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8 > Image 8 of Guide to civilian organizations. Spencer County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

- l Girl Scouts of America (Continued) [ Com ittees: None reported. 1 Purpose: Make better citizens of the girls of the community. i Normal Civic Activities: Raising and louering the Flag over the y E Courthouse. I Defense Activities: Interested in Collecting Books, Sewing and N Preparation of Surgical Dressings. Lpcal Publications: None. KINGS DAUGHTERS AND SONS, ANEASSADOR CIRCLE (International Kings Daughters and Sons), c/0 Mrs; A. C. Buckner, Taylorsville. Founded [ 1880. President, NES. A. C. Buckner, Taylorsville. Secretary, Mrs. y Lillie Foreman, Taylorsville, Telephone 57-J. Terms expire January, 194;5 1 Membership: 29. Qualifications, any woman in good standing in the i community and interested in charitable work. l Committees: None reported. _ Q Purpose: Welfare work. Normal Civic Activities: Cooperating with Red Cross and other civic E and charitable organizations. 1 l Defense Activities: Engaged in S;v;ng and Preparation of Surgical I Dressings, Preparation and Serving of Food. Interested in Collection | of Scrap Metals and Other Metals, Red Cross Assistance. { Local Publications: None. I I KINGS DAUGHTERS AND SONS, FIDELIS CIRCLE (Internation Order of the a Kings Daughters and Sons), c/o Miss Fielda Carpenter, R.R.#4, Taylors- Q ville. Founded 1910. President, Miss Fielda Carpenter, R.R.#4, Taylors- { ville, Telephone 99-J. Secretary, Miss Catherine Harattay, R.R.#1, i Taylorsville, Telephone 1411. Terms expire January, 1945. Membership: 50. Qualifications, any woman of good character and { interested in charitable work. r i Qgmmitteesz Finance, Mrs. Dewey Harris; Charity, Mrs. M. H. Skaggs, Q both of Taylorsville. _ i Purpose: To promote Christian and charitable activities throughout a the com unity. L