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5 > Image 5 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 1, no. 12, 1921

Part of Kentucky alumnus

May l6-Zl, l92l, indicates clearly the I needs of the institution. In that report recommendations were made for an im- mediate increase of $300,000 in the an- nual appropriations and $8,000,000 for buildings and equipment in the next ten I years. Members of the commission I pledged support to a movement that would supply these needs. On the alumni rests in large part responsibility for suc- cess of the plan. Membership in the Association has in- creased from l93, June I5, 1920, to 924, June l, I92I. In the same period the number of active alumni clubs has grown from two to fourteen, nine of them being within the State, with a score more in pro- _ cess of organization. Twenty-one hundred men and women have been graduated by the University, which number will be increased by l57 with the class of l92l. More than l6,000 ` men and women have been enrolled since ` the founding in 1865. When all these are ardent workers for the University, when they rejoice in its victories and have faith in its future, great progress will be possible. This directory is publishedthe first since I9 l 6in the hope that the informa- tion contained will help in promoting a closer union of alumni with a greater op- I porturiity for service to the Alma Mater. THE EDITOR. ,