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8 > Image 8 of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine, vol. 8, no. 56, 1899

Part of The Kentuckian : a monthly magazine

J ;. t __v,. v~ T ,L%; - .,wr;_,}.. . f i Ar . -. . ..,, ... Q: A . ti St t G ll g H G 0 G E Of Kentucky ,<** ""*a ,. * to l *=z.fl ._V i li ~= ..; Ofers to the public thc following Courses, viz 1 Agricultural, Mechanical, Engineering, Civil Engineering, Classical, Normal School and three Scientific Courses, ea:h of which covers four years in the College proper and leads to a degree. j Its faculty contains twentynine professors. Its gronds, buildings _ to and equipments represent $450,ooo in value. Its laboratories, Chemical, rx Physical. Biological, Botanical, Geological, Physiological, Mechanical, 1 and Electrical are the largest and best in Kentucky. 5 = Each Legislative District is entitled by law a free tuition, room rent, fuel and lights for four properly prepared students in the college proper, aud to an equal number in the Normal Department, Alumni of __ other colleges in Kentucky are entered in post-graduate courses. For { catalouge and other information apply to ]AMEs K. PATTERsoN, Ph. i L D,, L. L. D., President of the College., Lexington. Ky. S. Z MISS MlLLIKAN5 I? i SGl`100l of Pll0I'|OgI`3pi`\y. i 121 East Main Street, A ` and her Department of Phonography in connection with the State Col- I , lege of Kentucky. Most thorough, reliable and highly-reconi- . A mended school of Shorthand in Lexington. ,,,. , , Taught by a practical court reporter. I Devoted exclusively to the training of gg; li Expert Stenographers. _ A |_g,Special rates to matriculates of the State College.