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69 > Image 69 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 1, no. 12, 1921

Part of Kentucky alumnus

n _ 3 _ THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 67 ` PFINSTAG, VIVIAN RICHARD, B. S. in Agr. Nitro Cotton Supervisor, Her- cules Powder Co., Parlin, N. J. Res. Hercules Club. PHILLIPS, LENA MADESIN, LL. B. Executive Secretary, National Fed- eration of Business and Professional Womens Clubs, 276 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. POTTS, FLOYD YVELLMAN, B. S. in Agr. Teaching, Greenville, Ky. PRESTON, AMOS CHARLES, LL. B. Assistant to General Superintendent of N. & W. Ry. Co., Fuel Dept., Williamson, W. Va.; Vice-President and Treasurer, Williamson Development Co.; Secretary and Treasurer, Fair- view Land Co.; Treasurer, American Underwriters Agency; Secretary and Treasurer, Ky. & NV. Va. Land Co. PURNELL, LINDA BERTRAM, B. S. in H. E. Assistant Professor, Home Ecolncmics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Res. 231 E. Max- wel t. ( RANKIN, ROBERT BRYAN, B. S. in Agr. Research in Fertilizers, Swift & Co., Hammond, Ind. Res. 849 Hohman St. RATICAN, MATINE CATHERINE (MRS. CHRISTI), B. S. in Edu. 400 E. Fourth St., Owensboro, Ky. I RAVVLINGS, JOHN THOMAS, B. C. E. Superintendent of Construction, U. S. Army, Q. M. dept., Ft. Thomas, Ky. Res. 702 Overton St., New- port, Ky. RICE, THAN GIVENS, B. M. E. Coal Operator, Providence, Ky. RICKETTS, JOHN PETER, B. S. in Agr. Farming, Belleview, Mo. ROBERTSON, ELMER KRANZ, B. M. E. Mechanical Engineer, Standard . Sanitary Mfg. Co., Sixth & "A" Sts., Louisville, Ky. Res. 414 NV. First St., New Albany, Ind. ROCHESTER, VVILLIAM HENRY, B. S. in Agr. Farming, Marion, Ky. RONEY, JAMES GIVENS, B. C. E. Assistant Engineer, Texas & Pacific Ry., Marshall, Texas. SCHABER, GEORGE HERBERT, A. B. in Edu. Alexandria, Ky. SCHIRMER, CALLIST JOHN, B. E. M. Engineer Transcontinental Petro- , leum Oo., Tampico, Tamps, Mexico. Penn Add. 42 Villa Place, Ft. 'Hiomas, Ky. SCHRADER, CHARLES CHRISTOPH, B. M. E. Freight Traffic Dept., Philadelphia and Reading R. R., Philadelphia, Penn. Res. 4842 N. Fifth St. SCHWANT, OTTO GEORGE, B. E. M. Analytical Coal Inspector, Logan Mining C0., Logan, W. Va. SCOTT, JASPER GRIFF, B. M. E. Sales Engineer, Buffalo Forge Co., But- falo, N. Y. SCOTT, ROY CUNNINGHAM, A. B. in Hist. Lexington, Ky. Kentucky Avenue. SHINNICK, VJILLIAM, A. B. in Journ. Editor, Shelby Record, Shelby- ville, Ky. SMISER, HARMON COURTNEY, B .M E. VVith G. A. Bisler, Inc., 245 N. Sixth St., Philadelphia, Penn. Res. I7 LLandah Road, Llanerch, Penn. SMITH, CHARLES R., B. S. in Agr. Commanding Oiiicer, I. S. of A., Camp Benning, Ga. SPRINGER, DAVID SUMMER, B. M. E. VVith American Telephone & Tele- graph Co., Memphis, Tenn. Res. l97 Court Ave. STAGG, MARY iDEDMAN (MRS. BERT HARDMAN), A. B~ in Eng. 1530 Hillside Terrace, Akron, Ohio. STOKES, SILAS JOHNSON, B. S. in Agr. Farmer, Military Pike, Lex- in ton, Ky. STRETZT, FRANK TANDY, JR., B. S. in Agr., Cadiz, Ky. ,I ,(