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92 > Image 92 of Kentucky alumnus, vol. 1, no. 12, 1921

Part of Kentucky alumnus

88 THE KENTUCKY ALUMNUS ` Me\\HORTER, MARSHALL JETER, Eng. Yosemite, Ky. MARKING, JOHN HENRY, Eng. Louisville, Ky. MEGIBBEN, KATHERINE, A. and S. Cynthiana, Ky. MINNIHAN, W. A., Law, Lexington, Ky. MOORE, LUCILLE ISABANDA, A. and S. Marion, Ky. NOEL, HONVARD MILLER, A. and S. Bellevue, Ky. _ OGLESBY, KATHLEEN WIGHT, Agr. sS~anta. Ana, Calif Teaching Home Eoon., at Prineesbon, Ky. _ = I OHARA, ROBERT NE\\/TON, Eng. Williamstown, Ky. OLDHAM, SAMUEL LEAHMAN, A. and S. Hopkinsville, Ky. ORR, HUGH BEN, Eng. Paris, Ky. PERKINSON, PERRY M., Eng. Milton, Ky. V PERRIN, ROBERT McDONALD, A. and S. Falmouth, Ky. Y . PERRY, EUGENE SHERIDAN, A. and S. Danville, Ill. PORTER, MILDRED THOMAS, A. and S. Lexington, Ky. RAIBLE, ROBERT JULES, A. and S. 1935 W. Broadway, Louisville, Ky. I . RANDALL, MARTHA AGNES, A. and S. Burlington, Ky. REDDISH, KATE, Agr. Lexington, Ky. ~\ . RICHARDS, CHARLES \\/'ILLIAM, Agr. Franklin, Ky. * RICHARDSON, OLNEY ENERGY, Eng. Hartford, Ky. ` RODGERS, CHARLES RAYMOND, A. and S. Milton, Ky. . ROSS, MARY THERESSA, A. and S. \Varsaw, Ky. - ROSS, GEORGE TALTON, Law. Richmond, Ky. ROUSE, WILLIAM LEONARD, Agr. Cynthiana, Ky. ROWE, W/ALTER EDVJARD, Eng. Lexington, Ky. Z . SELLARDS, HENRY GRADY, Agr. Prestonsburg, Ky. " SHANKLIN, VIRGINIA POAGE, Agr. Nepton, Ky. SHULTZ, EMMETT OTIS, Eng. Henderson, Ky. ` SIEGEL, JACOB B., Eng. Newport, Ky. SMITH, ARTHUR CROVVELL, Eng. Lexington, Ky. F SMITH, DRURY SCOTT, Eng. Pembroke, Ky. SMITH, GRANVIL \VILLIAM, Law. Campbellsville, Ky. E SNODDY, LELAND BRADLEY, A. and S. Lexington, Ky. ; STUHLBARG, CHARLES, Eng. Newport, Ky. il SUMMERVILLE, MILDRED, A. and S. Marion, Ky. Q SWVINNEY, MARY FLOYD, A. and S. Louisville, Ky. - , TAYLOR, HELEN SOUTH, Agr. Bowling Green, Ky. i TAYLOR, JAMES HENRY, Agr. Lexington, Ky. _ TAYLOR, JENNINGS B., A. and S. Lexington, Ky. Qi J THOMPSON, WILLIS DUNCAN, Eng. Falmouth, Ky. ._ 2 THOMSON, HARRY LAVVRENCE, Eng. Providence, Ky. ~ I THORNTON, ROBERTA HAMILTON, A. and S. Newport, Ky. Y THORNTON, WILLIAM BERRY, Eng. Lexington, Ky. . THRELKELD, ELIZABETH SCOTT, Agr. Lexington, Ky. j THROCKMORTON, VIRGINIA FRANCES, A. and S. Lexington, Ky. Q , THURMAN, EDGAR NEAL, A. and S. Somerset, Ky. - TOMLINSON, ROBERT HUGH, Law. Lancaster, Ky. = TURNER, DILLARD HAZELRIGG, Law. Frankfort, Ky. 5 TYGRETT, HOVVARD VOLNEY, A. and S. Bowling Green, Ky. I VAN DEREN, ANNA THOMPSON, A. and S. Cynthiana, Ky. WALLACE, EARLE, Eng. \\lilton, Ky. 2, WALLINGFORD, GERTRUDE, Agr. Cyntliiana, Ky. WEAKLEY, KATHERINE THOMAS, A. and S. Louisville, Ky. . WEATHERHOLT, FOREST D., Eng. Cloverport, Ky. VVELLS, LAURINE. A. and S. Frankfort, Ky. XVEST, MARY LUCILLE, A. and S. VValton, Ky.