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2 > Image 2 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 20, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL PAGE 2 STRAND CONCERTS DAILY, AFTERNOON AND EVENING THE STRAND ALL AMERICAN ORCHESTRA Open 10 A. M. to 11 "The Best Orchestra in the South" Everybody Says So. SPEAKER ADDRESSES STUDENTS VOCATIONAL P. M. Adulti Admlsilon 27c, plut HOME Paramount, Artcraft, Metro, Realart, GoMwin and Select Pictures. Children, 1Sc, plut War Tax, Total 20c. 3c War Tax, Total 30c. REMEMBER ENGINEERS TO BEGIN WORKING ON THESES MEN TO DANVILLE Y. TO SEND THIRTY Senlon Plan Improvement (Continued Prom Pago 1) U. committee, with Louiso Will, and a third member to be selected by these K. To le Well Represented at Conference. itwo. For Miss Bennett, in her talk stressed the value of following tho vocation for which one is best fitted, and the Importance of correlating one's stud des so that a general as well as a specific preparation may bo obtained. "Among the employments open for women," she said, "the foremost is teaching. Never was teaching more attractive than it is today, and never was there a greater scarcity of teachers. Then, there is ,the call for women in the social service field; in the settlements, charitable organizations, vocational advisers for boys and girls, and visiting teachers. The call for women in the secretarial field is also great. "There are no? many new occupations since the war. One of these new vocations is the work of employ ment management. Employment is a profession and should be worked out scientifically. The advertising business is also a new ileld open to women. More people arc investing money in advertising today than ever before, and the advertising agency wants bright, clever women, who have a good knowledge of English, Economics and the psychology of advertising. In concluding. Miss Bennett said: "It is up to the women of the country, and to ithe college women in partic ular, to solve the solution to the economic unrest, which is necessitated by the increase in production, and the great shortage of trained women all over the country. One should choose the thing he is qualified to do, then go out and do it. Good health is ab solutely essential to be successful in any occupation, and it is all a matter 'Of social service." Thirty students from tho University of Kentucky are expected to attend the annual State Student Y. M. C. A. Conference to be held at Centre College, Danville, February 27, 28 and 29. The object of the conference is to bring .together representative college men that they may learn somothing of college Y. M. C. A. work; and to discuss moral and religious problems in the college and consider the claims of the Christian life. The only cost that the University students "will be under who attend the conference will be $1.00 for registration fee, and $2.24 round trip railroad fare to Danville, making the total necessary cost $3.24. Entertainment of the delegates will be provided by Centre College and the citizens of Danville. R. W. Owens, secretary of the Uni versity of Kentucky Y. M. C. A., is anxious for us to send our full num ber of delegates to the conference, and has asked that every student who can possibly go communicate with him at once. Among the noted men who will adHon. J. dress the conference are: Stitt Wilson, Berkley, California; Dr. W. B. GRIGGS W. D. Weatherford, President of the Opposite Agriculture Building Southern Y. M. C. A. College, Nash CIGARS, CIGARETTES, TOBACCO ville, Tennessee; Harry F. Comer, AND SOFT DRNK8 State Student Secretary, Tennessee; STEP IN AND SEE ME J. Bush, Lexington, Dr. Benjamin Kentucky, and George D. Hasley, ex pert in Vocational Guidance, Cincinnati Milling Machines Company, Cin cinnati, Ohio. The Henry Clay Law Society met last Thursday, February 12 at 7:30 in Science Hall. After the invocation by B. B. Baxter, the following program was given: "Financial Stability," L. C. Lyles; debate, Resolved: "That capital punishment should be abolished in Kentucky." Affirmative, and Abraham; negative, White and Morgan. The negative was victorious. "The Recent Bar Examination," talks by H. G. Bryan and Blakey, completed the program. tucky, 11. "THE BEST IN MOVING PICTURES" THE CLASSY PLACE FOR THE COLLEGE STUDENTS Me- chanical Collete. Immediately upon their return from the nnnunl Chicago inspection trip, the seniors in the College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering will take up their theses work. In accordance with past custom the class will be organized on a drafting-roobasis and their problem this year will be the design of new machine tools and mechanical laboratories for tho University of Kentucky. The design will be thorough in every respect and will represent a definite part of the proposed extension thjo College of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering as contemplated in the "greater University" plans. Among the most interesting of past theses have been the design of a great central power station for supplying the whole middle Kentucky section and the design of other plants for the University and for different Industries. Aside from the joint problem this year there will be two special theses. C. A. Gordon, H. Welnshank and U. V. Garred will experiment with "Direct-IndireHeating" and J. Bromagen and N. T .Puckett will continue prevon ious "The Tensile research Strength of Cast Iron at Various High Temperatures." 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