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3 > Image 3 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 81, no. 4, Winter 2010

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Q I I I Winter 2010 Volume 81 Number 4 21 UK Alumni Association Annual Report Fe u res The new UK Albert]?. Chandler Numbers tell the story: during the 2009-10 Hscal year, the Haspital will provide the highest association reached 15 consecutive years of membership growth, ON TH E COVER level {advanced medicine. ending the year with 37,355 dues-paying members, a worthy feat Photo: 2010Lee Ylmnzas in these economic times, 1 6 Yesterday, today & tomorrow Big Blue U! Campus growth is a work in progress, an undertaking that UK freshmen take their first Class of 2014 photo. will never be completely finished. Warren Denny, from the UK Capital Project Management office, explains some of 3 0WiIdcat blue, through and through ' the history of campus planning and whats ahead. Michelle Tarese ]ackson Ramsey had such a "__ By Linda Perry great experience at UK the first time that she g returned three more times and now has a total , of four degrees from the university, earning , ll; her doctorate in 2008, O tf By Christina Noll if 3 2 UK grads search for success ends at Google Matt Cutts joined Google as a software engineer in ]anuary 2000 and is part of the Search Qiiality group that helps _ , e --I g webmasters and website creators tweak their pages to E 5 h I ensure they are properly indexed, _ I is 11 lll. I 3;, ll! lll nu Il By Christina Noll , -, I E _ _ r l"' 7 I r _` , i l l _i E} seeblue. Make A Difference A-Fi: Hi l _ i_ , _ _ The UK Presidents Scholarship Initiative i ,.2 " i s A A ] , 1 has an ambitious oal: raise enou h mone to 7 ~ - 1 E 8 S Y c ` l . al Ai ' llll fund 2,000 scholarships ranging between $`_ $1,500 to $2,500 for deserving UK students, ',g, l a Rendering of Davis Marksbury Building, UK Digital Village BY Llnda Perry F { Given the College of Engineering's role as a leader in advancing UK Athletlcs Hall f Fame inducts environmental-related research in efficient energy production, air new members , , and water purification, and other'green'engineering endeavors, it F0YmY W/ild1f gY9~f$ from m$ bilslififbillll mS golf is appropriate that the first LEED-certified building being constructed fiH, 2Hd CYOSS COUHFYY H13l< up tht? CllSS of 2010 iii tht? on UK's campus be dedicated to engineering and computer science, Athletics Hall ofFame. 4 Pride 1n Blue I 7 Presidential Conversation 8 UK News 07 'I 'I Blue Horizons 12 New Developments www.uka| l