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3 > Image 3 of The Kentucky Kernel, February 20, 1920

Part of The Kentucky Kernel

THE KENTUCKY KERNEL TWO HUM PAGE 8 ATTEND Down Town MEMORY BOOKS .$4.50. IE KODAK ALBUMS 50 Cents ot $8.00. Meetings Held in Pavilion on Ex- PENNANTS $1.00 and up. Stock-Judgin- THREE-DA- SESSION Y The American Berkshire Congress, whose purpose Is the promotion, good fellowship and booster organization of fifteen thousand Berkshire swine breeders of the United States, opened In the Pavilion on ,the Experiment Station Farm, Monday, for a three-dasession. More than twenty states were represented and the registration was expected to exceed two hundred. Lexington was selected for this session, for the first time that this city has been honored by the Berkshire Congress, in recognition of the fine work being done by the Experiment Station and the College of Agriculture to advance the industry in this state. The session was opened Monday night at 7:30 with an address of welcome by Dean Thomas Cooper of the College of Agriculture and a response by the president, Mr. R. D. Jenkins of Orleans, Ind. This meeting was well attended and the addresses were interesting and instructive. Dean C. F. Curtiss, president of the Livestock Exposition, International Dean of the Iowa College of Agriculture, Ames, Iowa, and one of the leading authorities in this country on livestock, delivered an address Tuesday afternoon on "The Outlook For the Swine Industry." Dally sessions were held through out .the three days of the meeting which terminated with a sale Weds nesday afternoon of pure-breshipped here from all parts of the country and from some of the largest breedings farms, and a banquet at the Phoenix Hotel Wednesday for FRATERNITY STATIONERY If we haven't your Fraternity Paper get it for you. Stock-Judgin- g Berk-shire- .High Class Haberdashery College Boys Styles in Our Special Designed Clothes University Book Store DOBBS FIFTH AVENUE HATS MANHATTAN SHIRTS Basement Main Building. 233 West Short St. Most Complete Assortment of Silk Shirts We Earnestly Solicit Your Patronage Geddes & Luigart iHammom Garage Co. Phoenix Block GEO. GEDDES (Incorporated) GEO. LUGIART GENE SULLIVAN "Let's Get Acquainted" Studebaker Automobiles That Good Gulf Gasoline and Supreme Auto Oils were: weight-guessin- Open Until 8 P. M. Every Evening SENIORS, ATTENTION! Please leave your order now for Caps and Gowns, also engraved cards. night. Some of the features of the session of An Berkshire barrows, similar to the judging of livestock and slaughtered beeves held during the Kentucky Farm and Home Convention here two contest weeks ago; a of the barrows open to everyone in attendance and the winners were awarded prizes, a lecture on soft and hard pork, by Prof. E. J. Wilford of the College of Agriculture, illustrated by car casses and discussion of the measures necessary to convert soft pork to firm meat; an address by E. Z. Russel, swine expert of the Department of Ag riculture, Bureau of Animal Husband' ry, Washington, who is lecturing in the interest of raising the standards in the swine industry; his subject was, "Establishing a Pure-BreHerd." of swine for Correct preparation fairs, shows and sales so that they will make the best appearance and bring the highest prices, was demon strated by N. D. Browning, of Jadcson, Missouri, before the seniors in the class is Beef, Mutton and Pork Production Monday afternoon and he lectured also at the session Tuesday afternoon. Swine from Georgia, New Jersey, Indiana, Tennessee, Iowa, Missouri, Okio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, South Carolina and from several counties In this State were shipped here and were on exhibition prior to the sale at the close of the session Wednesday afternoon when Col. George A. Bain, of Lexington, presided at the sale and good prices were sows. received for the pure-bre- University Boys we can COLLEGE STATIONERY, DANCE INVITATIONS, DANCE PROGRAMMES swine-breedin- g d Meeting Place Orders taken for special College and Fraternity Pennants and Banners. periment Station Farm Ours is the Quality Shop The finest and moat complete exclusively retail Optical establishment anywhere in the South. A faithful and accurate Optical Service in all its branches. EYES examined by an Optometrist Intimately familiar with the most intricate problems of refraction. The grinding of the lenses, the expert fitting and all other details are accomplished within our establishment. 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