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5 > Image 5 of Guide to civilian organizations. Spencer County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

2 lg j V ` 2 1: -1- A SPENCER COUNTY CIVILIAN ORGANIZATIONS 5 E Q ANERICAN LEGION, SPENCER POST #51 (National American Legion), o/o' A J. B. Veech,Taylorsville. Founded 1921. Commander, J. B. Veoch, i Taylorsville, Telephone 126. Adjutant, J. W} Gowin, Taylorsville. q Terms expire July 1942. \ , _ gv Membersnip: 50. Qualifications, veteran of World War I with T honorable discharge. i Conmittees: Executive, J. B. Veech, Taylorsvilles i 5 Purpose: Community service and democratic citizenship. l g Normal Civic Activities: Child welfare. i """""""`""""" I . ... . . . . g Defense Activities: Engaged in Cnild Care. Interested in Auxiliary Police, Air Raid werden Service, Auxiliary Fire Protection, Salvage A Demolition Service, Collection of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Y Interviewing. Local Publications: None. 7 AMERICAN RED CROSS, SPENCER COUNTY CHAPTER (National American Red Cross), c/o-Roy itratton, Taylorsville. Founded 1915. Chairman, T Roy Stratton, Taylorsville, Telephone 7. Secretary, J. D. Brown, T Taylorsvillo, Telephone GO. Terms indefinite. I Membership: 250. Qualifications, payment of annual dues. Committees: Disaster, E. S. Speed; Roll Call, Mrs. Doris Howerton, N. both of Taylorsville. Purpose: Local and national relief. pv Normal Civic Activities: Local charity and flood relief. ` Defense Activities: Engaged in Red Cross Assistance. Training for i Red Cross Assistancc,_First Aid. 4Interested_in Auxiliary Fire Pro- , tection, Motor Corps Service, Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, Collecting Books. . . , y Local Publications: None. lil