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14 > Image 14 of Kentucky Alumni, vol. 74, no. 3, Fall 2003

Part of Kentucky alumnus

FEATURE Farmer NFL pla ers give HG 0 Elf G0ml11lIlll ,a h kt th ' y 'ly l i A Whole New Ball Game T By Jeff Zurcher unless too painful, try to recall those wretched synonym worksheets from your Members ofthe Kentucky chapter ofthe _ elementary school days. You know the lot: looked like they were printed by Natlonal Football League Players Association Western Union, smelled like your great-grandmothers bedroom. And your R?'?'l`Bd PIBYBVS D'V'S'Pll lO'llBd lO"C$ ln EDO? smirking English teacher was alltooenthusiastic to distribute them knowing &"thtth L9X'ngm"`l;8SEd prignt Cmd Aeuee darn well that you had no chance to come up with three different words for Fglagclgllfiyqzggzgg[_3;?;|hOakig2;;R5S OVal Players embracing the children ln the poster Oh~ the hO"OrS are left to right, Lester Boyd [New Orleans But hei>ellly yeu leemeel- saints], Frank iviinniriela [Cleveland Browns], And now you know that 0bl0ng, elliptical, eggs/raped are acceptable syn- Dgppick Ramsey [ggkland liigidgr-5], KE||y onyms for "oval." While you also know that kind, gentle, giving are not accept- l