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8 > Image 8 of Catalogue of the Officers, Studies, and Students of the State College of Kentucky, Lexington, Volume 5 (Session ending 1905 June 1)

Part of University of Kentucky course catalogs, 1865-

4 STATE COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY. car line extends along the western border of the campus, affording oppor- . tunity to reach in a few minutes any part of the city. The campus is laid out in walks, drives, and lawns, and is planted with a choice variety of native _ and exotic trees and shrubs, to which additions are constantly being made, il A portion of the land has recently been reserved for a botanical garden, in which will be grown the most desirable native plants, with a view to testing their adaptability to cultivation and to giving increased facilities to students taking agricultural and biological courses. Two and a half acres, forming _ the northeast portion of the campus, inclosed and provided with a grand stand, are devoted to the field sports of the students. Q About three-quarters of a mile south of the campus, on the Nicholas- g ville pike, an extension of South Limestone street, is the Experiment Sta- , tion Farm, consisting of about two hundred and three acres. Here the field experiments of the Station are conducted, and students have opportunities s to witness tests of varieties of field crops, dairy tests, fertilizer tests, fruit- 1 spraying tests; in short, all the scientific experimentation of a thoroughly equipped and organized Station. The front of the farm is pasture and orch- ` ard. The back portion is divided off into two hundred one-tenth acre g plots, for convenience in making crop tests. Burton Nos. The Blain Building.This is a structure of stone and brick, 140 feet T long and 68 feet in width. It contains the ohice of the President and of the , * Business Agent, and on the third floor, counting the basement floor as one, is the chapel, in which each day the students and the Faculty meet for i worship, and in which are held public gatherings and such other meetings as bring together the entire student body. The remaining space in this ** building is occupied by recitation rooms. ` The Old Stalion Building.-This handsome structure IS well planned ~ for the object for which it was built. It is seventy feet in length and hfty- , four feet in width, with a tower projection in front, and an octagonal projec- . tion eighteen by eighteen on the north side. The building is two stories high, upon a basement eleven feet from floor to ceiling. The main entrance is on the hrst Hoor, on the west side of the building, through an archway . Efteen feet wide. This building is henceforth to be dedicated exclusively to the Depart- . ment of Chemistry. Mee/zanical Hall.-This building covers altogether an area of about - 20,000 square feet, is constructed of stone and pressed brick, and is well n furnished with machinery and appliances for work in Mechanical Engineer- J ing. I T he Dnrmiiaries.-The two large dormitories on the campus afford .` lodgings for the students who wish to lessen expense in this direction. Other buildings on the campus are a brick dwelling for the President and is , cottage occupied by the Commandant. _ Science Hall.-This hall, built during the year 1897 for the departments