicholas- t $ ville, Ky., R. F. D. No. 2. en - - 1911. i ADAMS, LOUIS LITSEY, B. C. E. Roadmaster, Louisville & Nashville R. R. bc,. 3 ` Co., Etowah, Tenn. .. AULICK, OLIVER, B. C. E. Farming and Stock Raising, Alacrua, Fla. Of f BABB, HARVEY ARTHUR, B. S. Ed. Superintendent, City Schools, Mt. vg _ f. Sterling, Ky. _ _ {Y BAIN, CHARLES CREMER, B. E. M. Mining Superintendent, Bonne Terre , Division, St. Joseph Lead Co., Bonne Terre, Mo. F BAIRD, OBED ELMO, B. S. Ed. Principal, Daviess County High School. S Y Res. 1330 Allen St., Owensboro, Ky. I Q \lBALL, ARTHUR CARLTON, B. S. Agr. Farmer, Breeder of Pure Bred Live Stock, Paris, Ky., R. R. No. 4. O _i BECKER, ERNEST LOUIS, B. C. E. Sales Representative, Hurther & Co., A J " 1 of Chicago, Ill. Res. 1544 Ruth Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio. 310 ; BOSQIE, JAl\gES ALFRED, B. M. E. Consulting Engineer, 1100 Boulevard, .- iami, a. ast _ BRUNER, JACOB FRANKLIN, B. S. Ed. Principal, Hartford High School, Y Hartford, Ky. ,,1- { BURRUSE, THOMAS HARRIS, LL. B., LL. M. 12. Attorney-at-Law, Mad- ison, a. 12 CAMPBELL, JOHN B. M. E. Manager, National Electric Service Co., 228 , ` VValnut St., Morgantown, W. Va. ity , .CAPERS, WILLIAM THEODOTUS, A. M. Bishop of Episcopal Diocese of { West Texas. Res. 108 VV. French Place, San Antonio, Texas. me CARYEIMAITTIE VIRGINIA, A. B. Teaching Latin, Margaret Hall, Ver- sai es, y. Ep CASSIDY, PERRY ROGAN, B. M. E. Production Manager, Babcock & Wil- ( cox Co., Barberton, Ohio. Res. 144 Lloyd St. " CLEVELAND, MINOR ARMENIUS, B. M. E. VV'ith B. F. Sturtevant Co., . 530 S. Clinton St., Chicago, Ill. Res. 1584 S. 51st Court, Cicero, Ill. ty COLLINGS, BENJAMIN HAYS, B. C. E. Contractor, with Andrews Asphalt cr; " Paving Co., Hamilton, Ohio. Res. 405 S. "D" St. _ COLLINS, MINERVA (MRS. RICHARD VVELLINGTON), B. S. Agr. ;a_ New York Agricultural Exp. Station, Geneva, N. Y. Res. 93 Mill St. 5 COLSON, MATISON GREENLEAF, LL. B. Attorney-at-Law, Pineville, Ky. nk li CRUICKSHANK, OLLINE PIERCE (MRS. R. C. VVILSON), B. S. 329 4 46th St., Newport News, Va. es. 2 DANIEL, CHARLES ELWOOD, B. M. E., E. E. 14. Real Estate Manage- . ment, 101 Park Ave., New York City. Res. 307 Lexington Ave. _r_ ~ DAY, OSCAR LEE, B. M. E. Representative, Harbison-Walker Refractories I Z Company, 1513 Kirby Bldg., Cleveland, Ohio. nd _; DOUGLAS, ERNEST THOMPSON, B. M. E. Otis Elevator Co., Louisville, M * Ky. Res. 302 E. St. Catherine St. ,X_ DOWNING, VIRGIL LEONARD, B. M. E. Chief Engineer, Winther Motor ' -L Truck Co., Kenosha, Wis. Res. 375 Cable St.