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13 > Image 13 of Check list of Kentucky imprints, 1811-1820, with notes in supplement to the Check list of 1787-1810 imprints

Part of Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications

9 0ClWHi 40 (8) Western Reserve Historical Society, Cleveland, Ohio OC0 1 Columbus Public Library, Colu bus, Ohio ETH 2 Hayes Memorial Library, Fremont, Ohio IEEE 6 Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society, -7- Columbus, Ohio 00xM l Miami University Library, Oxford, Ohio OUL l Ohio State University Law Library, Columbus, Ohio PCA 17 (5) American Baptist Historical Society, Chester, Pa. EEE 7 (1) Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, P\ PPA l Athenaeum of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. PPAN 2 Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia, Pa. PPAmP 6 (2) American Philosophical Society, Philadelphia, Pa. PPB 7 Philadelphia Bar Association, Philadelphia, Pa. TTTM 5 (3) Pennsylvania Masonic Grand Lodge Library, Phila- ~ delphia, Pa. PPHFL l Hirst Free Law Library, Philadelphia, Pa. PPL-R 6 Library Company of Philadelphia, Ridgway Branch, Philadelphia, Pa. PPM 1 Mercantile Library, Philadelphia, Pa. PPPrHi 62 (20) Presbyterian Historical Society, Philadelphia, Pa. r PPiw__ 1 Carnegie Public Library, Pittsburgh, Pa. PPIAL 1 Allegheny County Law Library, Pittsburgh, Pa. PPiU 20 (2) University of Pittsburgh Library, Pittsburgh, Pa. PPiXT 4 Pittsburgh-Xenia Theological Seminary, Pittsburgh, PHJ . PU 12 University of Pennsylvania Library, Philadelphia, Pa. PUL 1 Biddle Law Library, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. PUPenn (1) Penniman Library of Education, University of I- Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. PWbO 1 Osterheut Free Library, Wi1kesBarre, Pa. RNR 1 Redwood Library and Athenaeum, Newport, R. I. _ PIUCB 7 John Carter Brown Library, Providence, R. I. RPL 24 Providence Law Library, Providence, R. I. Baugh 1 John G. Rauch Collection, Indianapolis, Ind. Pickes 1 Mr. Clyde C. Rickes, Indianapolis, Ind. Reuse l Mr. S. D. Rouse, Covington, Ky. Smith (5) Smith Peek Company, Cincinnati, Ohio Staples 4 Mr. Charles R. Staples, Lexington, Ky. Streeter 3 Mr. Thomas P. Strecter, Morristown, K. J. T 5 Tennessee State Library, Nashville, Tenn. EEE 2 Lawson-McGhee Library (McClung Historical Collec- tion), Knoxville, Tenn. QQQQ l Fisk University Library, Nashville, Tenn. ENE 1 Vanderbilt University Library, Nashville, Tenn. Tinsley 1 Kr. Thomas D. Tinsley, Ashland, Ky. _ Townsend S Mr. John Wilson Townsend, Lexington, Ky. Eggglg 10 hr. Kenneth Tuggle, Barbourville, Ky. TxDaM 1 Southern Methodist University Library, Dallas, Texas