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75 > Image 75 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 1, no. 12, 1921

Part of Kentucky alumnus

Tl-IE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS 73 HALL, ALEXANDER DANIEL, B. S. in Mee. Eng. With Barnes & Hull, Lexington, Ky. Res. 271 Maxwell St. HAMMONDS, CARSIE, B. S. in Agr. Teaching, SmithHughes Agriculture A in High School, Wingo, Ky. HANSON, RAYMOND WESLEY, B. S. in Civ. Eng. The Alyey Ferguson Co., Cincinnati, Ohio. Res. 4227 Marburg Ave. ' HARBISON, SARAH CARDWELL, B. S. in Home Ec. Shelbyville, Ky. HARDESTY, ADA LOUISE, B. A. 97 Highland Ave., Ft. Thomas, Ky. HAYDON, LILLIAN ELLA, B. A. Teaching, Sayre College, Lexington, Ky. Res. Paris Pike, Lexington, Ky. HENRY, RICHARD EARL, B. A. Instructor, Mathematics, High School, Mad- isonville, Ky. Res. Mortons Gap, Ky. HORLACHIER, MRS. VANETA THOMAS, B. A. 451 E. Maxwell St., Lex- ington, y. JACKSON, FREDERICK M., B. A. in Journ. Editor of Kentucky Union . Farmer, 510 Trust Bldg, Lexington, Ky. Home Add Versailles, Ky. JOHNSON, CHARLES FRANKLIN, B. S. in Civ. Eng. Civil Engineer, with VV. C. Kelly, Union City, Tenn. Home Add. Maytield, Ky. KALLBREIER, VVILLI.\Z\I JOSEPH, Bach. of Law. Lawyer, 906 Lincoln Bldg., Louisville, Ky. Home Add. Anchorage, Ky. KELLEY, EVERETT EDNVARD, B. A. Whitesville, Ky. KOHN, ALVIN, B. S. in Mee. Eng. Research Man, Coke Plant, of the National Tube Co., Lorain, Ohio. Res. Y. M. C. A., Elyria, Ohio. LELAND, SIMEON ELDRIDGE, M. A. in Econ. Madison, Ind. LEMAN, JOHN JULIAN, B. S. in Mee. Eng. Sales Engineer, Warren \Vebster . ` & Co., 821 Hume Mansur Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind. Res. Pineville, Ky., Box No. 256. LIEBSCHUTZ, JACOB, B. S. in Chem. Chemist Engineer, Sinclair Oil Co., East Chicago, Ind. Res. 4330 Baring Ave. LILLARD, EUGENE ALLEN, B. S. in Mee. Eng. Engineer, Power Dept., . Tennessee Copper Co., Copper Hill, Tenn. LILLY, AUSTIN PAGE, B. S. in Home Ec. No. 7. Mentelle Park, Lexington Ky. MeCANN, MAMIE, B. A. Flemingsburg, Ky. I . McCLAIN, G. LEE, B. A. Principal, Model High School, Richmond, Ky. McCLELLAN, JAS. ELLYSON, B. S. in Mee. Eng. \Vith American Blower Co.. Salt Lake City, Utah. McCONNELL, LILLIAN FRANCES, B. S. Teaching, Junior High School, Lexington, Ky. Res. 549 VV. Third St. _ ` McGO\VAN, ELIZABETH, B. A. Teaching, Owingsville, Ky. MADDOX, HARRY EDVVARD, B. S. in Mee. Eng. Salesman for Charles Hartman Co., 985 Dean St., Brooklyn, N. Y. Res. 134 Halsey St. MARSH, BEN GORDON, B. S. in Agr. Assistant County Agent, Paducah, Ky., Box N0. 135. MASON, ELIZA CLAY, B. S. in Home Econ. Assistant Instructor in Home Economics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Res. 251 Stone Ave. MILTON, HUGH MEGLONE, JR., B. S. sin Mee. Eng. Assistant Professor, ` Mechanical Engineering. A. Sz M. College of Texas, College Station, Texas. MOOSNICK, BERNARD, B. A. Deceased. ~ PARK, GEORGE ELLIOTT, B. A. Student, Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago, Ill. Res. 6258 Blackstone Ave. _ _ PARRISI-I, SARAH KATHERINE, B. S. in Home Econ. Teachmg_ Home . Economies. Senior High School, Lexington, Ky. Res. 633 E. High St. V PETREY, ARTHUR VVALTON, B. S. in Chem. Technical Supervisor, Alum- inum Co, of America, Marysville, Tenn., Box No. 289. _