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3 > Page 3 of Lords and lovers : and other dramas / by Olive Tilford Dargan.

ACT I SCENE 1. Room in the earl of Pembroke's castle. Pem- broke in bed. Rich/ord and Albemarle attending. Pem. The king has come Alb. He waits upon your grace As a good servant; with demeanor speaks True sorrow you are brought so low. Pem. [Stoutly] Ha! Low Alb. Sir, but in body. Pembroke's mounting mind Can never be struck down. Pem. He's sad, you say Alb. In tears, your grace. He weeps more like a son Than sovereign. Pem. A son! Where is the son Would weep for Pembroke Rich. Here, my dearest father! Here are the tears would water thy affliction Till it be washed from thy endangered body. Here is the heart would give its younger blood To make thine leap with health. Without you, sir, I am no more than is the gaudy bloom Of some stout tree the axe has brought to ground. 0, wilt forgive the many pains I've cost thee Pem. First touch my hand and swear by highest God That you will serve the king. Rich. 0, slight condition! I take this noble hand that ne'er was raised 3