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9 > Image 9 of Guide to civilian organizations. Spencer County, Kentucky

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

1 1 E Kings Daughters and Sons, Fidelis Circle (Continued) ; Normal Civic Activities: None. Defense Activities: Interested in Auxiliary Fire Protection, Salvage ` er ? Demolition Service, Motor Corps Service, Ambulance Service, Hospital ` " gi and Clinical Assistance, Sewing and Preparation of Surgical Dressings, -2 Red Cross Assistance, First Aid, Preparation and Serving of Food, j Collecting Books, Discussion Leaders, Teaching Classes of Map Reading ly and Sketching, Interviewing, Typing and Other Clerical Assistance. n N Local Publications: None. U if MISSIONARY SOCIETY OF CHRISTIAN CHURCH (National Missionary Society of _? r Christian Church), c/o Mrs. Anna Wyatt, Taylorsville. Founded 1929. Q: President, Mrs. Anna Wyatt, Taylorsvilic. Secretary, Mrs. Hazel Collier, A Q Taylorsville. Terms indefinite. i l I Membership: 14. Qualifications, interested in Christian missionary work. I Committees: None reported. l l _ Purpose: To increase interest in missionary work. it y Normalmgivic Activities: None. _ Defense Activities: Interested in Sewing and Preparation of Surgical ~ C, Dressings, Collecting Books. S is Local Publications: None. I RURITAN CLUB, Taylcrsville. Founded 1959. President, S. T. Offutt, . Taylorsville, Telephone 6-J. Secretary, Hubert Hume, Taylorsville. l Terms expire June, 1942. it Membership: 35. Qualifications, farmer or professional man. ~ U It Committees: None reported. - l Purpose: To promote a better feeling between rural and urban citizens. i Normal Civic Activities; Assisting all charitable organizations in ~ the community. -l Defense Activities; Interestedmin Discursion Leaders, Public Spzakinge - . Local Publications: None. it